Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekly Reflection in Pictures

Here are just a few pictures that reflect my past week.
Hope yours was eventful.

SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love when these bloom.  They originally came from Mom and daddy's house - so I always think of them and HOME when they bloom.
This is to give you an idea of how big my zucchini plants are.  They are huge and producing like crazy.

This is the package of Mrs. Wages that I used to make part of my salsa.  Look at that clearance price!  I bought it after season last winter.  Super cheap salsa at my house!
It always pays to buy your mixes and such after the season is over.

Homemade pizza before baking.  G was like "oh wow, sliced roasted tomatoes".  It had tomatoes, peppers, and onions from the garden and a bit of homemade salsa on it.  YUM

My bean pots.  They are finally starting to produce well.

I call this  my "garden crack!".  I eat cherry tomatoes off and on all day.  I can't walk by a dish of them without grabbing a few.  I pick 2 bowls like this every day now.

I'll be back tomorrow for Frugal Happenings.
Have a great Saturday.


  1. You made me laugh at a past memory. Years ago, (1988) when we moved to SW MO and bought our farm, the owners were taking us on a tour of the farm. I wasn't used to the "Southern MO accent" yet and found out that they have a language all their own. "Steeples" are fencing staples, "caves" are cow calves, etc. But the one I couldn't figure out was "naked ladies"! I came to find out that "naked ladies" are Resurrection Lilies! Ours are blooming now on the farm also. Thanks for the past memory revival.

    1. Glad it made you smile. We tend to call them surprise lilies. It's funny how different areas have different names for things.

  2. What kind of beans do you plant in your bean pots?