Sunday, August 7, 2016

Frugal Happenings 8/7

Good morning everyone.  Here we are getting ready to start our second week of August.  Boy, time is flying by.
School started here in the past week or so.  Most schools in our area are now 'year round' schools - so just a few weeks of summer vacation for them. 
The State Fair is going on this week, and they have already started closing the public pools!  Isn't that the craziest thing ever?  The pools should be open till Labor Day - they always were in the past.

My past week was busy and stressful.  So many health issues for folks close to us on both sides of the family.  Seems like people were either being admitted to hospitals for big health problems or going to emergency for lesser things.  I hope this coming week shows improvement for all. 
Getting older sure isn't for sissies!!!!!!

Frugals for the week:
  • I did buy a new water bath canner for a great price of 19.99 (complete).  A new rack was going to be 12.79 & shipping - so I figured after 30+ years I could get a new one!!  The old one still works (can use both), just can't lift the rack.
  • I bought a new set of sheets for 1/2 price.  First really nice set I have purchased in over 20 years.  Again, I thought I was do.
  • Pulled out all the onions, and replanted green onion sets (bought plenty in the spring and stored them in frig)
  • Made a nice batch of slaw from garden cabbage
  • cut up and froze a bunch of bell peppers from the garden
  • Harvested LOTS of veggies again this week.  Pounds and pounds of tomatoes
  • Canned 13 pints of salsa and 6 of pickles
  • Dehydrated tomato skins (and powdered), broccoli leaves (and powdered), and more basil.  **Broccoli leaves are said to contain more vitamins and minerals than most veggies!
  • Ran out of milk early in the week, and used 2 cartons of shelf stable milk - instead of making a special run out to buy
  • Laundry in cold & dehumidifier water and line dried
  • re-carpeted the cat scratching post again.  I tend to redo it at least once a year.  My kitties love it
  • Gave myself a nice spa night at home and a really good pedi
  • Got to have AC off yesterday and so far today.  That hasn't happened in a couple weeks or so.  Humidity finally dropped for a couple days as did temps.  Loving the fresh air.
  • Used rain water on the plants.  We did get a big rain one afternoon as well.
  • All meals from scratch and home
  • Made a big bowl of zucchini, cuke, tomato, onion salad from garden veggies

My yummy garden salad.  Excuse the stains in the bowl - 30+ years of use has left it looking the worse for wear!
YES everything I own is old!!!!!  LOL

Meals this week:
Cabbage, squash, onions cooked with smoked sausage plus mashed potatoes
Stuffed green pepper skillet
Coney dogs and homemade slaw
Fried chicken and slaw
Homemade taco salad
Homemade pizza
Chicken strips, oven fries and zucc. salad
We also had tomatoes and cucumbers for just about every meal

Ice cream, nuts, and whatever chips we had on hand

I have a feeling that the canning will really be ramping up this week with all the tomatoes we are getting.  It sure will make for yummy goodies for the winter.
I hope to do some more de-cluttering this week.  that seems to be a never ending project.

WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN UP TO??  We all need some inspiration and ideas!
Have you been canning any of your garden goodies?  Get any great deals?

May God be with you in this coming week, and bless you beyond measure.
Take care my friends.


  1. I think we have that same bowl. Is it a Rubbermaid bowl?

    I never thought to dehydrate tomato skins. Are they the ones you have after preparing them for canning?

    1. Yes it is a Rubbermaid bowl. I have Tupperware that is 40 years old and Rubbermaid that is 30+. If it works, why replace? It may not be pretty, but it holds what I want it to!

      Yes, I keep the skins from the tomatoes I am canning. Then dehydrate them either in a dehydrator or the oven. They get real crispy, then I grind (I use a coffee grinder) and make a powder. It is great to add to soups, casseroles, or any recipe you want a little added tomato flavor in. Heck it's FREE - might as well use it.

  2. We are getting a small harvest everyday out of the garden. We have had very little rain and it's been so hot. I'll miss the canning this year. Thanks for the idea of saving the tomato skins.

    1. Hi there. I probably won't get to can as much as usual. It has been very hot here as well. We are getting a lot of produce, but not as much as in the past.
      ENJOY your harvest.

  3. I have old things too! Still a lot of good in them. Can you believe it is time for school to start. Lucky you to have all those things to harvest but lots of work too! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy. Hope you are all settled in your new place.
      I can't throw things away because they are old - heck I am old!
      Have a great week.

  4. We got our first red tomato but with blossom end rot, so still waiting. Meanwhile enjoying the cucumbers with every meal, they are good to use as a chaser to cool down spicy food, aka TGMan's jalapeno peppers. Garlics are superb this year so am very excited for garlic dishes!

    1. Ellen - wow, no ripe tomatoes yet? Hope you get plenty.
      I absolutely love cool crisp cucumbers.
      Have a great week.

  5. It's a medical month here also. Oldest daughter is having surgery today. I'm being optimistic that they won't find any cancer. Her procedure will take about 3 1/2 hours, so I imagine I won't get much done today. Son will be having surgery on the 24th of this month.

    I have NEVER had such horrible tomatoes as this year. Even our neighbors aren't doing any better. Must be the weather, plus the caterpillars, squash bugs, etc. Three years ago we canned over 25 gallons of tomato juice. What is your favorite tomato to grow? The sweet potatoes are blooming. This is the first year I planted them - pretty flowers! I did harvest some regular potatoes already. I think they are a lot of fun to grow!

    1. Kris, praying all goes well with all your family health problems.

      I am having good luck this year with Beefsteak tomatoes, but I think my tried and true favorite is Big Boy. This year I planted a couple different types, and next year will go back to BB.

      I have heard that gardens are not doing good any where at all this for the most part. Even heard some people in Europe saying it is a bad year. I guess it must be the weather.
      Good luck with the sweet potatoes. I have never planted them.

      Hope the week goes well.

  6. You have done really well this past week. Thanks for the reminder to re-carpet the cat scratching post. Rufus has worn one side of his completely bare at this point and have now decided that my front door carpet rug in amazing to scratch on. UGH! I"m sorry that you have been dealing with family health issues. It seems to come in waves doesn't it? I have this sinking feeling that we will be dealing with even more here soon since one of our loved ones is not doing well and they are running more tests (memory and balance issues). Unfortunately there is a lot of drama attached to that with my husband's one sibling in particular.

    1. Kitties do love the scratching posts! I had 2 big holes scratched in the carpet pieces that were on it again. Oh my Coogy likes the area rug in the living room as well. UGH

      Health matters seem to come in batches for sure. I hope things work out well for your family - it's always hard when there is difficulty dealing with other family members.
      Hugs to you both.