Sunday, September 18, 2016

Frugal Happenings 9/18

Good morning my friends.
Here we are starting another new week , and we are half way through this month!  They say time flies when your having fun!  I'm not so sure it has all been fun - but it is flying!

We have had decent weather a lot of the week.  We have gotten a much needed reprieve from the heat and humidity for a few days.  Got to have several days with no AC.  We got lots of rain again this week.  Next week, as I understand, the heat moves back in, and we are to start fall in the high 80's.

My week was full of ups and downs.  For the most part I have felt like I was on a roller coaster ride all week.  Emotions have been every where - laughing, crying, happy, sad, frustrated, shocked, etc.  I tell you, it sure makes one appreciate those calm weeks.

My frugal week:
  • Got to do a lot of yard work while the weather was cooler and dry at the first of week
  • Lots of laundry line dried
  • Windows open and AC off a good part of the week
  • Made a run to the feed store for squirrel corn for the fall - and they had a sale of buy 2 bags get 1 free.  That was a savings of $13.75.  They had the most gorgeous mum plants (huge) for $5.25 each - so I did get 2 of those. (That free bag paid for mums).  I got mums that were still in bud (not open), so I can enjoy them longer.
  • I also stopped by the orchard and got a gallon of fresh cider, pears, and a small bag of apples.  I only buy cider a couple times in the fall - but it sure is yummy.
  • I had some bananas that needed to be used.  I made almost 2 quarts of banana ice cream (YUM).  I made a banana pudding, and I cut up and froze 2 other bananas for smoothies later.
  • Fixed a hose that sprung a huge leak.  I cut it, put on a new connector, and all is well now.  We had the connector in the garage.  This is my house cleaning hose.
  • Picked more tomatoes, beans, squash, and peppers this week
  • Blanched and froze 2 more quarts of beans
  • Stayed out of grocery stores!!!!!!!  No shopping other that orchard and feed store!
  • Been straightening my medicinal/health closet.  I have more than I thought in there.  I do believe that we are good for a long time.
  • Went to the library and got some interesting reading material.
  • Picked some pretty roses from the yard.  I have never had roses doing this good this late in the year.
Click on picture to enlarge.  Can you see the pretty little gold finch sitting on the flowers eating?  This is taken through a window.

Meals this week:
Leftover zucchini soup
Fried chicken and beans and rice
Squash/sausage skillet served with cheesy rice
pizza (from home) and salad - 2X
Taco salad

Been enjoying banana pudding, homemade ice cream, fresh fruit and nuts

What is happening in your part of the world?  Are you in "get ready for winter" mode?  Let us knows your frugal finds and ways this week.
I hope you are all having lovely weather and are getting to enjoy some outdoor time.  We are coming into a lovely and beautiful time of the year.
God bless each of you this coming week.


  1. You are so busy! We love apple cider too but just a little. Sounds so good -I'll be glad when we can get some. Your meals sound delicious!

    1. We both like cider, but a couple gallons a fall is enough. Hope you get some soon.
      I just throw a lot of things together for meals. No real plan.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I just put bananas in the freezer for ice cream, too. :-)

    I am ready for fall weather. I can feel a difference in the air, but we are still in a/c temperatures for a bit longer. I did pick up some apple cider, some spiced coffee, and a few things like that in preparation. Sunday, while it was rainy and cooler, I made a pot of Spanish hot cocoa -- our first of the season.

    1. Hi there. Yes, it's almost fall - but not quite yet. We are having warmer temps again.

      Sounds like you are getting ready with all the fall yummies. ENJOY

  3. Sounds like a very wonderful week ♥

    1. Hi Summer
      It had it's moments - but I figure every morning I wake up it's a great day!

      I will have to take some time to go through and read your blog. Island life sounds heavenly!!!!
      Come again.

  4. I am not real fond of cider but some friends back in Michigan use to make their own from their own apples and it was so good! Nancy

    1. I have had homemade cider too. It is very good

    2. I'm sorry you have had that roller coaster of emotions. I can relate my friend.

      I do think you did really well on the savings! I had forgotten that you could just fix a leak in a hose with a connector. I will have to tell my hubby that because we have one that is leaking. :)

      Be blessed!

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  5. My biggest savings this past month has been to continue to clean out the house, all those little boxes and drawers and bags of stuff are a treasure trove. We also got some nice small appliances from the closing of my inlaws house: a leaf blower, some tools for the shop, and some nice kitchen gadgets like a coffee press (which I gifted to my mil years ago).

    Our garden is finally producing tomatoes, not enough to can but I did do a quart jar of dried and put it into olive oil in the fridge.

    What do you put in your banana ice cream besides bananas?