Sunday, April 24, 2016

Frugal Happenings 4/24

Good morning my friends!  I hope this finds each of you happy and well.
I hope that some of you got to take advantage of the FREE National park admission this week, or perhaps got to do something fun and useful for Earth day.
Make sure you check out Fridge Foods site I listed.  It is fun.  I have found all kinds of recipes that I would never have thought of.

We have had decent weather this week.  Highs ranged from 80* to 60*.   I have officially declared it time for flip flops!!!!
I did put out one hummingbird feeder, just in case we have some early birds.  It will probably be a few weeks before we actually have regulars.
I have been noticing that we have quite a variety and abundance of bees this year. YAY!!!

My front walk waiting for annuals to be planted in pots!  It won't be long.

I found out, that I have another very distant relative that is famous this week.  After watching Who Do You Think You Are? last Sunday, it is official that Katey Sagal (Peg Bundy) is a distant cousin.  The story they showed of her distant Amish relative, mirrors my story.  Her 7X great grandfather is also my 7X great grandfather.  The line splits at his children, but I thought that was kind of cool.
I also have a cousin by the name of  President Ronald Reagan!!

How was your frugal week?  Mine has been quiet.
  • I kept the wax paper bag from cereal to use later
  • Did a ton more, weeding, spraying (vinegar and salt), trimming, and various other yard work
  • Hung laundry outside
  • NO heat or AC this week.
  • G and I worked on spring clean of garage.  Got the rain barrels set up.
  • We did some maintenance on both vehicles
  • I only bought milk and bread this week.  Shopped the basement for other food.
  • All meals from home and scratch
  • Did some much needed mending
  • While in the shed I came to realize that I have a ton of clay and plastic pots of all sizes.  Most were either free or cost me pennies - many are brand new.  I MAY use a few as goodie containers this Christmas, as something different.
I still haven't caught that darned groundhog.  I did catch and release a couple squirrels and one kitty!  I think I have a new plan that I am going to implement today - so say a little prayer that it works for me.  I need that pesty varmint GONE!!!!!!

This week our dinners were fairly simple.  We had loaded baked potatoes, ham with fried cabbage and mac - n - cheese, breakfast, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches with salad, fried Spam, mashed pots & green beans, fried chicken and potato salad, and a Shepherds pie made with leftovers added to a few new ingredients.   I made pudding with fruit added (my banana split pudding).
I think I will be using the grill for tonight's dinner!

May your lives be blessed beyond measure this coming week.
God bless and take care.


  1. Such a pretty front walk, Cheryl!
    My frugals are:
    We got our two hummingbird feeders out.
    Made pudding with half milk and half water.
    Packed lunch yet again! and still eating from freezer and pantry.
    Might just finish knitting this new pair of socks (we can hope).
    Saved $8 on an oil change by using their coupon (well done by TGMan).