Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Jar Gifts and Other Fun Things

I promised some jar recipe gift ideas.  Jar gifts are so easy to make from supplies on hand.  Don't think you have to use canning jars - you can use whatever jars you have that "fit" the recipe.

I LOVE giving food items, and most of my gift recipients ask for them - my theory - we ALL HAVE TO EAT!  I love FREE groceries!!!  Any home canned good works in a goody basket or bag.
Salsa - spaghetti sauce - jelly/jams - applesauce - green beans - pickles - etc.................

There are a lot of fun ideas available to fill in with.  Here we go!

I mix salted peanuts, M & M candies, and raisins/craisins together in big pans.  I then fill jars or even baggies with the yumminess.
You can other things as well.  Frosted cereals, mini pretzels, banana chips, etc.
There is no set recipe for this - BUT it is always a winner.
**You can also buy HUGE bulk bags of Chex-Mix at Sam's or Costco and divide into smaller jars or bags.

2/3 C instant coffee granules
1 C hot chocolate mix (I buy big cans super cheap of Kroger brand - or make your own)
1 C powdered non-dairy creamer
1/2 C sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. nutmeg
Mix together thoroughly and put into a jar
Add instructions to jar :  Mix 3 Tbsp. to 6 oz. hot water
Maybe add a pretty coffee cup.

 2 C powdered sugar
1 tsp. ground ginger
1 tsp. allspice
2 tsp. cinnamon
Mix together and place in a zip lock bag
Attach together with a 15 oz. can of pumpkin and an 8 oz. cream cheese.
INSTRUCTIONS :  Mix room temp. cream cheese, powdered mix and pumpkin together.
Serve with gingersnaps or graham crackers.  (You could give the crackers/cookies as well)

This can be made for home use or divided up and presented as gifts.

10 C dry milk
1 3/4 C dry coffee creamer (could be flavored for a neat perk)
1 3/4 C cocoa
5 C powdered sugar (OR Stevia "for baking" in equivalent measure)

Combine and mix very well.  Store in a cool dry place.
INSTRUCTION:  Mix 1/3 C of mix with 3/4 C boiling water
Makes approx. 50 servings
**If dividing up into to smaller jars (maybe tie a small packet of mini marshmallows to the jars)
Gift with a pretty cup from thrift store or Dollar Tree

Here is a cute idea I made up today for a couple of newlyweds as a small token gift.

The oven mitt I have had in my 'gift box' for quite a while.  Added cookie mix and brownie mix ($1 ea.) and a spatula and whisk from the Dollar Tree.  I spent $4. 
This could be done even cheaper if you added a jar recipe of cookie mix or brownie mix you made yourself (or gotten for free with sales and coupons).

REMEMBER; Just about any recipe can be made into a jar recipe gift.  Layer your dry ingredients (to make it pretty) in appropriate size jar and add instructions of how to mix with their own wet ingredients and baking instructions.

I will post  soup "jar" recipes in the next post, and some other ideas you may like.