Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frugal happenings 3/20

HAPPY SPRING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is rather chilly here this morning - compared to days we have had in the past week.  It is supposed to get back above normal again in a couple days.  That's just fine with we are so close to having warm days every day.

I saw a pair of red-winged black birds in the yard this week.  They have been here all week.  They are normal in Indiana, but generally only see them in the country.  We have had a pair come each spring for a few years now.  The neat thing is they stay all summer!  They are just so pretty in my opinion.

The magnolia trees in the area have been magnificent in full bloom this week.  That has to be one of the prettiest trees ever.  Everything is sure coming back to life - I LOVE IT!!!!  Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year.

My frugal week;
  • Cut G's and my hair at home this week
  • Got 3 samples of Twinings teabags in the mail
  • G really wanted a Peanut Buster Parfait from D.Q. - so I made him one!!!!  He said it tasted just like I had spent $
  • Made tartar sauce from items on hand to go with dinner one night
  • Got 5 bundles of asparagus for $4.85 total this week.  Love asparagus
  • Bought 5 lbs. of butter at Aldi at 1.99/lb.  In the freezer it went.
  • 'Bought' 106 cans of cat food for FREE with a gift card.  Still have a bunch of money left on card
  • Made hard boiled eggs and rice to help supplement breakfast menu
  • Made a pot of soup at the first of week.  2 dinners and a lunch from that.
  • Ran errands for family and ran my own errands together to save gas
  • Got a .20/gallon discount on gas this week
  • All meals from home and scratch
  • Only used heat a couple chilly mornings
This may not be considered a frugal - but in the long run it will be.  We had to order 2 new batteries for G's power chair - boy those puppies were costly (a special kind).  However, we were gifted this power chair from a family member and the batteries on it were almost 15 years old.  So, these batteries should last for years - and will give G all the confidence he needs when using the chair outside!  YAY
The company (local) was very kind and delivered them for FREE.  They are 52 lbs. each, so it sure saved my back!

Also, we have been considering doing the DNA ancestry tests for a long time.  I love doing genealogy and so does G. had a special over St. Patrick's Day week for $10 off on each test.  We ordered 2 - they should be here this week.  How fun!  This is a big splurge for us.

We had taco soup, fish and cauliflower salad, homemade cabbage rolls, cube steaks with leftovers, loaded baked potatoes, and ham steaks and asparagus/penne (boy was that good) all made from home this week.
G said the asparagus/penne dish is a definite DO AGAIN dish!  We both loved it.  The cabbage rolls turned out wonderful - but I think I will go back to making my 'cabbage roll skillet' next time.  It is a lot less work, and tastes just as good!

What did you do this week to save money and enjoy life?  Share your ways, so we may learn.


Go forward during this special week and be blessed and happy.
Palm Sunday blessings to you all. 


  1. Happy Spring Cheryl and may this week before Easter bring you many more frugal blessings! Love the batteries post!

    Our frugals this week were to continue to eat from the pantries, including a hamburger and hot dog cookout on Friday night with seven for dinner! Granted the guests brought the salads and drinks, but we had three pounds of burg and a 12 pack of dogs in the freezer, soooo delicious. My daughter supplemented with some salmon fillets that TGMan then smoked over a hickory fire. We talked about cedar planking so I think I'll do a google search this week and see if we can make our own from our camp forest trees.

    1. Sounds like a frugal week and a wonderfully fun evening.