Sunday, April 3, 2016

Frugal Happenings 4/3

Happy April!
It's hard to believe that we are already into the fourth month. 
It sure doesn't feel like April this morning.  It got down into the 20's last night!  Our tulips and daffodils have been so pretty and this morning it looks like they are bowing their heads and praying.  I don't think praying will help them! 
We had rain and more rain this week.  Yesterday was horrible with wind.  We had 40-50mph sustaining winds then had 60-70mph gusts!  It was ridiculous.
It is chilly this morning - but it is a beautiful morning.

The bright golden finches are back at the feeders this week.  I actually saw a couple bumble bees, and Mr. Hog (the groundhog) is back.  Probably not the same one - but I have already gotten the trap out.  I just can't have the cute bugger messing up my garden again this year.
So far I have trapped 4 (not so happy) squirrels, almost one cat - and NO groundhog.

It has been pretty quiet here this week.  Nothing exciting to write home about!

  • Fixed the handle on the lint trap door on the drier
  • The one day I went out I stopped and got another 120 cans of FREE cat food for pantry with my gifted gift card
  • Got my oil changed.  I always change at 3,000 miles.  I was at 2,900 and decided to stop while I was out.  The date on my sticker from last change was 11/21/14!!!!!  I didn't even drive 3,000 miles in 16 months!!
  • Did  yard work and mowed.  Mowed the triple front lot of the empty house next door too.  FREE exercise and helping to keep the neighborhood looking nice.
  • Picked several lovely flowers and made up a couple of fresh arrangements for the house
  • Bought NO groceries at all
  • All meals from scratch and home.  Used lots of leftovers into remade meals
  • Did more de-cluttering and got rid of 2 more big boxes of stuff to a donation pick-up

Easter I made a whole pork loin and oven baked mac-n-cheese and asparagus fries, we then had mac and pork with salad another dinner.  I used some shredded pork and leftover beans and rice from last week in making a big pan on enchiladas - we ate 2 meals from that.  I made kraut/pork and mashed potatoes.  I made a nice size pot of cream of asparagus soup (heaven!) and we had that 2 nights.  I put the last of the pork in the freezer.  We ate on the wonderful homemade candy for several days, and made popcorn for snacks at night.  It has been quite a frugal week on eating!

Otherwise, I have just been doing all normal day to day stuff we all do.  A couple rainy days even made for a nice 'nap' day!  That is not something I do often - and it was lovely.
How was your week?  Let us know what you have been up to.

May God keep you and bless you in the upcoming week.


  1. With the return of wearing mittens at the bus stop, it sure doesn’t feel like spring, but the birds and tree buds say it is! WE had those high winds too but no damage except for one of TGMan’s ham radio antennas. I like the free cat food you are getting. If you haven’t already, look into a reduced insurance rate for the low annual mileage on your car. Our daffodils have recovered from the onion snow. Started a lap blanket for my daughter, bought the yarn for $2.88 a skein which is a good price, not great, but reasonable. Hope you get your Hog!

    1. Oh yes, I have gotten about every discount I can get for car insurance. They have been great to lower it.

      Cool on the lap blanket. Do you have Hancock Fabric close to you? They are all shutting down, and discounting everything.

      I think Mother Nature decided to take a vacation, and has left us with a big chill!!!! Going to be below average all week. 20's at night!

  2. I would need to order online from Hancock and how I wish I had a project in mind but I don't! might go check out some burlap prices though, always handy in the yard and garden...

  3. Wow, you did really well! Could you share how you make your cream of asparagus soup? Thanks!

    1. Debbie, I don't have a real recipe per se'. I started out with 2 cans of chicken broth and added about a pound of asparagus and let it cook. Then I used my stick blender to emulsify. I added country gravy mix (great flavor), and more bite size pieces of asparagus and a nice hand full of uncooked instant rice. Milk to thin to desired consistency.
      Most soups I make - I just wing it!!!!!

  4. It's best to change your oil every 3,000 or even if you don't reach the 3 thousands miles every 3 months to keep your car engine running at optimal performance. Love your blog!

  5. It's best to change your oil every 3,000 or even if you don't reach the 3 thousands miles every 3 months to keep your car engine running at optimal performance. Love your blog!