Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frugal Happenings 9/11

Before I start my weekly post - I just want to say NEVER FORGET those who died on this date 15 years ago.  None of us will forget where we were or what we were doing on that horrible morning.  There are a handful of those days in our lives.
September 11, 2001 was a day that the world changed forever.  It was a day that what innocence we had - vanished.  It was a day that made us sorrowful , yet proud.  It was a day that the strangers that died became family.  It is a day that I will never forget.
God bless all who perished, their families, and ALL the wonderful responders and volunteers.

I do believe that we are now getting ready for fall in these here parts of the country!!  It was hot and humid this past week with lots of rain.  We have now turned that corner, and the weather is beautiful.  Highs are predicted to be in the 70's and lows in the 50's.  I slept with the bedroom windows open last night.  Heavenly!!!  The weatherman said we have seen the last of the 90's till next year!  We'll see.

I kind of made this week of ME after having such a busy and stressful week the week before.  I just enjoyed my time, did a little shopping, did odd ends around the house, and did some relaxing.  I feel re-energized and ready for a new week.

We have been having nightly visits from 'Rocky' the raccoon.  That bugger is big!  'Opey' the young opossum is growing up.  He is still smallish compared to others I have seen - but considering he was hand sized and alone - he has done well.  I am so thankful that my outdoor kitties are NOT confrontational.  They just ignore the nature that shows up in our yard (unless it's another cat!)  I still have 2 hummingbirds feeding.  Some days it's hard for me to remember we live in the city with all the nature that abounds in our yard.

My frugal week:
  • Made 2 lbs. of bologna into sandwich spread
  • Made the gifted jalapenos into poppers.  Ate some and froze the remainder for other days! YUM is all I can say!!!!!
  • Dried squash, carrots, and bread in the dehydrator.
  • Line dried laundry on clear days
  • FINALLY totaled  all receipts for 2 months.  Got everything entered into our spending charts.  Won't let that happen again.  Lesson learned - don't procrastinate!!!!!
  • I went to Menard's and bought $52 worth of bird/squirrel food and spent $17 OUT OF POCKET!  I used rebates I had.
  • I made a Sam's run this week.  I go once or twice a year.  I received $10 off bill with instant savings. 
  • I used another $10/$40 coupon at Aldi for stock-up.  The cashier gave me 3 - $5/$30 coupons good through end of October!
  • Re-arranged some storage items in the kitchen to make things more accessible.
  • Hard boiled a dozen eggs and made egg salad - one of G's favorite things!
  • Picking produce from the garden.  Beans are on their second wind as are the bell peppers.  Still getting lots of cherry tomatoes, some regular toms, squash and beans.
  • AC now off for  hopefully many days
  • Blanched and froze another quart of green beans
  • Purchased 6 lbs. of cheese at Kroger for .99/8 oz.  That brings my total of variety of cheese to about 20 lbs. on hand.  We are good for the winter.
  • Did survey for additional FREE 50 points for Kroger gas program
  • G's power chair quit working this week - while he was on it and in the garage!!  YIKES.  We managed to get him inside.  After much searching info on computer and asking questions of people around the world - we figured out the problem.  It was a fluke thing - but at least we did not have to pay someone to come look at it.  (They charge $
Weekly meals:
Sandwiches, salad and chips and salsa
Chicken strips and jalapeno poppers
Homemade meat pie (pot pie) and sliced tomatoes
Burger, fried potato chunks with onions and sliced tomatoes
Home fried chicken livers and garden beans
Fried fish, leftover beans, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers
Zucchini soup
All leftovers were used for lunches

Snacks included watermelon, cantaloupe, trail mix, and chocolate mousse

What was your week like?  How are your gardens doing?
I look forward to hearing from you all this week.

May God bless you and yours and keep you safe and healthy. 
My prayers also go out for the safety of all the innocent people of the world from evil.
PEACE my friends.


  1. Oh you had a great week! Coupons for Aldi-that would be great! Hope they come to our area. I'm glad you got the wheelchair fixed and everything was fine. My husband would love to come eat with you liver is his favorite meal. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Vickie.
      It was a pretty good week. I love fried chicken livers and so does G - but we hardly ever have them. This was quite a treat.
      I guess the real reason we have them so seldom - is I HATE preparing them!

  2. I'm glad you took an off week. We thrifty homemakers work hard and we do need breaks.
    I also want to tell you I just enjoy your posts so much❤️

    1. Rhonda - aawwww thank you so much!
      I truly enjoy blogging and sharing. Especially I enjoy learning from everyone and getting to know folks from all areas of the world.
      Have a good week

  3. So true about 9/11 - I don't know anyone killed in the attack and I do remember where I was, at home watching Regis and Kelly, and I thought, now everything changes for America. And it has, we are more united than ever (despite the news reports of unrest) and our attention is more global as we understand first hand what it is like to have terror attacks on our own turf.

    Our week is frugal again. When I don't do the receipts immediately, it is too easy for me to fall back into non-frugal ways, seeing those dollar and cents amounts in black and white sure do keep me on track!

    We have had a good September with garden produce and also two gatherings in which we were able to come home with leftovers to carry us through for about a week each, so a good grocery month to make up for the restocking with the meat bills (beef and pork).

    1. I so agree on not doing the receipts immed. I learned my lesson!
      Great on the garden produce and leftovers. Got to love it.
      Have fun restocking the meat - hopefully you find some great deals.

  4. YOu have had a very frugal week and I am glad that you are looking after and taking care of yourself. We all need to do that. ;) I think I may have seen "Rocky's cousins early Saturday morning. We had two huge ones fun in front of our car early Saturday morning after I went and rescued my hubby after his car broke down.

    9/11 will forever be etched in my memory since my father was actually on a plane that day when all the planes were ordered to land and one of my cousins had just left the subway station under the first tower to be hit minutes before it happened.

    1. Oh Debbie, that day had to be so scary for you. I remember that it seemed so quiet for days as there were no planes in the skies We live in the flight path of the airport - and there was nothing. Your family was surely blessed.

      Well I am glad that you didn't hit Rocky's cousins! LOL. I hope the car is an inexpensive fix!