Sunday, January 8, 2017

Frugal Happenings 1/8

Happy Sunday morning my friends.  I hope you are all healthy and staying warm and safe.
There has been a lot of very nasty winter weather going on it different parts of the country this week.  There have been places that rarely see snow getting lots of it!

We started the week quite warm for January, then the temps went frigid.  We only got a couple inches of snow earlier on the week - but the air was feeling quite brutal.  We are currently up to 4* and will see the 20's today (that will be a first for a few days).  It is supposed to get back into the 40's and 50's this coming week.  We have had a relatively mild winter, and we are just getting closer to spring daily!  I  am not complaining at all!

How has your first week of January gone?  Are you starting the year by staying frugal?
Here's a look at my week:
  • Changed the furnace filter on the 1st with one I had here
  • Marked up and put up my new calendar that I got for a $1. (My free calendars are no more - the place I got them is now gone).
  • Started a new notebook/journal for 2017.  It was one I had on hand.
  • G found a bunch of holiday movies on You Tube that we did not see on TV this year - so we watched those at the first of the week.
  • G also found a series that he is now enjoying on Netflix - finally using it more.  I found several documentaries that I have been watching and saving for future watching.
  • I dehydrated 2 bunches of celery that needed to be used
2 big bunches of celery dried equals one half of a jelly jar when done!  LOL  Amazing!!

  • No groceries bought at all.  No money spent.
  • I ran to WM to pick up a new script for G on Jan.7 ($0 co-pay).  This was the first time I left the property since 12/29.  STAYING HOME SAVES MONEY!!!!!
  • Replenished pantry from items stored in basement
  • Been drinking lots of water and using the Soda Stream to make carbonated water for fruit juice drinks
  • Put away (in the freezer) LOTS of chocolate that we received for future enjoyment
  • Gave myself a great spa night at home.  Had a lovely soak (used Epsom salts in water), gave myself a much needed foot treatment/pedi and a homemade facial.  So relaxing.
  • Used some potatoes that were getting older to make potato soup
  • Used all leftovers in new ways
  • Made leftover black eyed peas into my own version of Hoppin' John (it was great).  Added cooked ground sausage, hot peppers, onion and salsa.
  • Actually did some reading this week!
  • Moved snow off drive once this week for a bit of cadio exercise
Meals this week:
Corned beef, cabbage, black eyed peas on NY day
Rueban sandwiches with leftover corned beef and homemade sauerkraut (these were awesome)
Hoppin' John served over rice (balance of mix went in freezer to add to soup later on)
Double stuff tacos (2X)
Potato soup (2X)

My double stuffed tacos.  Soft shell - melted cheese - hard shell and taco stuffing.  They were so filling and YUM!

Well, that has been my uneventful week!  It is pretty quiet around here.  I have also been enjoying feeding and watching the birds and squirrels in the back yard.  My outdoor kitties come out and sun in the afternoons - but stay in the greenhouse (on their warming bed) a lot in this kind of weather.
The indoor kitties are just being cute lounging around the house.  Pooty loves laying by the floor register - I guess ALL us older gals like to stay warm!

Please check in and let us know how your year is starting out.  Stay healthy and frugal my friends.
God bless each of you.


  1. Potato soup is so good for this kind of weather. Keeps you warm! I'm glad you found some time to read too1

    1. Vickie, potato soup has always been one of hubs favorites. It was very comforting on a cold winter night!

      I love getting time to read!
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hi Cheryl, It is hard for me to be frugal right now with moving and being overwhelmed but you sure do well at it. Tell me about Soda Stream. Is it a machine and would Bed, Bath and Beyond have it? What all does it do? Nancy

    1. Nancy yes you can buy Soda Stream and supplies at BB&B. I purchased mine at a yard sale (used once) for $15. That was a steal. They are normally around $80. They have a bottle, called a carbonator that fizzes your water - then you add flavor.
      I like it to make fruit sparkling water. Haven't made actual soda with it.
      BB&B have replacement canisters - when you need to replace you take old one back and get some credit on new.

      You should be getting back to normal soon. Good luck.
      have a good week.

  3. thank you for the soup idea Cheryl, I was just saying to TGMan that I have to work late and then our idea for tacos for dinner went kaput as no shells of any kind, and not making them, I think some fish chowder with canned seafood, potatoes, celery, onions, and maybe even some red peppers cut up might be just the ticket with some of those round oyster crackers I picked up this weekend.

    1. YUM your soup sounds like it would be great! You are so welcome for the idea of sorts!
      I LOVE those little oyster crackers! They make great snacks too with melted butter and parm then toasted in oven!
      great to hear from you.
      Have a great week

  4. Oh I love those double tacos! They remind me of the Taco Bravo from a little taco place that I used to go to when I was in college. They were .99 and since the dorm did not serve dinner on Sundays, that is what I had for dinner most Sunday nights for my entire Freshman year until I moved off campus. :)

    1. Debbie that sounds like a really good memory! They were so good and filling!
      Have a good one!