Sunday, November 27, 2016

Frugal Happenings 11/27

Good morning all.
I hope you all had a wonderful day of thanks this past week.  I hope you enjoyed family and friends and lots of yummy food.

We are still using leftovers - today what isn't used in soup, will go in the freezer at our house.  Desserts have already been frozen for a later date. 

I stayed home on Black Friday - there was absolutely nothing I needed bad enough to fight those crazy crowds.  I saw pictures on the news of people fighting from different areas around the country.  Really?  Acting like total idiots for stuff they really don't need  (and going in debt for) on the day after being thankful for what we have.  CRAZY!!!!

It's hard to believe that we are the last few days of November!  Hey folks - 4 weeks till Christmas!!!!
Don't hate me for continually reminding you!  I think I am reminding myself more than anything.  I need to get busy.  I am just not into yet this year.

My frugal week:
  • Stayed home for 7 days straight
  • Using leftovers and re-inventing them
  • I was gifted 2 Pennsylvania Dutch squash by my brother.  Together they weigh 15 lbs.!!

  • On Friday I made and canned 10 pints of Concord grape jelly from grapes I had frozen this summer (from the yard).  It helped clear the freezer a bit too!!!
  • 'Cooked' the turkey carcass and got 4 quarts of extra stock.  Froze into 'pucks' in my muffin tins. I then placed into freezer bags for use later.
  • Froze over half of the cheesecake for later.  We ate way too many sweets this week!
  • Made approx. 100 small squirrel cookies with items that I had saved back that were stale.  (Not wanting to waste or throw anything away).    Have plenty of supplies left to make more.  (old cake mix, stale cereal, some stale nuts - anything will do).  NOTE:  The squirrels love them and are starting to take from my hand!
  • Went to Kroger Saturday to buy milk and bread ONLY.  Did get a box of huge deli croissants (4) on clearance for 1.49.  Cooked up eggs and sausage at home and made my own croissant-"wiches".  G will enjoy them heated up this week.
  • I have been recording movies and programs we never get to see this weekend.  Noticed that we have a weekend of FREE premiere movie channels from U-Verse.  Taking advantage of that.
  • Brought in several of the free jars I received this summer and scrubbed them all.  Getting ready to make jar recipes tomorrow for my gift giving.
  • Did laundry in cold water and line dried in the basement. (Bonus - adds humidity to the house, keeping it warmer on cold days).
  • Stopped at the oldest 2nd hand bookstore in the city on Saturday.  I ended up with 6 different publications for $18.  I know it's more than many thrift stores - but I love helping out a small business, especially one in our community (just up the road).
I love anything Amish.  The Ball books (3) range in age from 1941 to 2006.  The Mayberry cookbook is a real hoot.  Lots of recipes and full of pictures and stories from the show.

I am going by my brothers' old home to pick up a family piece of furniture today.  It is a desk and chair that Mom worked a part time job for, as a gift for Dad's Christmas when I was about 3.  I have no idea where I will put it (for now in garage), but I don't want to see it get lost or sold. 

Meals this week:
Made a small pot of soup from frig. leftovers
Breaded fish, fries and slaw
Leftover fish and slaw
Grilled cheese and salad
T-Day meal
T-day meal of leftovers
Turkey Manhattens (YUM)  This must be a regional item, as I saw a diner up the road that was advertising them as their special yesterday!!!!!

How was your week?  Are you still eating leftovers?  Have you made any gifts for the Christmas holiday (or done any frugal shopping)?
Let us all know what you are up too.

COMING THIS WEEK:  Jar recipes for gifting - and more!

May the Lord be with you in this coming week and keep you in His safe and loving arms.  God bless you all.
I am so thankful for all my blog and FB friends!!!


  1. Your squirrel cookies had me confused as I first thought they must be a cookie shaped like a squirrel and why would you use stale ingredients, 😂 Then I kept reading and understood. I'm sure the squirrels must love you.

    We have been enjoying grocery store croissants. We like them toasted just a bit and then add eggs or breakfast meat or whatever. They really taste fancy.

    I sent most of the leftovers home with my parents and 2 bachelor brothers,

    Hope you have a really good week.

    1. Oh I will remember the next time I see croissants about egg salad! YUM. I have the egg/sausage ones wrapped and in the frig.

      Funny about the cookies. Yep my squirrels LOVE me! Just call me the crazy animal lady!! LOL

      Have a good one.

  2. Aren't freezers wonderful! I have a little saying for my husband that if he doesn't eat it at one meal he will find it used in his soup or another way! Nancy

    1. Yes Nancy that is how it is here. You just never know when it will show back up!!! LOL
      Have a great one.

  3. It sounds like you have had a very frugal week indeed! I'm glad you were able to get the desk and chair so it will remain in your family. I treasure links to my family's past too. I have that same Mayberry Cookbook and love it. It is fun!

    Be blessed!

    1. Yes my week was frugal indeed.
      I tend to be the keeper of family things and info.

      Glad you like the cookbook. Looks like some good recipes.
      Have a great day.

  4. I used the last of the turkey today and made turkey dumplings. They were delicious. I froze the dessert last week too! We will enjoy it later. You had a great week. You know I want to make squirrel cookies too-what a neat idea.

    1. Vickie I made soup with some of the turkey which we have had 2X now. Rest in freezer.

      No sense to throw old or stale goods out when our nature can enjoy them! I just love watching all my little critters.
      Have a nice day

  5. I think Cheryl that the squirrels are just NUTS about you! Love the Mayberry Cookbook and my old Ball Book is better than the new one. Just have to watch some of the recipes as things have changed to make them safer to eat. Really delighted for you about the desk and chair. We are almost at the end of our small turkey, it was just enough for us at 12 pounds. Sandwiches are my favorite leftover, with cranberry sauce inside.

    1. Too cute - yes I think they are NUTS about me!!!!!

      I like the old Ball books as well. I have one that was Mom's too.

      Glad you have enjoyed your turkey. I think cold turkey sandwiches are one of my favorites too.
      I am glad I put the rest of mine up though - starting to crave something different!

      Have a great day.

  6. I've got three of the books you got. You had me confused on the squirrel cookies also. I thought they were going to be cookies with a lot of nuts in them!! I'm actually ENJOYING the leftover turkey this year. I actually got two frozen turkey breasts to put in the freezer, cook up later and then have turkey "leftovers"! Who says you can only have turkey in November??

    1. I guess I confused a lot of people on the cookies!! LOL
      I like turkey too - but after a while I am done. I have leftovers and turkey and turkey breast in freezer too. I agree - no way it just for Thanksgiving. We have been know to have turkey for Easter.

      Have a great day.