Thursday, February 11, 2016

Be Mine?

Hi there everyone!!
Do you all celebrate Valentine's Day? 
We used to, but not so much any more.  I just don't want to cave to the greeting card companies and the mass merchandising frenzy that stores put forth.  I don't think I need a special day to show love.

I know lots of people do celebrate and many spend an absolute fortune on gifts and fancy meals.  That is fine - but it sure isn't me.  The older I got, the wiser I feel I got about my hard earned money, and well - I just won't spend it that way.

Nice "gifts" can still be given and a nice evening can still be had - for little or no money.

I have made cherry pie for G before (with a little heart cut-out on top).  He enjoyed it immensely.
IF we have steak or something in the freezer - I will maybe fix that 'special' dinner with a mixed drink or sparking juice.

Heart shaped cookies
Heart shaped cupcakes
Special dinner at home
A back rub or a special bath night

For those 'just cause' gifts that aren't for someone romantic - you can make cute jar recipes of brownie or cookie mix or hot chocolate mix.
Make some popcorn and drizzle with melted chocolate.  Melt chocolate or white chocolate (dye it pink) and drizzle over popcorn laid out on a cookie sheet.
Make your own chocolate covered strawberries.
Make rice krispies and cut into cute shapes.

Shoot you could give anything you please.  There is absolutely no reason to spend big $$$$$.  Have fun with the day - keep it simple - keep it frugal.

May you and yours enjoy your Valentine's Day on Sunday.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day Cheryl! You inspired me to send my daughters a valentine, one got a plant and the other some gourmet cupcakes. All with a discount involved so that was good too.