Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Turkey Day Leftovers

Thanksgiving evening, most of us curl up to watch a movie and "roll" into bed!  Generally we are all so full that we can't imagine eating for days.
BUT there are always leftovers, and heaven knows we WILL be eating again tomorrow!!!!

My all time favorite thing on Friday is a cold turkey sandwich with salt and mustard!  I look forward to that every year!!!!!!

Many people just get tired of all the leftovers because they only eat them in their original form.  We do once or twice - THEN it comes time to get creative!

I love fixing a ham and potato and cheese casserole - baked.
Ham and cheese grilled sandwiches.
Ham and soup beans or split pea soup with ham added
Green beans, potatoes, and ham
Julienned ham on a large chef salad
Ham and eggs
Fried rice with ham
Potato soup with ham added
The list goes on and on...............................

Turkey/noodle or turkey/rice soup
Casserole (I layer dressing, mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy - top with cheese and bake till heated). Kind of like Shepherd's pie.
GO MEXICAN with tacos, burritos, enchiladas
Turkey chili
Add to a chef salad
INDIAN - spice it up and make a tomato/curry type soup with turkey
Grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches
Another FAVORITE at our house is turkey Manhattens (like the beef ones we have)  Turkey sandwich split - mashed potatoes in the middles all topped with gravy.
Turkey and noodles or dumplings
Use in ANY way you would chicken

Whether mashed or mashed sweet potatoes - they can be turned into potato cakes and fried
Add to soup as a thickener
Freeze in individual muffin tins for a later date
Make potato candy

Add to any type of soup or stir fry or fried rice or homemade lo-mein

Not a favorite here - but I do like them with added oranges, mandarins or pineapple
Great mixed with apple sauce - (Mmmmm over yogurt or cottage cheese)
Mix sauce with apples and make an additional pie
Serve over hot oatmeal
Add to Jello

Spoon portions into a muffin pan and bake till crispy on the outside.  These are good frozen for later too. (great for quick lunch or snacks)
I love to add to a waffle iron - heat till browned on outside - add a fried egg and make very hearty breakfast sandwiches

Cheesecake - is wonderful frozen.  I always have some in the freezer during the holidays - for a special frozen YUM when we get a craving.
Most pies and cakes can be frozen as well.  Same with cookies and brownies.
You could always send those desserts home with others...........NAH!

OK, this is all off the top of my head.  WHAT IDEAS DO YOU HAVE FOR LEFTOVERS?  We all need to know!!!!!!!
I know we will end up putting some meat in the freezer, as well as the ham bone, and I will make stock with the turkey carcass.  Thanksgiving food is the food that just keeps on giving!

I love this time of year and the special foods that we tend to eat only around the holidays.  I absolutely LOVE to re-invent things too.

I hope this gives you some ideas of new things to try.  Share any ideas you have for turkey day food reincarnations!


  1. All of those listed I love, and right now all I can think of is a cold turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo...and I will have to try the mustard and salt version you do, Cheryl!

    Now here is something, Penn State has a Meats Lab and I just got an email that they have fresh turkeys, some are as large as 30 pounds! That's as big as some people's dogs!

    1. Isn't it funny when you get that one thing that is so simple that just makes the day!
      I am not a huge mayo person - and well, salt goes on everything I eat!

      That's some big turkey!! Uh, my first thought is how much experimenting or genetic alterations might have been done - with it being a lab.
      Let us know if you get one!

  2. Well I love the thoughts of using the rest of the mashed potatoes for potato candy! Then I can't wait to try the stuffing in the waffle iron. Great ideas! I love to put turkey in place of anything I would use chicken. Chicken (turkey) Noodle Soup is great so is a Turkey pot pie. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    1. Vickie potato candy is a very old time thing. We all know that back in the day, our ancestors wasted nothing! Must be where we all get it!!!

      Oh, I forgot about pot pie. Yummy.
      Have a great day.