Sunday, February 14, 2016

Frugal Happenings 2/14

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to each and everyone of you.
I hope you all have a lovely day with the ones you love.

It is still very cold here in mid Indiana.  It is 15* right now, warming to the 20's today!  We are supposed to get snow today as well.  We have a few little flakes falling now - with maybe 2" - 3" before the end of the day.  Warming a little this week.  What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?

It's been another very quiet week at our house - just the way I like it.
My fugal accomplishments this week:
  • Renewed library books on-line
  • I did run out and drop off paper recycle at the PO up the street
  • NO grocery shopping at all this week
  • DID SHOP from the basement/pantry
  • Mailed in a rebate form from Menards visit of last week ($5.94 rebate)
  • Cooked from scratch and all meals from home
Basically I have just been piddling around the house.  Dreaming of gardening.  Reading books.  Cooking and relaxing.

I made a beef roast and just enough veggies for a meal the first of the week.  I then used the leftover meat and broth and made a nice pot of beef/noodle/veggie soup.  That was a couple good meals.  I made open faced (broiled) corned beef/kraut sandwiches (corned beef from new years).  We had bean soup and sausage sandwiches one night.  Shoot, we ate off the dump cake I made last Sunday for several days.  It was so good, it tasted kind of like a crisp.

Today I have taco chicken going in the crockpot.   Tonight we will have it over rice - then during the week it will be reinvented into different meals.

I have been craving banana pudding for a while.  Only problem is I have no fresh bananas, nor no vanilla wafers.  I do have graham crackers, and pineapple chunks (home canned), and sugar free banana pudding.  So today, I making my own version of "banana pudding".  I think drizzling it with chocolate syrup will kind of make it like a banana split 'taste'!  We'll see.  YUM

How has your week been?  What did you all do to stay on the frugal train?
Check in and say hi - we all love to hear from all our on-line friends!!!!!!

God bless you in the coming week.


  1. So how did your "banana pudding" turn out? Our weather here has been unseasonably warm and I worry because everything is budding out. If we get a hard freeze there goes my cherry crop this year.

    1. The pudding is wonderful! Really how could it be bad - pineapple, banana puddin', graham crackers - yummo! Got enough for a couple more servings a piece.

      We had a real warm spell earlier and daffodils made it up about 3". I hope it doesn't ruin your crop. Here's hoping for an early spring for you!

    2. HI Cheryl, TGMan and I went out Saturday night to a Thai place, they serve so much food, four meals for the price of two. Only, I forgot to use our coupon! It would have covered the tip. I didn’t want to go but he likes to, and as he now is a house-husband, it is good for him to get out.

      I was able to get $8 put back on my credit card last week when I returned to the grocery store with my receipt and had it adjusted. Word to the wise, try and go at the same time of day as one shopped because the same personnel may be working the front desk and remember your phone call asking for the price adjustment. No questions asked, just money back for the coupons they forgot to take off at the register! The best part is no gas was used as it was on my bus route home that day.

    3. Dreaming of gardening! I am holding off on doing starts for the garden as TGMan is battling aphids on his indoor ghost pepper plant. I cannot wait too much longer and need to get the petunias and onions going! I got thinking about how you measure your produce by the pound while I do it by the jars put up…and I think for my one girlfriend who has a massive backyard garden -- that she ought to do it by pounds also. I asked her husband, he said she doesn’t keep records, but I bet she does.

      Now it is me salivating on the meals you made! We will do a pork roast this week, some will be chops, some pulled pork, some other ways…and I think your banana pudding ought to really be called, banana split pudding, make sure to put some cherries on top the next time you make it!

      Sunday I helped paint the in laws house, getting it ready for sale, finally after two years! I still shake my head at the money lost in this venture because of indecision.

    4. Good going on getting the refund for the coupons! Good catch!

      I don't start plants any more - can you believe it?! LOL I plant so few of each thing that it is not worth all the work to me. Now if I planted 50 tomatoes or something I would.

      I told G last night that I hand banana split pudding for him! He loved it too. I have a big old pork roast in the freezer I need to get out one of these days.
      The Mexican chicken over rice was so good. I think chicken nachos tonight.

      Have you gotten everything out of the IL's house that you can use? I know you have found many treasures. It may all work out - as the housing market is a little different now than 2 years ago.

    5. Wait a minute, I've seen pictures of your garden! There are many plants! You must direct seed then! We also tend to get some plants from the garden center...things like broccoli and hot peppers.

    6. Things keep coming from the in-laws but fortunately not so much that we cannot use the items, we do use them...mostly the hardware that my fil filled plastic peanut butter jars with. And some linens.