Sunday, November 6, 2016

Frugal Happenings 11/06

Good morning everyone!
I hope this finds you well and I hope you had a good week.

Did those of you that need to - remember to change your clocks?  UGH - how I hate that.  I know there is a "good" reason for it - but it seems silly to me.  Most everyone in the  U.S. changes their clocks  and  are all still the same amount of time apart in different time zones.  Seems silly to me.  I wish we we'd leave the spring change alone - and let it be.
I just hate all the darkness we experience at early hours in the fall/winter.
OK - end rant!!!!!  LOL

Well, my long time next door neighbors are gone now.  I delivered their kitty to them this week to their new house. (I had a carrier - they didn't). 
A dear sweet older guy that lives behind us (other side of alley) moved this week as well!  I will miss him - he was such a sweet gentle man.  Taking care of a yard and the snow in winter, has gotten to be too much for him.
Have I ever mentioned - I HATE CHANGE!!!!

We have had traditional fall weather this week.  Nice, sunny days and chilly nights.  Leaves are changing and falling!

I have laundry going this morning.  Chicken legs are boiling in a pot of water.  YES all that talk about noodles this week, made me hungry for them!!!  LOL.  Will have yummy stock, and will pick chicken off the bones and make chicken and noodles this afternoon.  YUM!  Going out to mow the yard today.  Hmmmm - I wonder if it will be the last time this season?

My frugal week:
  • Picked a couple zucchini and some more green tomatoes (smaller) and more cherry toms
  • I got a FREE plastic table that the neighbors were trashing.  It will work well, to cover feed blocks for animals this winter (from the weather).
  • Got one rain barrel emptied and put away for the winter
  • Hoses all drained and put up
  • Did a TON of yard work this week  FREE exercise.  Still a lot to do before the snow flies.
  • Line dried laundry
  • No AC and heat only a couple cycles on a couple mornings
  • My HUGE FRUGAL - stayed out of grocery stores this week!!!  Using the pantry and freezers only
  • I did run by Ollie's after looking at their ad.  Decided to NOT buy anything I had seen in ad.  I did buy a 2.99 Gooseberry Patch cookbook of simple recipes for a male friend of ours who is learning to cook.  He will get it for Christmas!  (Book was regularly 15.99)  I love the book prices at Ollie's!!!!!!!!
  • Found some change laying in the parking lot.  Picked it up and in my change jar it went!
  • Been working on de-cluttering a lot.  Going through magazines and books.  Have MANY to donate
  • Finalized my ideas for "jar recipes" for gifts.  Will be starting those this week
  • Froze the last of the Mexican chicken to use at a later date
Dinners this week:
Mexican chicken over rice
Enchiladas (made with Mex. chicken)
Leftover enchiladas served over pasta cooked in salsa
Chicken strips, Au-gratin potatoes, sliced tomatoes
Pork chops, mixed greens, baked beans
Thick cut fried potatoes, burgers, baked beans
Homemade pork/veggie lo-mein

What has everyone been up to?  What did you do FRUGAL this week?
Check in and let us know how you are.

I pray you all have a safe, healthy, and frugal week.
God bless.


  1. You know I have jars...I need your recipes! I hate change too and it looks like some of our neighbors are changing too. The leaves are finally falling here looks like I need to get some free exercise here too! Have a great day!

    1. I'll have to do a post with ideas for Christmas gift jars!

      The leaves are sure pretty - but they do create a lot of work after falling.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. I don't like time change either, not one bit!

    1. Rhonda - I don't think I have met a person who does! I wish they would just leave things alone.
      it was pitch dark at 6:15 last evening! UGH
      Have a good week

  3. We had our first frost strong enough to end the garden for this year. I dug up 40# of sweet potatoes yesterday. Will leave the regular potatoes alone for a little bit yet. Started to dehydrate the parsley, now that the Swallowtail caterpillars are done with it. Need to check the rest of the herbs and pick what ever peppers and tomatoes I can salvage. I've started making my own brown sugar now in smaller batches so it doesn't get hard like the store stuff. Sure smells better! Need to start planning the holiday cookie baking. We've learned of 1 death a week for the past three weeks - hope that's it for awhile now. Hope you have a happy and productive week.

    1. Kris, my goodness it sounds as if you are busy. That's a lot of sweet potatoes. Are you canning?

      Love that you are making your own brown sugar. I bet it tastes great too.

      I agree it is time to get the lists ready for holiday baking. I should have everything needed on hand.

      So sorry for your losses. May 3 be it for ages.
      God bless.

  4. count me in as someone who also doesn't like the time change, but it is nicer that I wake up to daylight, but that's only for a few more weeks! One thing nice, after December 21 the days get longer.

    The Good Man put up a quart jar of smoked dried jalapenos, smoked dried habaneros, dried jalapeno, and dried cayenne. Can't remember if I posted this, also twelve jars of hot mustard.

    I put up nine bags of hubbard squash, creamed another for dinner last night with some sauteed onions, delicious vegetable. Two more squash to is almost 20 lbs, a party squash I believe, right? :-)

    1. Ellen, you are right, it won't be too long and the days will get a bit longer! YAY

      WOW on all the hot peppers. That's great. Yum on the mustard.
      You are doing great using so many fall veggies. Party at your house!!!! Give us a date! LOL
      have a great one.

  5. Cheryl,
    Sorry about all the people moving. I pray God would have his hand on your neighborhood and bring wonderful new friends. In Jesus name. What a good idea about the jars.
    I can't wait for that post.

    1. Patti - Oh thank you so much for the prayers. I pray God will place good neighbors our way as well.

      I will try to get that post in this week.
      Have a blessed week.