Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November and More

WOW, here it is November.  We are definitely on the short end of the year.  A few short weeks till Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas.
It is supposed to hit 80* here today - unbelievable!
I will be hanging laundry out here shortly and I have flowers still going strong (and a little garden).

My clematis bloomed and died back after it's early summer flowering.  It has regenerated growth and it is BLOOMING again!  The plant is covered with big old fat buds as well!
I have never seen this happen this late in the year.  It is so pretty.

I know that many us open our hearts and pocketbooks to help others as much as possible throughout the year.  Many people seem to do more during the holidays and the winter.  I guess that is normal - as we all seem to see the need more then.

I save my change during the year and use it for special things. 
YES, it may be for extra Christmas money.
It may be for buying gift cards for people we know in need.
It may be for buying a couple gift cards (grocery) for ourselves to keep back in case times get tough.

MOSTLY, it is for purchasing items for the area food pantries and soup kitchen.
For buying inexpensive hats and gloves and throws and passing out to the homeless at the soup kitchen and area park.
For gift cards given to the food pantries - so they can buy specific items they need.
For buying gifts for the 'giving tree', so a child gets Christmas.

Our spare change can make a big difference in OUR lives and also in the lives of OTHERS!
Take some time this fall/winter and do something nice for someone less fortunate.

****Remember when donating to pantries that the basics can be the difference between existing and living.  Children's bellies may get full.
*Dry packaged goods (pasta, mac n cheese, dried beans, rice, etc..)
*Peanut butter and jelly
*Canned goods and sauces
*Canned fruit
*Fresh potatoes (find a great deal - buy them)  One year Aldi had 10 lb. bags for .99 and I bought a 150 lbs. and donated.  The pantry was so excited - as everyone would get a few fresh potatoes - and usually they get no fresh.
*Don't FORGET laundry soap, bath soap, dish soap,  hygiene products (Dollar Tree is a great place for these items)

I realize that many people reading this may be struggling financially.  If so, I hope someone donates, so that you can receive some help.  If you are doing OK - then do something nice for others.

Give with an open heart and love. 

It is only by the grace of God.............
Thanks everyone!


  1. Our flowers are still blooming here in Michigan too! It's amazing it was 70 here today. Wonderful post on helping others. Love it!

  2. so true about thinking of others' needs in addition to our own!

    1. I just can't imagine a child hungry. That's my motivation.
      Have a good day.

  3. Our clematis is also doing a second bloom. The impatience in the baskets is outstanding this year with the cooler weather now. Our oldest daughter and her husband live in Wisconsin and are coming down for Thanksgiving. I wish the flowers could stay until then . . . but what are the chances? Oh well, what will be will be.

    1. Kris considering that Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away - who knows? It could happen!
      Glad you get to be with family then.
      Have a good day.

  4. Cheryl, God bless you for this timely and wonderful post. With the increase in heating costs, along with the holidays, so many families are struggling just to make ends meet. I see it every month with the program that I volunteer with. My heart goes out to those who are struggling because we have been there in years past with very young children and me skipping meals to make sure that my husband and growing boys had enough to eat. I remember receiving a Christmas basket of food one year from the food bank and a wonderful friend blessed us with a basket full of fresh fruit and nuts for Christmas. I cried out of thankfulness because I knew I could make my family a nice meal and stretch it into many other meals.

    1. Debbie thank you for your kind words.

      I think most of us have been through some really rough times and know what it is like to go without. Now with me, there were no kids - so not as many worries.

      I remember when I was single (before G) my main meal was macaroni with catsup! I would go to my second job, and go by the cafeteria and drink water and eat packets of crackers.
      My mom would have helped in a heartbeat - but we all know what they say about pride going before the fall!!

      I did get great meals at her house on Sundays and she would send leftovers if there were any. Bless her heart, she had no idea.

      I remember Mom passing on eating meat or dessert, so there would be enough to go around when I was a kid.

      I just hate the idea of children being without at ANY time.
      Have a great one.