Sunday, September 20, 2015

Frugal Happenings 9/20

Happy Sunday!
Wow, another week another dollar!!!!!
 I hope you all have had a great week.  We actually got some much needed rain on Friday and Saturday.  It seems funny to say "much needed" after the incredibly wet summer we had.  Our grass has started to brown and we had cracks in the soil at least 1/2" across.

We had a couple pretty warm days, but now we are back to more seasonal and comfortable temps.  Loving that!
It's been a pretty quiet week in these parts.  I stayed home a good part of the week and worked around here.

  • I picked more tomatoes and peppers
  • Harvested squirrel corn.  They planted it, so I figure they should get to enjoy it.  I have been taking down the stalks as I harvest - may use them as free decoration for fall.  Not sure.  I will finish that up this week.
  • Been doing lots of yard work, and cleaning out flower beds.  FREE exercise
  • AC only ran part of 2 days
  • I painted one of our security doors.  They are about 27 years old and getting pretty frumpy looking - so I got out Rustoleum paint we had, and re-did the side door.  It looks great.  Hopefully I will get the front door done this week.
  • I stopped at a yard sale on a fluke this week when I was out.  Found some great deals.  At least 4 stocking stuffers for Christmas at .50 each!  Oh hey, I'm not too proud.
  • Had one meatless night.  Fixed fried green tomatoes, zucchini and onions.  YUMMO!
I hadn't been to a yard sale in quite some time.  I probably only stopped at 3 or 4 all summer.  I found this handmade afghan (brand new) marked $3, and everything was 50% off when I stopped, so I paid a whopping $1.50.

Isn't it pretty?  That is over the recliner, so you can't even see the whole thing.  I am not sure if I will gift it or keep it.
I also got 4 - 20oz. bottles of scented body wash for .50 each.  Those will definitely go in gift bags.  I also got myself a new bottle of shampoo and a tube of very expensive lotion for .50 each.  I think that was a very good stop.

I made my first pot of chili for the season last night.  It sure was tasty.  We will have leftovers of that tonight.  I got a nice roast out of the freezer to thaw, and will crock pot it and veggies tomorrow.  I love the cooler weather, because I am more apt to make those kind of hearty fall dishes.  I have really missed them!

Well gang, that's about it for me this week.  I seem to do mainly the same old things each week.  I hope you all have a great week ahead.  May your week be frugal and fun filled.
May God watch over you and keep you and yours safe.


  1. Hi Cheryl, Your garage sales finds were awesome! That afghan sure is beautiful. Makes a nice addition to your living room.
    We are still picking tomatoes here, they have slowed down a bit since the nights are getting longer and cooler. I keep freezing the romas so I can make sauce later.
    Other than that just working.
    Have a great day.

    1. Same here LaurieS. I think I can get one more batch of tomatoes from our vines. I want to share a tip I learned from my mother in law. She picked tomatoes just as they were turning pink. Carefully handled them against any bruising. Wrapped them individually in newspaper or tissue paper (save that wrapping paper and tissue paper this Christmas!). Stored them in a cardboard box in a single layer (can get them from the grocery store, flat boxes, usually soda cans come in them. Store in a cool dark dry place, not a refrigerator. You can have ripe tomatoes all the way through November using this method.

    2. Thanks, I thought it was awful pretty too. All that work and all that yarn for $1.50. Crazy.

      Laurie - don't you work yourself too much.

      Ellen - I have saved tomatoes that way before. We still have a lot of green ones out there - hopefully they get a chance to ripen naturally.

  2. Me too. love the quilt! For all that work, the price was incredible, Guess that is one of those cases where someone else's abundance is now blessing another person! I have spent my monthly budget for goods on re-stocking the pantry. We are now done excepting the sliced olives for which I have a rain check at the local grocery store.

    Now to look forward to Christmas present making! Been lax in that department. Might make it simple this year with food gifts again. And have the cans to paint for the Carry Alls.

    The Good Man is finishing up the two car repairs, Just waiting on the spray paint for my car, ordered from Amazon. If you look up the Vehicle Identification Number online for the paint color for a vehicle, you can get an exact match, minus any fading due to weathering of course. So we hope to get two more years out of these two vehicles and pass inspections as the repairs were fender rust throughs.

  3. Our frugal meal this week was sliced kielbasa fried with some onions, leftover baked beans poured on top and diced eggplant that just melted into it all making a delicious one pan meal. Eggplant to me is a little like tofu in that it likes to soak up whatever flavor you sauce it with.

    We have another ten eggplants in the garden so I need to go look up how to preserve it for later use this winter. Parmigiana of course, but other choices besides are good.

    1. My brother does a Mexican dish with egg plant I believe. I will check with them and see.

      I am a huge advocate of one pan meals!!!!! That is almost standard at our house.

      I did not know that you could match car paint that way. Good to know!

  4. I was able to cut down the browned out blighted cherry tomato plants, the green tomatoes I'll try to do a pickle relish with. So now I can finish out hte garden path that was under the vines. Still need about fifteen more river stone for a three foot section of the path. Been a slow to finish project, but like you said, Cheryl, FREE EXERCISE!