Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We have been talking a lot lately about getting our stockpiles and pantries in order.  There have been recipes to make ahead, and many have shared their reasons for stocking up.

Times are getting really scary.  There is not a week that goes by that there is not some terrorist act in some part of the world, and often times it happens more than once a week.
I know America is a huge goal of those kind of people.  They are attacking so many other countries, and we will be in their sights again soon.
There will be unrest during and after the election - you can bet your bottom dollar on that.  Whether it be home grown or international - terrorism is knocking at our doors.

I for one want to be prepared and I want to be prepared for the long haul. 
I know we have talked about items that last a long time before - but here is a reminder.  I recently read an article about this and thought it was the appropriate to share the info again.

These are items that WILL NOT EXPIRE OR GO BAD if properly stored.

1.  HONEY - honey will never go bad.  It may discolor or crystalize, but it will still be good.  Honey is about the most perfect 'food' there is.  It is full of nutritional value, it's filling, it's antibacterial (both inwardly and outwardly).  It has great antiseptic qualities as well.  Make sure you have plenty of honey on hand.  It can be substituted for  sugar in anything.  It makes a great barter tool.
Try to make sure you get local honey is possible - as it has local pollens in it, which is great for those with allergies.

2.  WHITE RICE - If kept dry and sealed, white rice will last for years, as will wild rice, Arborio, jasmine, and basmati rice.  Brown rice has too many oils in it, and can only be kept for long periods of time in a freezer, otherwise it can go rancid.  Rice may get dusty looking, but it will be fine.  Keep it dry and sealed, so as to prevent bugs from getting in packaging.

3.  WHITE VINEGAR - will last just about forever, and never go bad.  It can be used in pickling and preserving, it can also be used in all sorts of homemade cleaning products.  Vinegar can even been used as an antiseptic.

4.  SALT - All types of salt will last for years and years if kept dry.  Great for seasoning, preserving meats, pickling, etc.  This is also a great barter tool.

5.  CORSTARCH - We have all purchased a box of cornstarch and very rarely use it.  Don't throw it out - it will not expire.  Keep it dry and in a sealed container (try to keep in a cool place as well).
It is handy to have as a thickening agent for cooking and baking and even preserving.  It can also be used as an antiperspirant or dry hair cleaner.

6.  SUGAR - Keep it dry and in sealed containers.  The biggest problem with sugar is that it sometimes hardens.  It can STILL BE USED.  I have grated sugar before to use in recipes.  Keep white sugar on hand at all times.  It can be blended into powder sugar, and you can add molasses to it to make brown sugar.  Another great barter tool.
Those holiday popcorn tins (decorative) that we all get each year are great for storage and well as sealed totes.

7.  HARD LIQUOR - I know many people DO NOT drink, but this is a product that would be wise to have in your pantry for bartering  and even for use as a sedative or antibacterial dressing for wounds.

8.  DRIED BEANS - will never expire.  Granted they may take a lot longer to cook (after they get to be years old) - and they may not soften as much as they should - but they will never lose their nutritional power.  Beans are a great protein when there is no other option.

9.  INSTANT COFFEE - will never go bad (sealed or not) if kept in a freezer.  If unsealed it will last for years on the shelf.

10.  MAPLE SYRUP - will last forever if kept in a freezer.  It will last a long, long time on the shelf, and even if it crystalizes it can be heated back to liquid.  It makes a great sweetener for all kinds of things, and truthfully, who wouldn't need a sweet treat when things are at their worst!
It is wise for all of use to keep a couple jars or bottles of maple syrup in the freezer.  Most people never think about freezing it.

Another thing I have decided to keep on hand is sorghum molasses.  I have purchased a couple jars which will stay unopened, until I have no means to get other sweeteners.  It is also full of nutritional value (great when your ill).

POPCORN is another item we are keeping on hand.  Granted it may not have a ton of nutritional value, but it would keep us full, and homes with youngsters need something like this that lasts.  I am speaking of bulk popcorn, not the microwavable  type.

Hope this list helps you get prepared for the long run.  We just live in a very volatile time right now, and we all need to remember that NO ONE will be looking out for you and your families - EXCEPT YOU!
Try to add these supplies to your stockpile and pantry each and every week.  You don't have to spend a fortune on these supplies.  Work with your budget and add a little at a time and put it in storage for the future. 
It just may save your life!!!


  1. Good reminder! I eat low carb which makes it difficult to build a large pantry.

    1. I imagine that would be difficult to plan for. I bet you find your ways to prepare though. Hopefully there are foods that you can can and freeze ahead.

  2. Hi!
    I'm from Portugal and thank God we didn't have any terrorist attacks around here, but we see what happens in France and Brussels... So sad.
    We try to have a stocked pantry and take advantage of promotions in the supermarket to stock on some articles every month.
    Better safe than sorry.

    1. Hello Paula. I am so thankful that your country has been spared from attacks thus far. It is sad and so senseless. People just need to love one another not kill.
      I am so glad you are able to take advantage of the promotions to add to your pantry. So right - better safe than sorry!!!!

  3. Good morning, Good tips again.
    I am wondering how do you store your popcorn as you didn't mention it?

    1. Hi Laurie
      I keep my popcorn in glass jars. It keeps out bugs and moisture - and it seems to last forever. I recently used some that was dated on the jar 10 years ago! It still popped!!

    2. Do you keep your popcorn in the freezer? I've heard of people doing that too.

  4. Great food for thought! People have grown so used to throwing out everything as soon as it reaches its date- I really wonder how average people will fare if times do get worse. As far as I'm concerned, most of those dates are meaningless

    1. Rhonda I agree on dates. I very rarely have to trash anything. If it smells good and looks good, I will usually use it.
      Most often the only thing that happens is that the taste is not at it's best.

      Most of the items I listed, I don't recall seeing dates on any way.
      I think the average person will get an education fast - and the hard way!

  5. Hi Cheryl, great post as always! I just stocked up on rice again and I keep it in a large food grade bucket. I have noticed that popcorn does not pop as well the older it gets, but I have been told that is due to loss of moisture content. I just used some honey that I got about 8 years ago, and yes, it had crystallized but I just had to warm it up a bit to use it. It was no big deal or hassle really. :)

  6. Hi Cheryl, great post as always! I just stocked up on rice again and I keep it in a large food grade bucket. I have noticed that popcorn does not pop as well the older it gets, but I have been told that is due to loss of moisture content. I just used some honey that I got about 8 years ago, and yes, it had crystallized but I just had to warm it up a bit to use it. It was no big deal or hassle really. :)

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you .
      Isn't it lovely that you know and have used items that you have had for long periods. At least we know that we will survive if IT hits the fan!
      Love the idea of food grade buckets. I need to check out the deli and the bakery close by.

  7. thanks Cheryl, very useful post for me too. The Good Man keeps reminding me of just what you said, when push comes to shove, we each need to make sure we have what we need for our own selves, so that we might have a little extra for those that don't.