Sunday, April 10, 2016

Frugal Happenings 4/10

Happy Sunday everyone.  I sure hope you have all had a great week, and I hope the remainder of your weekend is lovely!

I truly wish Spring would get here.  I do believe that bugger groundhog lied on Feb.2!!!!!  March was pretty nice in our area, and now April has been really crappy!  We have had rain, sleet, and snow this week.  None of the snow stuck, like in some areas of the country.  We have had hard freezes for a couple nights as well.  Hopefully, things will be much better by next weekend.  We just need to get through a couple more days of wind and rain!  UGH

I would love to get out and spray weeds with vinegar/salt/water combo.  No can do because of all the rain and wind.

My frugal week:
  • I went out Monday to run errands and about  8 - 10 blocks out realized I had a VERY flat tire.  Called AAA and the "kid" they sent out didn't know how to get my spare from under the car.  I told him how, and he said I was wrong.  So he called a tow truck!  Finally after 2 1/2 hours I got home.  We got the tired changed with help of a friend (now I know how).  NO ERRANDS RAN - I was ticked off.  AAA cost $0 (thank goodness)
  • Tuesday took tire to get it checked.  Figured I needed a new one - but they repaired it (screw in tire).  Cost $25 - better than cost of a new tire!
  • Stopped at Kroger to buy cat litter - and found hair dye on closeout.  Regular 7.99 - sale 2.99.  Bought the 2 they had.
  • Thought my Ice Tea Pot (tea maker) broke.  I have had and used it for years.  Figured I would try a good vinegar cleaning - couldn't hurt.  It works perfectly now!!!!  YAY
  • Received a $50 WM gift card in mail.  Courtesy of G's annual physical exam.  WOOHOO
  • Been reading books I have here at home - weather has not been appropriate to working outside or even wanting to leave!
  • Meals from home and scratch
  • Made homemade tartar sauce
  • Laundry in cold water and also used the basement dehumidifier water in a load
  • Bought NO groceries (food) again this week
  • Cut G's and my hair and colored my hair
We had dirty rice and beef steaks, chicken strips with mashed pots/country gravy, chicken legs with green beans/potatoes and salad, homemade vegetable soup, BBQ wings and leftovers, homemade beef pot pie and fish and chips for various meals this week.  All made with items we had in pantry and all from scratch.

You will notice that to the right of this screen, I now have a list of BLOGS.  These are some of the ones I read regularly, and thought you might enjoy them too.  I love seeing what the lives of others is like, and what they do to be frugal.  The dates on each blog represents the time that they last updated.  Thanks to a couple of those bloggers I figured out how to do that!  I will add others, as time permits.  Hope you enjoy the LINKS! 

I hope you all have a great week.  Stay safe and healthy my friends.  STAY FRUGAL.
May God bless you and keep you in His loving & protective arms.


  1. thanks, Cheryl for the blogs list, I will check them out!
    We had a frugal weekend because the two stores we wanted to shop at were closed! This would have been a re-stock trip, and I am sort of glad they were closed because we have done okay so far without those items, we can stretch a bit longer until next month.

    I have been able to pack my lunch every day for the last eight to nine months, only once buying a sweet roll for breakfast the day of our flight out. So that is a huge savings! Best and easiest is a baked potato in my little desktop oven.

    1. Good job and kudos to you! I love baked potatoes and we often have a large loaded one for dinner with a salad.

      G asked why I have bought groceries lately! I told him we just didn't need any and no good sales for stocking up.

      Have a great week. enjoy the blog list

  2. Cheryl, I am so honored to be on your blog roll in the sidebar...I need to learn how to do that on my blog also.

    I'm so glad your tire was able to be repaired and you did not have to buy a new one. Major savings right there! Your meals at home sound delicious. I am trying to do more of that here and avoid eating out as much as we can.

    Be blessed!

    1. well my lady you are very welcome!!!!

      We hardly ever eat out. It is a real special occasion when we do. I have food here, and figure I should just use it!