Sunday, September 27, 2015

Frugal Happenings 9/27

Good morning all.
Here we are at the last Sunday of the month!  A few more days and we will be in October.  Thanksgiving is less than 2 months from now and it will be here before you know it!

The weather has gotten very seasonal here - which means cooler.  I love it.  No AC and no heat!  It's perfect in my opinion. 
A few trees have started to change color - I imagine it is more noticeable in the country.
I do believe our hummingbirds have flown on to warmer climates.  I still have the feeder out, just in case any Northern birds come through - they will need energy and a drink.

My bell pepper plants have a lot of new blooms and several small peppers coming on.  I have several side shoot cabbages growing out there, and still have a bunch of green tomatoes hanging.

My frugals this week;
  • I did a big stock-up at Sam's Club, my first visit in a year!
  • Bought pork loins at Kroger for 1.49/lb. and got 2 for a total of $12.  Had the butcher cut them for me (free), and ended up with 24 center cut chops and a package of end pieces to use for soup or something.
  • While at Kroger I cleaned up at the clearance section.  Got so many great items, dated 2 - 3 years out, at a 70% discount.
  • Waxed the kitchen cabinets with product on hand.  They look brand new!
  • Picked the balance of the squirrel corn.  Those little buggers were busy this spring planting.  I managed to harvest about the equivalent to $10 worth purchased at the feed store.  GO squirrels!
  • I did a ton of yard work, getting ready for fall.  FREE exercise for sure
  • Went to our car/home insurance agent this week with a question, and ended up making some changes.  One change will save about $120 every six months of both vehicles, and a mistake they found will bring us a hefty refund!  One hour well spent.
  • Picked more tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and 1 zucchini
  • Hard boiled a doz. eggs for quick and easy breakfast or lunch this week
  • Stopped at a yard sale, and found a box (100) of colored file folders.  It was brand new and I paid $2!!!  They will last us the rest of our lives - LOL.
  • Ran to the library.  Funny, I have literally hundreds of books here, dozens, downloaded on tablet, and the web at my finger tips, but I get a thrill walking through the aisles and through the stacks of books waiting for one to yell READ ME!!    I am sure I am not alone.  I got 4.
  • Our electric bill this month is .49!!!!!  WOOHOO!  We are on the budget plan, and because of the mild weather and lack of using the AC we don't have to pay the budget this month!
I guess those are the frugal items I can brag about!  Of course, we had all meals from home (even on G's birthday).  Made our own tea and filtered water, and all the other normal things.

What did you accomplish or save this week?  Please let us know.
God bless each of you and keep you safe through this coming week.
Take care.


  1. Hey Cheryl, what a great weekend you had on savings for the household! That electric bill and insurance savings are fabulous! If your muscles are sore today, do a little stretching to move the lactic acid out of them so you won’t be so sore tomorrow! Our tomatoes are stalled out on ripening, it has been too cool and overcast. I’ll give them until Wednesday, then it’ll be relish for sure.

  2. At The Good Man’s folks house, the cleanout and get ready for sale continues at a snail’s pace. We were however able to collect a bushel of golden delicious apples, and TGM helped with the canning of 32 pints. I was out of pint jars, but Grandma canned also and we got 3 cases of pints and some lids there, too. A nice golf umbrella and some wooden serving bowls. Unfortunately, the pasta maker they had that looked new, wasn’t. And the plastic parts re-broke when I tried to get it going. Nevertheless, a trusty rolling pin and some sweat equity, and I made black pepper lasagna sheets with some red pepper Jimmy Nardello pieces as one layer in a cheese lasagna.

    1. How cool on the free apples and the JARS!!!!! That is an tremendous savings. Yumminess at your house this winter! Too ad on the pasta maker, but good job on doing it yourself.

      Sometimes the slow cleanout allows for finding all the REAL treasures left behind.

      Yes my week was great. I was sore the night I did so much outside, but fine the next day. At least I still bounce back quickly! LOL

  3. Funny that I had the same experience at the local library! Fridays I get out an hour early, before my afternoon bus, so I often head to the library: six books (two murder mystery anthologies by Lillian Jackson Brown, author of The Cat Who…series), (two books on wild birds – H is for Hawk and The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar: living with a tawny owl), and a book about the ocean and another on a train ride through Siberia). Armchair travel is the best!

    Happy Belated Birthday to the G-man!

  4. I had a nice birthday surprise! First was getting a free red box movie that my husband and I watched and returned immediately so no further charges. Second was stopping at Goodwill to see if they had scrubs (no) and took a walk through the housewares...snagged a Calphalon 3 quart saucier with lid for $4.50 (senior discount Tuesdays). This item is $100 new, yay! Been looking for a year for one. Pays to wait for sure.