Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Long Term Groceries

I know we all like to be prepared for emergencies - whether it be natural disasters, bad weather, loss of job. economy that sucks, or just low on money.
I do believe that we need to really get our bums in gear and get prepared.  Things are getting bad all over the world.  It seems every couple weeks there is another article about a country whose economy is crashing.  Folks I don't think ours is too far behind.

I know a lot of people think I am crazy with my prepping, and they think I am nuts with my thoughts about the government and economy - but I trust ONLY ME!
Right now we are all worried about the upcoming election and who will be running.  There isn't a lot to choose from!  My personal thoughts - it doesn't really matter, as I don't think we will have an election.  I believe that we will be under marshal law by then, and the powers that be will remain in office.  JUST MY OPINION.
If that happens - sh** will hit the proverbial fan!

DISCLAIMER:  I am not trying to start a political conversation here - so no nasty comments please.

Prepping, stockpiling, deep pantry, general pantry, groceries - whatever you call it - it simply means being prepared.
There are many items that you can keep for YEARS without them going bad.  They are great things to have on hand for various reasons.
Prices go up each and every day, many items will be beneficial in cooking, some for cleaning or health, others for bartering.  ALL will be beneficial  in the long run.

DRIED BEANS - keep in a cool dry area.  These provide protein, carbs and fiber.  The older they get the longer they take to cook - but they won't go bad.  They are cheap and could keep you alive in a dire situation.
DRY PASTA - keep sealed, dry, and away from bugs.  Full of carbs for energy, and it is very filling.  Very inexpensive
CORN SYRUP - keep tightly closed and it will last for years.  Great for sweetening anything.
SUGAR - white, brown, or powdered.  Keep these dry and sealed from bugs.  It may get hard as a rock - but it will NEVER spoil.  Sugar can also be a great bartering tool
CORN STARCH  - used as a thickener for liquids.  Gluten free.  Can also be used as an antiperspirant, hair cleanser, and soothing bug bites, rashes, and sunburn
HARD LIQUOR - This is something to keep on hand even if you don't drink.  It can be medicinal (internally and externally) and is great for sterilization.  This is probably the number one barter tool!  It is fine even after opened.
EXTRACTS - these are good for flavoring or deodorizers for all sorts of things.
SALT  - keep dry.  It may harden or clump - but it will never go bad.  It is good for flavoring and preserving and cleaning
RAW HONEY - will NEVER go bad!!!!  Honey and bee pollen are about the most complete foods nature put on this planet.  It is full of vitamins and minerals, it sweetens, it's antiseptic and healing.  It is PURE food.  If honey crystalizes or turns color - it is not bad.  Heat up and use it.
WHITE RICE - keep it dry and insect free.  Full of carbs, protein and calories.  Quite filling and inexpensive. (Brown rice is more healthy - but can go rancid because of oils it contains)
WHITE VINEGAR - NEVER goes bad.  It is great for pickling, preserving, it's antiseptic, and is great for cleaning.
COFFEE BEANS - keep dry and they will last for years.  Granted you will need a grinder.  This is another item that is hot in bartering.  Instant coffee will last for years as well without getting stale if kept sealed and dry.
BAKING SODA - granted this will lose it's effectiveness in baking after so long, but it is good for other things as well.  It is great for cleaning, healing rashes, bug bites, sunburn, cleaning hair and teeth, can be used as deodorant on the body and in the air.  There are so many uses for it.
DEHYDRATED VEGGIES - will last for years!  Add hot water and rehydrate.  Keep in a dry, insect free container.

These are some of the items we should all have on hand for when things get bad.  The reason you are making a good pantry doesn't really matter - as we all have different reasons - but it IS and WILL BE important in the future.
Take time and inventory your goods, and try to add some LONG TERM item every week.



  1. thanks Cheryl, the list is good and it is time for TGMan and I to do a pantry inventory...I've been running skimpy the past year so must decide where to put the dollars for the pantry...this month and last month food bill were lower than budgeted so there is room for some more stock items...

    1. Your welcome. Good going on staying below food bill $!! Good luck with stock up

  2. Great list Cheryl and that reminds me that I have a bag of baking soda that I need to switch to the cleaning area since it has been in the pantry for far too long now. :)

  3. Great list Cheryl and that reminds me that I have a bag of baking soda that I need to switch to the cleaning area since it has been in the pantry for far too long now. :)

    1. Glad to help - next post will be non edible things to do with baking soda!

  4. I have felt the urge to deepen my pantry. We ate out of the pantry for the last three months of last year - 0 money coming in so we are in the process of rebuilding. It was so nice to know we had things we needed. Nothing says love like TP - lol.

    1. Crystal - see pantries are ever so useful. I just don't understand people who only keep a weeks worth of stuff on hand. They will sure be crying one day!!! You are a wise gal.

  5. Crystal, I completely understand! Pantry items have gotten us through many a stretch in economics! Cheryl's message is on target for so many reasons, even those in addition to the state of the world. We often have our own little microcosms of shtf when the rest of the world is spinning per usual.

    1. Ellen you are so right - there are so many reasons for SHTF in our lives. It is so nice to know that are many like minded people that we can learn from and help.

    2. I just read an article from 2012 where liquid Tide detergent was being used in drug deals. pretty weird! but it is a problem!