Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fruga Happenings 10/30

Happy Sunday to everyone.
Here we are on the last weekend of the month, Halloween is tomorrow, and Thanksgiving will be here in a few short weeks.  EEKS - how did this happen so quickly?????

We are having beautiful weekend here in Indiana.  Last week we had some mornings that we needed to run the furnace a cycle or two.  This coming week, both heat and AC will get to be off.  YAY.  We are to have upper 60's and low 70's all week!  I am sure loving this.
It is giving everyone a little extra time to get all the fall yard work done - and who doesn't need extra time for that?

I have had a roller coaster of a week.  Many highs and lows and much laughter and tears.  I guess this is how it will be TILL it's not!  So I will graciously accept it a day at a time - as the "NOT"  will be too soon, no matter when it comes.  I hope you all appreciate your family and friends and give them a hug when you can.

I have the crockpot going this morning with Mexican taco chicken, laundry going, and getting ready to go out and do a little work in the flower beds before the sprinkles come in.

My biggest frugals this week were my Kroger savings.  I ran to the feed store and passed a Kroger I have never been in before - sooooooo I needed to check it out!
  • I got 8 cans of various veggies for .19 each   (scratch and dent)
  • 2 boxes of Oreo's for 2.50 each.  Each box had 10 packs of 13 cookies!  That's 260 Oreo's for $5.00.  I couldn't  hardly buy a package of cookies for that!
  • I got many  different packs of candy for .75, .49, and .25.
  • 2 non-stick cake pans for 1.75 ea.
  • L.E.D. light bulbs for $1 a package  (I have enough bulbs now to last for years)
  • No-cook pectin .25 can (freezer jam) - (good till 8/2018)
  • Liquid pectin - .10 box (2018)
  • 10 cans of refried beans for .25 ea.
  • Pita bread .25 a pack and several loaves of bread for .25 ea. (for drying for dressing or croutons)

Not a bad haul!!!

  • G has a little stool that he uses to roll around on in the house instead of using his big power chair.  The rollers were starting to go wonky - and he figured out a way to fix them very cheaply.  Beats spending $80 on another heavy duty stool!  He's so handy.
  • Had the furnace check done this week.  We are good to go for the winter.  It was paid for at the beginning of the year as our yearly check-ups, so no money spent this week.
Spent the remainder of the week doing all our normal stuff.

Meals this week:
Last of the leftover hamburger stew
Roast, veggies  (in crockpot)
Beef Manhatten's with leftover beef
Homemade pizza
Homemade beef/bean/rice burrito supremes  (yum)
Dirty rice with beef and salad
Burrito filling leftovers with cream cheese in pitas

How was your week?  Tell us about any bargains you got.  Making any gifts or crafts?  Give us some ideas!

May you each have a splendid week and be blessed in every way!
God bless


  1. ((((((HUGS)))) my friend. Praying for peace for you and for more precious moments with the ones you love.

    You did find some amazing deals! And good for G for figuring out how to fix that stool. Isn't it great to have a handy hubby?

    I have to ask...what are beef Manhattans? I have never heard of them before.

    Be blessed!

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and kinds words.

      A beef Manhatten is what my family has always called them (I do turkey too after T-day)
      You make a nice hot beef or turkey sandwich - cut in half - separate halves apart. Place mashed potatoes in between the 2 halves of sandwich and cover it all in gravy.
      YUMMO! it's always been a favorite of ours. It is a nice hearty and filling dinner.
      Have a great one my friend

  2. Oh we have had beef Manhattans before and your right they are yummy! You got some great deals at the new Kroger that's for sure! So sorry for the lows of your week be sure remember those highs. Your right life is so short. Have a blessed week.

    1. The highs are what keep us going! Life is precious and it does include good and bad, so we just adjust.
      Wishing you a great eek.

  3. Great finds! I haven't really gone shopping since August. I'm pretty stocked up on everything it seems, except fresh veggies.

    I hope you have a better week upcoming. Hugs my dear.

    1. Oh Laurie I wish I could say I haven't shopped since August. LOL I really didn't need to, I just go and look for clearance deals. I need to stop that!!!
      I could not shop except milk and eggs and be good for ages and ages.
      SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. I think you have already helped yourself by your next post, sending the extra you buy over to the food pantry! SMILES!

    3. Yes Ellen, that is why I buy so much on clearance. It's not just about us, but helping family, friends and strangers.
      That is what it's all about!

  4. Hugs from central PA too Cheryl! I think you have had a tremendous spirit in handling whatever comes your way, and I know you know that in the lows you can lean against God even while asking why me/us?!

    My daughter continues to bless all those around her with her cooking. This weekend she made stuffed cabbages and gave out three meals to my sister, to me, and to her mother in law. I have dinner made for tonight, trick or treat night is always a challenge to get home, get dinner, and then greet at the door.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Oh, if it weren't for God I wouldn't be here today. He has guided and helped me my entire life.
      I don't ask why me - but sometimes - why them. It's others that I worry about.

      YAY for your daughter. What a wonderful gift! Glad she is helping you out on this spook-tacular evening! LOL
      Have fun and have a good week.