Sunday, March 6, 2016

Frugal Happenings 3/6

Good morning my lovelies!  Hope this finds you all well and happy.
It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here.  Sun is shining and we are to get into 50's today.  We have had it ALL this past week.  Cold, warmth, rain, snow, sleet - and one day had it all!  This next week we are to be in the 60's and low 70's with a lot of rain.

I took a walk about the yard yesterday and all the perennials are popping through the soil.  Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are all about 4" - 5".  Lots of lilies are starting up.  I even noticed some little red points peeking out of the earth that are peonies and rhubarb!  Several of the trees in the neighborhood are starting to show buds.
I saw my first robins of the season this week.  It won't be long!!!!

It's hard to believe that in one more week we 'spring forward' for daylight savings time.  Two weeks from today is the official calendar SPRING!  Palm Sunday is in 2 weeks and Easter in three.  It sure has come upon us quickly it seems.

Yesterday, my GOOD neighbors of 4 years moved.  I was devastated.  They have been such good neighbors (renters).  They had 3 dogs which were all lovely individually - but chaos together!  I keep looking outside to see the dogs playing.  So sad.  I guess Zach (the owner) is going to sell the house.  I sure hope we get someone good to move in.  It is always scary - as you just never know.  I know I sure will miss the girls and doggies.

My week;
  • We received the $250 GC that we order with CC points the week before (that was fast).  I see a FREE cat food stock-up coming!
  • G's doc came for his quarterly visit.  He filled out a paper for us from insurance - stating that he advised of all necessary tests, etc. - and for that the insurance will send us a $50 GC.
  • I bought 14 lbs. of chicken legs for .49/lb.  Vacuumed sealed and froze.
  • Found organic whole carrots for .39/lb.
  • Had to go to bank to renew a CD and found out we have 'bank relationship rewards'.  Who knew?  I have no idea how we earned them - but they said we needed to use them.  Logged in and found a Black & Decker electric hand/jig saw that will come in handy for me.  It is a $59 value!  YES, there was kitchen and girl stuff - but that is what I wanted!!!
  • I fixed our indoor/outdoor weather station.  Changed batteries and it still wasn't working.  I took it apart - figuring I couldn't hurt it any more - cleaned the insides completely and guess what?  IT WORKS perfectly.  That saved $29 for an identical model.
  • All meals from home and from scratch
  • Been 'shopping' from our pantry overflow downstairs
  • Used all leftovers this week
  • We did splurge this week - G really wanted Chinese and it has been since early Oct. since we ordered.  It lasted us 2 meals.
We had Chinese for meals and also homemade pizza, soup and grilled cheese, a chicken dinner, homemade crab cake patties/Cajun rice, and homemade taco salad this week.  Quite a variety and it was all good!

I sit here typing and glancing out the window - watching the many, many squirrels play, listening to the birdies, and enjoying the sunshine.  What a lovely day.  I plan on going out shortly to rake up all the little sticks all over the yard.  I pick up any big ones when they fall - but the yard is covered with twigs.  Free exercise and fresh air!!!!!!

Say hello to my little friend!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week and many blessing.  I just want to say I am so thankful to have you all in my life.  God sends us blessings in so many unexpected ways.


  1. Hi Cheryl, it was a very frugal week for us but the start of this one is a setback, taxes are due – no refund this year as TGMan had turned some bonds into CDs, and at my income level, it really hurt – and then I see that TGMan’s doctor visit tests were not covered as we had yet to meet the deductible, another ouch.
    On the plus side, we have continued to eat from the pantry, only buying milk eggs and a few things for TGMan so he doesn’t complain. I finished a scarf, made a small Craigs List sale ($15), an even smaller eBay sale ($2.50), and got half way through a Christmas sweater gift for this coming year.

    I was sorry to hear of your neighbors moving away. I hope someone equally fine move in next door to you. For the most part our neighbors have been all right. A few grumpy ones, and one was a troubled drug house, but I think that is water under the bridge now. I hope!

    Super duper on the Black and Decker, you will have to let us know what you do with it!

    The hellebores are up so it must be getting ready for Easter time…just three weeks away now and the time change this coming Sunday! It must be spring.

    1. Yep - spring is just around the corner.

      I agree on taxes. We got hit this year because of some interest made and that dang Obamacare insurance - Grrrr. I won't be mailing ours in till about the deadline. I'll be dang if I give them my money before I have to!! Sorry you got hit too.

      Good going on your frugals!!!

    2. wait a second, you had to claim the insurance as income? ?