Sunday, April 17, 2016

Frugal Happenings 4/17

Happy beautiful Sunday to you all!!!
Oh my, the weather is just delightful in our neck of the woods.  I do believe spring/summer has arrived!  We are to hit 80* today with blue skies all day.
Slept with the bedroom windows open last night, ceiling fan on, and only a sheet covering me.  WOOHOO!

**I found out this week that there will be a Farmer's Market at the park up the street from us on Saturdays starting in May.  Never had one that close before.
**Got the dreaded taxes mailed this past week.  Then we got the property tax bill in the mail!  It's always something.
**Allergies have really flared up this week.  I am trying to use herbal 'meds' on them - but it doesn't seem to help much.  Will probably go back to regular allergy meds.

I kind of thought the groundhog moved on to greener pastures.  Saw it on April 1, then we had 'possum fest' and figured he must of thought it was getting crowed around here!  Well, on the 15th, there it was in the yard again.  I have a live trap set, so hopefully I can get the bugger!

My frugal week;
  • I trash picked this week.  I got an expandable plastic baby gate (may use for a trellis), and an approximately 3' x 8' piece of chicken wire.
  • I stopped at Hancock Fabrics going out of business sale and got the last bottle of Liquid Stitch they had for 5.99 (reg. 14.99).  Not much left there.
  • Across the street to Fresh Thyme and got fresh salad veggies and seedless grapes (only groceries I bought)
  • Hung laundry out on the line for the first time this season!!!!  YAY
  • No heat - windows open
  • Did lots of yard work - mowing, weeding, working on flower beds, etc.  FREE exercise!
  • Washing windows and doors with homemade window cleaner
  • Made homemade cookies and a cheese ball for snacks
  • We did splurge and order Chinese takeout this week - but we got 2 meals each from it
I have been doing a lot of yard work and house cleaning.  Still working on de-cluttering off and on.  Oh, there is so much that needs to go.  Seems the work NEVER ends!

Meals this week were simple.  I made chili-mac (like Steak & Shake), and used the leftovers of that the next day to make a casserole (adding peppers and cheese).  We did have Chinese for 2 meals.  There was homemade pizza and salad night, taco salad night, and chef salad with crispy chicken strips night.


May you all have a lovely and healthy week.  God's blessings be upon you.
Take care friends.


  1. Well Cheryl, it was a good week as far as money goes, two tax bills out, just two more to go...some free picnic food and a boat on the lake...and got my seeds in pots too, late this year for us...and peas finally in the ground...stay away chipmunks!

    1. Boating and a picnic sounds like fun!
      Oh, I hope the chippies stay away!!!!

  2. We just sent off our property taxes this weekend. Luckily we had planned for it and had the money ready and waiting to send out. Great find with the baby gate!

    1. We were prepared for the tax bills too - but I just HATE having to send them in!!!! LOL

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