Sunday, March 13, 2016

Frugal Happenings 3/13

Hello everyone.  Here we are again at Sunday - time to recall our frugal ways this past week!

We have had a pretty fair week weather-wise.  Many warm days, lots of rain, and some sunshine.  I noticed my first daffodil of the season was blooming yesterday and the rest are about to burst open.  The forsythia looks like it will be blooming within the next week or so.
The world is coming back to life!!!!

I am a little tired this morning with the time change.  Funny how losing just an hours sleep can affect you.
Hard to believe that next Sunday will be the official beginning to Spring!  YAY!!!  I do think our super nasty weather is gone for the year.  I hope so, I washed my winter jackets/coats and put them and my boots away!

My week at a glance:
  • Spent a whole day getting my brother in-law home from rehab, and getting all his stuff put away and set up.  I was pooped at the end of that day!
  • Only used heat a couple mornings - otherwise it has been off. 
  • Getting lots of fresh air in the house with windows open.
  • All meals from scratch
  • Used a $25 GC for Kroger to stock-up on non-edible items (mouthwash, shaving stuff, etc.)  $0 out of pocket.  **SIDE NOTE - After seeing how expensive some items were, G said "can't we make these ourselves out of stuff we have".  WOW - I love it when 2 come together and GET IT!!!  Yes, yes dear G we can and will in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I got 10 lbs. of cabbage for $2.20 total.  We love cabbage, and will use in different ways over the next couple weeks
  • Milk at Aldi for 1.49/gal.  It has been that price here for over a month!
  • I trash picked this week from a neighbor.  I noticed stuff put out for trash day in the alley and got a deal.  I found and brought home a Little Tikes picnic table and bench set.  Perfect condition.  I will be using it in a flower garden some where to set plants on.  I checked and they run between $65 and $105 on Amazon!!!!!!
  • I have a house plant that has grown quite tall over the winter and none of my bamboo stakes were strong enough or long enough to support.  Figured I would buy one next week.  While working out in the yard I had a major DUH moment.  I brought in a nice stick and cut it to length!  It's natural and FREE.  I can replace easily.
  • Gave myself my "spring" pedi!
  • My B&D saw came in the mail this week.  I can't wait to get out and use it!

Here's the table I snagged.  It's in perfect condition.  It will hold a lot of plants up and out of water if the yard floods.

Here is a pic of my plant and the 'new' plant stake.  Fits right in and it was FREE

We had quite a variety of meals from home this week.  We had pizza, spaghetti, 'poor man's' Swiss steak, smoked sausage, cauliflower salad, chicken tenders and hot dogs.  Going to make a pot of soup today.

I am truly enjoying this warmer weather we have been having.  I have been reading some new blogs I found.  Will pass on that info soon.
What did you do frugal this week???

I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Stay safe and healthy my friends.
God bless you all.


  1. Cheryl, amazing how when one sees how retail has risen, that one sees the light on frugality! The cabbage buy is terrific, we also got one it was a savoy cabbage we use shredded like lettuce, will get three weeks greens from that one! Nice trash picking, a water proof table! Be careful it doesn’t tip over and float away though, tie it down, stake it down! WE need to make a ‘tree’ again from our garden for our one indoor bird. Nice going on the plant stake!

    Well let’s see, frugal for me this week--

    1. stayed within our budget on the grocery bill, had an episode with two hot dogs that could’ve been spent on a head of lettuce, and just missed 10 gas points by 34 cents, but when I called the store they gave me the points and advice on how to be sure to get the bill to the level it needs to be to get the points accumulated. That was kind.

    2. only window shopped while online with daughter and then realized I have what I need for vacation in my closet so stopped online looking and will go to the closet store instead this week and see what outfits will work up nicely enough.

  2. 3. picked out the broken zipper on my ski jacket –this one I have had since 1978! This will be the third time the bird has chewed on the teeth and I have had to replace the zipper. I thought to save the good parts but don’t have the pull, and then it all went to the trash can, this was not frugal, I know, but right now I cannot deal with another broken item and how to figure out how to use it in some other way! I have until Friday to pull it out of the can and put it back in the sewing room… hmmm….ideas?

    4. I continue to save yarn bits and saw on pinterest that some put the bits in their suet feeders for the nest builders to pick out what they want for their nests, so should do that soon!

  3. 5. cooked from home, we have done the freezer meat inventory and will have room come June and late July for the beef and pork, so will save up for that expense, and with the good weather we cooked up four meals on one set of coals, that was TGMan’s frugal idea, and now the rain this week won’t bother us for dinners, just need to get some sides cooked up for them: venison teriyaki, kielbasa and sauerkraut and parslied potatoes, vegetable soup with a beef bone for two meals, pork chops with sauerkraut, and hamburgers. Also made pudding from a discounted flavor (pumpkin spice) bought on sale last fall. We both like it as an evening snack.

    6. Set aside the whey and orange juice left over from our girls weekend, in half pint jars in the freezer. Once I start baking again, the whey will be there, and the OJ for when the daughters visit for our brunches.

    7. Darned yet another pair of socks and began to unravel another single mitten for reuse of the yarn.

  4. 8. Laughter - that was free and easy to do! TGMan and I laughed over old sitcoms for about an hour on Sunday, and that felt soooo good! What a nice way to bring on spring's time change! Today it is dark and gloomy outside, but in my heart I am bright and happy at the good time we had. We lit the fireplace, put in a brightly colored pine cone, enjoyed the color flames, and then reminisced together for about an hour.

    1. Sounds like you had quite a good week. All the food sounds yummy. YES - laughter is the best medicine.

      On the zipper pull - if it's that little tab thing that is missing - use a paper clip. I have more than one item that has a paper clip for the zipper pull. Maybe you can pull that item out of the trash after all!

    2. I wish, it is the piece that holds the two sides together. I will likely save the two sides, sometime another zipper thingy will turn up!