Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reading Fun

Last week when I stopped at the library I got a book called The DIY Pantry, by Kresha Faber.  That is a real fun book to read.  It has a lot of recipes for things that we normally buy, that we can make right from our pantries.
Things like seasoning mixes, condiments, snacks, mixes for all sorts of items, homemade pasta, etc.  it is really a good read.  Would I buy it?  Doubtful!!!  I will make some copies of recipes before I return it, but most of the items can be found in many other cookbooks.

Yesterday I stopped at the library and got a couple more fun reads.  One is called White Trash Cooking, by Ernest Matthew Mickler.  Well, I learned something about myself - I must be white trash!!!!!  LOL
This book is about just good old home cooking - mainly Southern.  Most recipes contain bacon fat, fatback, ham, corn meal, and molasses!  YUMMO!
There is even a White Trash Cooking 2 - Gatherin's.
I cook like my Mom did, just good basic fixin's.  That is the way we love to eat - nothing fancy at our house.

The other book I got is Don't Throw That Away, by Jeff Yeager - 'The Ultimate Cheapskate'.  That guy is funny - cheap - but funny.
I think I am pretty good about reusing and repurposing things, but even I am getting some good ideas from this one.  There are a lot of things in there that I NEVER thought about.

If you just want something different to read, and want to learn a few new things - give any one of these books a try.


  1. I've read both of those books and the second White Trash cookbook also. ;) The recipes in them are really good!

  2. I've read both of those books and the second White Trash cookbook also. ;) The recipes in them are really good!

  3. I checked with my library and they don't have them. What's up with that??? Anyway I will find them somewhere. I do have the DIY Pantry on the Kindle but I like to have the book in hand.

    1. Will your library borrow from other libraries? Ours does it all the time.
      I am like you - I want to hold my book! I have dozens saved to my tablet - but haven't read one of them.

    2. I also saw yesterday that the recipes from DIY Pantry are on Pinterest. Check for The DIY Pantry - Homemade Pantry Staples. I saw just about all of the recipes.

    3. I was able to use our interlibrary loan for a few of the books so am looking forward to reading them. LaurieS - check with your university library interlibrary loan?