Sunday, February 28, 2016

Frugal happenings 2/28

Good day everyone!
Oh what a beautiful morning we have here today!  It is supposed to get to the 60's and be very windy - but it is gorgeous right now.  One day less for winter weather!!!!
Here we are at the end of another month.  Oh, we do get an extra day - but no one seems to notice.

This past week I made a Sam's run.  That only happens 1X - 2X a YEAR!  I stock up well on certain items, then I'm good.  I only buy certain things there, as many items I can get cheaper else where.  Bigger is NOT always better or CHEAPER!
I like to buy spices I use a lot there (big bottles), outdoor (large) trash bags, peroxide 2 packs (cheaper than dollar stores), OTC meds (Pepto this time), and stevia (cheaper than reg. store).
The big trash bags I bought will last me about 2 years (I keep them in the garage).  Most items I buy last a good year if not longer, depending on usage.
Oh, I also bought 8 lbs. of faux crab meat (won't pay the price for real), and divided it into 8 packs for the freezer.  That will last all year for salads.

My week:
  • We ordered a $250 WalMart gift card with all our points we had from a charge card.  It took a long time to gain the points - but it was worth the wait.
  • My big find at Sam's - I got 4 bags (24 oz. each - big bags!) of French's Dried Onions on clearance for 2.91 each!  That's a hugs savings from the store - G loves these things.  They are dated 12/2017
  • I stopped by Kroger to check out clearance and found Domino 4 lb. bags of sugar for $1 each.  I didn't really need - but I bought more for stock.  Sugar doesn't go bad, even if hard.  I use only in the summer (canning and hummies) and holidays.
  • Made all meals from scratch
  • I find some great produce bags (picture) in my kitchen drawer I cleaned out.  I have NO idea where I got them, or when I got them - but I will be using them for sure.
  • Of course all my normal stuff, laundry in cold, filtering water, making tea, daytime heating from passive solar, fresh air for house when we can, etc.
  • Threw all crushed egg shells and coffee grounds from the week directly into garden bed

These are the bags I found in the drawer.  I laid the newspaper next to them to show size.  I will be keeping with my re-usable grocery bags for the store and using these for produce.  Saves on waste - how green!  I have 4 of these.

Made chili this week, and then used leftover chili in a tater-tot casserole.  Had a big breakfast meal one night, had baked potato night, and finished up all leftovers along with salads.
I have been working hard on reducing trash.  I have been really concentrating on repurposing and recycling all that can be.
I have also decided that I will be adding something to my pantry stock every week.  This girl wants to be prepared if/when things get worse in the country.

Again, not an exciting week - but a good one!  I am anticipating the day I can get outside and work in the dirt!  I have been thinking on and planning new things for the garden this year. 
We have had an abundant amount of limbs and sticks fall this winter due to high winds.  I will be utilizing all those bigger limbs as teepee poles or braces for vining plants.  I have a huge pile of them outside.

I look forward to hearing from you all.
I hope and pray that each of you have a safe and healthy week ahead.  God be with you and protect you.


  1. Don't you love when you find surprises in your own home? :)

    1. Yes Mam!!! It seems I do that more and more, as I often forget where I put things!!! LOL

  2. I took my cloth bags into our local grocery store today. Found out I save 5 cents a bag. I do need to get plastic sometimes though as use them to clean up the doggie do and in the waste paper baskets. Nancy

    1. We have some stores that give 5 cents per bag credit as well. That is nice. I get the newspaper and most days it comes in a bag - they are nice for cleaning up messes.

    2. Cheryl, those vegetable bags are interesting, is it a loose weave cloth? Make sure you weigh them before you put produce in them or you will be paying for the weight of the bag in addition to the produce!

      We used to get a bag credit here, but not so sure anymore. I ought to call around and see.

      Our frugals have paid off, and the biggest tip I can give is to make sure you check your phone bills! I found a $50 error in my cell phone bill! They corrected it and also gave me $2.99 worth of additional cloud space for a year free, nice!

    3. Yes they are very loose weave and weigh almost nothing.
      Great find and save on your cell bill. Ok I am clueless about some of this stuff - what is cloud space??

    4. I think it is a server in the sky, a place to put documents, music, whatever, so you don't have to keep it in your device/computer...not sure I even have used it ... daughters will know more!

    5. So I checked our local grocery stores, only Target gives a credit for bringing in your own bag--'any resusable bag from any store gets a 5 cent credit' and I believe it is per bag. As Target often has fabulous coupons and cashbacks on groceries, it might be worth the effort to shop there. I usually have six if not more bags when I shop...that's 30 cents, and while it doesn't sound like much, there are 52 weeks in the year, so 30 x 52 = $15.60 per year.

    6. Target is not a place I go. Probably haven't been there in years.
      You are so correct - PENNIES MAKE DOLLARS!!!!! It all adds up.

      thanks for info on cloud space - I figured that was the place everything I lose goes!!!!!!! LOL

    7. and then when it rains it pours on us! info overload!
      I don't usually shop Target either, about once a year or to pick up a gallon of milk if we are there that once a year...