Thursday, September 8, 2016

Shopping and Prepping

I know everyone has been working hard with their gardens and fresh produce to put food back for the winter.  We all like to be prepared for whatever may come to us in the future (or near future).

DO YOU EVER FEEL YOU HAVE ENOUGH?  I ask this question, because no matter how much I have put back, I never feel like it is enough.  I am NOT a hoarder, at least in the traditional sense of the word.  I use my stock daily and I share with family and those in need.
I just never feel satisfied with what I have.

I know there are probably some armchair psychologists out there thinking I must have been deprived as a child or something.  NOPE.  We were not rich by any stretch of the word, actually we were probably poor - but I had no clue.  I always had nice clothes (home made) and plenty of food on the table (gardening and canning).  Never felt like I was deprived of anything.  Christmas was always wonderful and I have so many good family memories.  So not deprived.

I try to get the most for my money - that is for sure.  I have been getting $10/$40 spent at Aldi for 4 weeks and have taken advantage each week.  I have not needed weekly groceries, it's all for stock.  Today I went and the cashier gave me 3 coupons $5/$30 - which spread over the next month.  I will surely be buying my Halloween candy there!!!!
From what the cashier said - these coupons have ONLY BEEN in the Indianapolis area!  Lucky me!!

I take advantage of sales, use coupons now and then (hardly any I can use anymore), shop Aldi and places like Big Lots and Dollar Tree.  I did a big Sam's run this week.  I go there once or twice a year at best.  There are just some things I can't get any where else as cheaply.
I shop at Kroger for CLEARANCE ITEMS  and GREAT specials only.

I recently received the coupons from Bath & Body Works for a FREE item, which I will be getting for a Christmas gift.  I also take advantage of the $10/$10 Kohl's coupons I receive for gifts as well.
I can't understand why someone wouldn't make use of these items.
So why not use the FREE money these stores give us.

My G encourages me, and has never thought I was crazy or being greedy.  He brags about my 'adventures' to everyone.  He is definitely onboard - and even lets me know if he sees something about a deal he thinks I should take advantage of.

What tactics do you use to prepare for an uncertain future?  What are your saving tools?
Do you EVER feel like you have enough and are totally prepared?
Am I just a crazy lady????!!!!!  Hopefully there are some others who feel the same way I do!

Let us know your shopping and prepping strategies!!!! 


  1. In Oklahoma, our Aldis had $10/40 coupons several months back for about a month. They aren't any longer but now they are having 1/2 price sales on good products on weekend. Last week was string cheese for $.99, the week before it was whole chickens for about .50 cents a pound. This week is hamburger for .99 and brownie mix for .45.
    Aldi is a huge budget helper.

    I know you will use your coupons in the best way 😄

    1. Rhonda glad to know that other areas are getting some coupons for Aldi too. what deals those were. Got to love Aldi!

  2. Well if you are the crazy lady, then I am right there next to you keeping you company. ;) I try to take advantage of sales to stock up on things we need and those free product coupons from Bath and Body Works help to stock my gift closet too. ;) That reminds me, I need to swing by there and pick up my free product the next time I am in town.

    1. Good to know that I am in good company! FREE is my favorite four letter F word!!!! LOL

  3. I live in Western Pa and I never see Adli coupons except once when a new store opened near by. I am sad. Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl. Hopefully they will send some coupons your way. Hopefully it's a trend that the store is starting!

  4. where do you get the Aldi coupons? I have never seen them. :( Sadness abounds...
    The only thing I can say about $10 off coupons that I DON'T use is if I don't NEED anything then I don't want to use the coupons just to get $10 off, you know? Not going to spend money to save less money.

    1. I have gotten the $10 coupons for Aldi through the paper. The $5 ones the store gave me.

      I kind of agree and kind of disagree. If I spend some money to save $10, to me it is like money in the bank. I know I will use the products. I also know that groceries will continue to go up in price. So I see it as a win-win for me.

      I use the $10/$10 Kohls only to get items for my gift basket for the teen girls who are so hard to buy for. I generally walk out of there spending out of pocket less than a $1.
      I don't use those all the time - I do pass them on tho others.

  5. If I have the power to resist impulse buying in addition to what I intend to get, then using those coupons is great! But sometimes I don't have that will power and I know I just have to stay away from the store. In those cases I pass the coupons on to someone who will use them.

    I have changed a little on my restocking, now I only get those items I know I will use, that only comes from experience of running a stockpile for a few years running. What is left over from year to year is something taken off the list for the next year.

    1. I agree - buy what you will use. I don't want items on hand that we will have a use for.
      My canning is that way too. I had items left from last season - so I cut down the number of jars this season of certain products.

      I don't want things to go bad. If store bought stuff seems to be too much - then I pass it on to those who can use it.

      I can resist shopping any where except the grocery! LOL I love the grocery store.

  6. Not crazy...I don't typically shop at Kroger but they have a Freebie Friday offer in our area where you can download a coupon to your card and get a free item. It ranges in value from week to week. I think this week's is a package of gum. I download and make a trip by their at least every third week to pick up my free items and any really good sales items at the same time. I don't always use the free product myself but I can gift them to others and do.

    1. Terri I just learned this week that I can down load those things on my card. I always thought you need a fancy phone to do that. I don't have one - so figured I was out those things. I will be taking advantage of the Freebie Friday deals too! I can bless someone else as you do, or maybe use in gift baskets.
      I guess it shows we are never too old to learn something!! LOL
      FREE is FREE and can bless someone.
      Thanks for coming by.