Sunday, August 21, 2016

Frugal Happenings 8/21

Hi there my friends.  I hope your week has been good and healthy.

We have had a very humid, warm, and wet week.   We had 6-7 tornados within 40 miles of us one evening.  I think we have had rain 6 out of the past 8 days.  We have finally cleared off and cooled down.  I am sitting here this morning with my windows open and I am enjoying a lovely cool breeze.  YES!!!!!!  I love it.

My garden is starting to slow down some.  Again this week my hummingbirds are drinking like crazy.  I have 4 birds and they emptied one feeder (it had 1 1/2 C nectar) in 4 days!  I sure do love watching them.  What a joy!
I have been doing some major cleaning.  My kitchen and dining room always gets the brunt of canning season.  My kitchen is so little, that everything spreads into the dining room.  I just tried to get things looking more back to normal (although I am not done canning).

G had his home doctor visit this week.  I did find out some interesting news from the doc.  He said that I can also be his patient even though I am not on SS or Medicare, since I am the care provider.  That is great to know.

I think all of G's family that were in hospitals this week have either returned home or gone to rehab.  That is a good thing.

My frugal week:
  • Chopped 5 more pints of bell peppers and froze
  • Dried more squash
  • Canned 6 pints spaghetti sauce
  • Canned 8 quarts of soup/chili started (tomatoes/peppers/onions/spices)
  • Received a $3 rebate check in the mail - Hey $3 is $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Did a lot of yard work over a period of 2 1/2 days.  FREE exercise
  • De-cluttering more - yet it seems it does not make a dent!
  • Cut G's and my hair at home
  • Took a ham out of the freezer to bake this week
  • Boiled a dozen eggs for the week
  • All meals and drinks from home
  • I did stop at Meijer on my way home from hospital this week.  The store is remodeling, so many things on clearance.  I got 7 of the really large cans of Dinty Moore beef stew for 1.67 each.  The small 15 oz. cans cost more than that - so I snapped up all 7 cans they had.  That was my ONLY store purchase all week.
  • I did place an order and receive from Spices, Etc.  We ordered a large container of a spice blend that we use daily.  I also got horse radish powder and powdered butter for stock.  I ordered chocolate extract as well. (I have tons of flavors).  Received a FREE jar of bay leaves with order. 
  • I received another $10/$40 coupon for Aldi which I will use this coming week for winter stock up.
Soup/chili base for this winter.  YUM

Check out this ginormous cucumber that was hiding behind a corn stalk.  It weighed 3 lbs.!!!!!!!!  It is solid as can be.  If the meat of it is not bitter, it will be made into relish this week!

Meals this week:
Homemade enchiladas (2X)
Burgers and leftovers
Fried zucchini and fried green tomatoes  (my favorite)
Mexican casserole
Chicken and leftover casserole

How has your week been?  Fall will  be here soon, which means winter is just around the corner - so are you getting your pantries filled?
Let us know how your frugal week went.

Take care my friends.  May the Lord bless you in every way in this coming week.


  1. ;ve just recently found your blog and I am enjoying reading it a lot . I think i've read all the back posts.
    I shop at Aldi's and I've never seen a coupon, how do you receive these (mail, email, etc.) I don't grocery shop every week( other than milk, salad, etc) but I do the bulk of my shopping at aldi's. thanks, Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara glad you found our little corner of the world!

      The past 2 weeks there has been a coupon affixed to my Wednesday newspaper. each one has lasted for one week.
      I know the ads are different in different parts of the country - so hopefully you will be able to get coupons sometime soon.
      It has truly surprised me getting them. The only other time I had coupons was at Christmas and they had hams for $10 and $5 off between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

      I am so glad you have joined us, and please come back and chat!

  2. Great blog as always!
    What recipe did you use for the chili starter? Inquiring minds want to know! Was it Mrs. Wages?

    Our tomatoes are starting to come on seems like I'm out there everyday hoping for some red ones. I guess a watch pot never boils.
    Thanks to you have 12 pints of sweet relish from all the cukes I have been getting from my 1 plant. I almost threw them away cause they were soft.
    My son told me that when he worked at Steinfeld's (they used to be here in Oregon) a pickle plant, they used to use all the soft cukes for relish. Learn something new everyday!

    1. Hi Laurie - glad the relish turned out!

      I had bunches of tomatoes - I am thinking 20 lbs. or so, diced up 3 onions, and 3 bell peppers. I added ONE package of Mrs. Wages salsa mix about 1/2 C vinegar, and chili powder.
      I was just winging it!!!! (as I do a lot)
      there were far more tomatoes than the package of mix called for, but it gave it good flavor.

      Your tomatoes are just starting and mine are coming close to and end!

    2. Yep our season usually ends around end of Sept.
      They are going to be coming on I think when B wants to go camping. I need to get him to rethink that. LOL Don't want to lose all that goodness.

    3. Oh gosh I don't blame you. He needs to understand that all that fresh yumminess waits on NO camper!!!! LOL

  3. Hi Cheryl, I am so glad those tornadoes stayed away from you but I am sorry for all the rain. I'm glad you are getting a break in your weather.

    You had a very good week! I love how you got all that canning done. My large tomatoes are just starting to get a bit pink and I am excited. :D There is nothing like a bog thick slice of homegrown tomato on a BLT sandwich. ;)

    Be blessed!

    1. Mmmmmm BLT's! One of my favorite summer sandwiches. I also like a big slice of tomato on a bologna sandwich in the summer.

      Glad you will be getting some fresh ones soon.

  4. I love that cuke you found! Makes me feel good about the enormous zucchini I always find. Hope it's good for your relish! Love the deals you have been getting!

    1. We always have at least one of those zucchini don't we?
      There is always a way to use them. Relish is always my go to - or cut up into chunk zucchini pickles.
      Have a good one.