Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Recycle/Repurpose - OTHER FABRICS

Today I will wrap up talking about recycling fabric/material items.  There are just so many options.

Any old clothing can be made into quilts.  Back in the day our grandparents didn't have any options - they had to recycle all clothing into something else useful.  Clothes were either handed down to the next younger kids or made into quilts.  They let nothing go to waste.  They often cut material into strips and made rag rugs as well.
IF you are going to cut for quilts or rugs - make sure you keep all buttons and zippers.  These will save you in the future.
Anytime I have clothing that is not worthy of donating, but worthy of rags - ALL buttons and zippers are salvaged.  I have even cut out pretty appliques from the fabric to use again in some way.
Do you have a friend or family member that quilts?  When giving them a gift - 'wrap' their gifts in a piece of material!!!

Clothing items can be remade into new styles or other fashions.  I have taken pastel colored slacks I had for work, and turned them into capris.  I have made tank tops out of t-shirts, and even cut up old blouses  and made sleeveless shirts.  Adult clothing can be made into kid's clothing.  Don't buy new - re-fashion into new!!!!!

Do you have a few of those single socks that seem to have lost their partner?  First you could be hip like the kids are now, and wear them mismatched.  That is a HUGE big trend with youngsters. 
I like to save them for a while - hoping the mate will show up!!!!
If not - I use them to dust, and I like to use single footies to cover my Swifter - they work great and are washable. (Old wash cloths work as well!)

Old sweaters can be turned into mittens, wine bottle covers, stuffed animals, pillows, etc.  They can also be unraveled and the yarn used for another project.  (I would dampen the yarn, and stretch it straight, then dry.)

Old panty hose can be put to use as well.  Cut up, they make great plant ties in the garden.  It is strong and stretchable.  Clean old hose legs are also a great way to store onions, long term.  Place and onion in, tie off fabric, add another onion, tie off............. and so on.

Not only would I like to make a quilt/bedding from all the old hankies I have - but I also have all my dads and G's dads ties.  There is another option I want to do someday - bedding from the ties.  I have an idea of using some ties to make lap throws or throw pillows for the siblings.  I am in the process of using a very pretty tie of daddies and a sweatshirt to make myself something. (Picture when done).

Old towels can be cut into wash cloths and hemmed.  I still have some wash cloths made from old towels that we got 30 years ago!  Towels can be turned into bathmats (make a patchwork one with good parts of old towels).  They can also make great bathroom window curtains.  Use the good parts of an old towel to make hand puppets for the kids (eyes - old buttons, etc.).
I am going to attach a hand towel to the garden apron I am making!!

If you happen to have clothing saved from mom or dad - make it into something like a lap quilt of cuddly pillow.  That way you can always have a hug or be covered in their love.

Old men's suits can be turned into great throw pillows for that masculine man cave or library.  They are quite sturdy and rugged - not to mention they look cool.  Men's suit jackets can also be taken apart and the material used in making a gal's or kids coat.

There are just so many options when it comes to ANY type of fabric.  ANYTHING can reused and re-purposed into something new.  Stop and think the next time you are getting ready to get rid of ANY item that is made of fabric or yarn!!!!! 
It's like you can hear "cha-ching" every time you repurpose something!!!!!

Have you made anything into something new?  PLEASE tell about some of your projects!  I just love getting new ideas.


  1. Love the handtowel ideas, Cheryl!
    I have seen on Pinterest, shaving kits made from mens tweed fabric.

  2. I really like the idea of taking something that belonged to a loved one and turning it into a lap quilt or pillow. :)