Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Savy Shopping

I know we all look for the best deals we can get when shopping - not just for groceries - but for anything.  I think we all probably have our favorite stores as well.

I generally favor a couple stores - Aldi and Dollar Tree for most groceries.  Now I do LOVE the clearance section at Kroger! 
When shopping for gifts I try to use high dollar coupons, like those received at Kohl's and Bed Bath & Beyond.  I do shop Meijer some around the holidays, as they usually have some good deals on gift items.
I very rarely go into WM - as I just don't like that store.  Pet food is about the only thing I buy there, except prescriptions.
I haven't been to Target or Walgreens in years.  Very rarely do I go into CVS.
I guess I am a strange bird!!!  (It's been said).

Now is the time to look for those specialty items that only show up once a year.  I know there is a ton of folks who LOVE anything pumpkin - from cookies, cakes, candy, coffee to beer - well this is the time to stock up.  Most anything that is seasonal should be bought in quantity NOW, if you wish to enjoy it later.  Of course, there is the fact that if you have an item all the time - then it doesn't seem special!!
But if I truly love something that comes around once in a while - I will stock up.
Now, through the next couple months will be the time to buy pumpkin products, canned pumpkin, baking goods, ham, turkey, potatoes, butter and anything that is associated with the holidays.  Getting the cheap (and usually best) prices now - is like having money in the bank later.  If you will use it - stock up!!!!!
Aldi has a great section of specialty wines and liquors that are only available once a year.  Once they run out, it is usually gone.  You need to check often and buy when you see it.

If you haven't been to a Dollar Tree in a while, you should go.  They are carrying more and more name brands.  Most often I can not buy a name brand item, even with a coupon, cheaper some where else.  (I am not name brand conscience on most stuff anyway).
Often the sizes are not quite as large as other stores - but the price still works out better.
They now carry name brand toothpaste, Suave, V-O5, Nabisco products, Hefty, Ajax, Gain, Downy, Angel Soft, Sunny-D, Brillo, Zest, Kleenex, Lay', and on and on......................

It's also a great place to get those "stocking" stuffers for kids and adults alike! 
I love getting odds and ends like coffee cups, dish towels, and hot pads for adult baskets.

I adore these as well.  I have a couple that I find decent deals at.  I often buy things that will become gifts or parts of gift baskets.    There is no firm and steady rule that says a gift has to be purchased brand new.  If the item is in great shape - then buy it.  Remember - it's the thought that counts - not the amount spent.

Do you have special stores that give you they best deals?  Do you stock up on seasonal items?  Are there places to shop cheaply that I haven't thought of?
Gives us your hints and tips!


  1. I have to stay away from WM as I can go in for a $2 item and come out $200 poorer! They do such an excellent marketing job. A fool and his money...as the saying goes!

    1. REALLY??? I just don't go - so I have never noticed.
      best stay away if it "gets you"!!!!!

  2. Hi Cheryl, as you know I am a huge fan of thrift stores and of the Dollar Tree. Our Dollar Tree has been carrying some really good DVDs lately, but you have to get there right when they get their shipments in because they do go fast. The thrift stores frequently have brand new with tags items and luckily for me, my family also is just as thrilled with quality used items from there also. I do enjoy Walmart because I can find awesome marked down deals there but I am very careful NOT to go overboard. ;)

    Be blessed!

    1. You always get great deals Debbie. I am glad your family is as happy with your purchases as you.

  3. I love dollar tree. id you know they take coupons. Just search your area for coupon match ups. It makes stuff free every week. I did a quick search living rich with coupons does a match up. You probably already know this.

    1. Patti - yes I do know that Dollar Tree takes coupons - but thank you for mentioning it - as I forgot to say that. Can't get much better than FREE!