Sunday, October 23, 2016

Frugal Happenings 10/23

Happy Sunday my friends.  I surely hope this finds you well.

We have had all types of weather this week.  Started out quite warm, then rain, and very chilly.  We are having normal fall weather finally.  I have had to run the furnace one cycle on two mornings to take the chill off.

I found out this week that my other next door neighbors are to be moving soon.  They have rented for 26 years!  The landlord (I call her a slumlord) will never fix anything.  I know she wants them out, as she has not raised the rent in all the time that they have been there, and she wants more money.  She is one of those nasty, greedy rich folks.  She IS wealthy - probably because she doesn't spend any money.  I can't imagine what kind of new people she will get to rent.  This really scares me - I DON'T LIKE CHANGE!

I got my Blazer back on Friday!  YAY!!!  While they were bleeding the brake line they fixed, another broke, and then another!  WOW did I get lucky.  They also fixed my 4-wheel drive, my driver's side window and the back window and hatch.  I feel like I have a new vehicle.  LOL
It all cost us less than one third of what we had saved back for vehicle repairs!!!

My frugal week:
  • Line dried laundry
  • Colored my hair with supplies I have on hand
  • Cut a bouquet of roses
  • Crushed up the remainder of a bag of stale tortilla chips and placed in a jar.  Will use as casserole toppings
  • Picked the last of the bell peppers, green tomatoes and one zucchini
  • Dried more mint
  • Made hankies out of an old t-shirt
  • I was gifted more canning jars!  I received 4 dozen pints, 2 dozen quarts, and 8 jelly jars.  ALL had rings with them.  Also got 5 boxes of lids and a turkey roaster.  WOOHOO!
  • I went through things in basement and got my gift tote all organized  - so I know what I already have for holiday gifts
  • I bought 5 - 1 lb. bags of 'crunchy' M & M's on clearance at Kroger for 1.59 bag.  They went in the gift tote!!  (Shoot I can't buy choc. chips that cheap)
  • I got 2 whole pork loins on clearance at Kroger as well.  I brought home and cut one into 14 thick chops and a bag of pieces for stir fry - and cut the other in half for 2 roasts.  Check out this savings! (Click on picture to enlarge)
  • Had enough points saved back to save .30/gallon on gasoline.  Paid 1.59/gallon!
  • Been working on organizing more daily use items in glass jars (in the kitchen)
  • Stayed home biggest part of the week
  • Made a library run - got an interesting cookbook to look at
Meals this week:
Homemade chicken gumbo (2X)
Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and side salad
Hamburger stew (2X)
Fried chicken and nice size salad (2X)
**We kept it simple this week

Snacks - a little of this and a little of that

HOW WAS YOUR WEEK?  Did you do anything interesting?  Did you find any great deals?
Give us a shout out - I know we all love reading about each other.

Take care of yourselves and your families.  May God bless you all with good health and safety this week.  Stay frugal my friends.


  1. We have a vacant house next to us. It bothers me to not knowing what they are going to do with it. I hope someone eventually buys it and lives in it! I love your idea of saving the tortilla chips -smart! You have definitely been busy!

    1. It sure is scary. The one on the other side is empty, but I think the guy that owns it is going to let his sister move in - which would be great. It's a really nice house and lot.
      The one that will be coming vacant - is a decent place, but not ell taken care of.

      Thanks I like to keep extra chips and crush for some saltiness on top of casseroles. Cereal and cookies for pudding and sweets.

      Have a great week

  2. It is always worrying wondering who is going to move in next door.
    Sounds like you had a very frugal week. We just recently moved to a very small town but it has a great downtown. We are really trying to do everything locally. This past week we walked many times to do our errands. We currently are painting the inside of our home ourselves and we were able to purchase the paint at a local store. A kind neighbour is dividing many of his perennials and is giving us many of them.
    Have a good week.

    1. Hi there Cat Lover! I would absolutely love to live in a small town, where you can really enjoy all the local businesses. I try to buy mom n pop stores as often as possible - but it is really hard to do in the big city.

      What a wonderful neighbor to share the flowers. Those are the best kinds! Most of mine came from my childhood home, which doesn't even exist any more.

      Enjoy your piece of the small town America. Have a great week.

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    What a wonderful blessing on the car repairs! I pray you get some good renters in next door. Every time the house next door to us has sold we have prayed about it and have had some amazing neighbors. :) YOu got a really good deal on those pork loins!

    1. Hello Debbie
      Yes, we were thrilled to get the pricing we did on repairs.
      Believe me I will be praying on the housing situation. In this day and age you just have no idea about people. That is such a sad statement, but true.

      Have a wonderful week.

  4. Those yellow sticker items sure are a great boon to us! Glad you got a good deal there!