Sunday, January 1, 2017

Frugal happenings - last week of 2016

Good morning and Happy New Year.
WOW, here we are in 2017 - it sure seems that 2016 just flew by.

We had our last Christmas celebration on Monday, Dec. 26.  It was fun and we made good memories.  I made all of our food from things we hade on hand for the festivities (even the ice).  We had BBQ mini wienies, BBQ meatballs, meat and cheese platter, chili cheese dip, chips and cracker assortment, dip, cookies and goodies.  All finger foods.

We spent much of the week eating some sort of leftovers or remaking them into something new.

Our weather has been pretty decent.  We are starting the year warm - 40's today and 50's for a couple days, before getting back to winter weather.  The days are getting longer again - YIPEE!

My frugal week:
  • Using all our leftovers
  • Got all the Christmas stuff put away and the house back to normal before the end of year.
  • All laundry done to end the year right!
  • Saved all the pretty bags, boxes, bows, tissue paper and card fronts for next year
  • Got my basement back in order and all cleaned up
  • Cleaned and organized the pantry - WOW had it become a mess
  • Froze a lot of the sweets we received
  • Made a new bottle of foaming hand soap
  • Made fruit salad from fruit we received as a gift
  • Still using garden tomatoes!!!!  I have 2 left!  I have never had them this long before
  • I did go to Kroger to get corned beef brisket for our NY's dinner.  They were on a great sale of 2.99/lb.  I got 3 - $7.83, $6.52, and $9.06.  These will last till after next NY day!!!!!
  • I also found 5  - 1 lb. rolls of Jimmy Dean sausage on clearance for 1.79/lb.
  • I used my $25 GC at Kroger, so very little money out of pocket
  • Got several nice containers (as gifts) that I can use for storage
  • Made a frittata from the leftovers of meat and cheese (along with eggs)
  • Did NO after Christmas shopping!!!!!  That is a huge savings.  Nothing I 'couldn't live without'.
  • Did my Kroger points for gas credit
Here's the frittata.  It was yummy.  Made a nice dinner for us, and a couple breakfasts for G

Some of the containers I got that can be used for pretty storage.  I got a couple smaller ones too.

Meals last week:
Christmas Day - Small pork roast with veggies
Leftovers of meat/cheese, crackers and BBQ meats
Leftover pizza baked spaghetti
Fried hominy with onion and leftover pork - smashed potatoes (leftover)
Frittata and fruit salad
Taco salad and fruit salad
Shrimp and sauce - leftover meat/cheese and crackers (We always have shrimp on NY Eve)

Today we will be having corned beef and cabbage and black eyed peas - it is a good luck dinner to start the new year.  I have had this dinner every NY all my life.  I guess it has been lucky - I am here and still kicking!!!!!   I think it is a regional thing - they sure did have all items in one display at the grocery.

How was your last week of the year?  Did you get any great deals or did you stay home?
I look so forward to the coming year and sharing ideas and learning.

Happy New Year and God bless us all in this coming year!


  1. Happy New Year Cheryl! You are way ahead of me on getting things put away after Christmas. I need to get the gifts all sorted and the goodies put away for future yummy eating.

    Be blessed!

    1. Debbie I just wanted the house back to 'normal'. I love Christmas, but I am always glad to resume the quiet as well.
      Have a great day.

  2. Happy New Year, Cheryl

    We still have our tree up but I have taken the other things upstairs to be packed away. We will leave the tree up a bit longer - we usually don't take it down for another week or so.
    I did get some half priced tissue paper this year at the after Christmas sales but nothing else was needed.
    Hope we all have a healthy and frugal New Year!


    1. Hi there. Glad you enjoy leaving the tree up for a while. Many do.
      Tissue paper can be used all year long - so good deal for half off!

      Yes Mam, I hope we all have a healthy frugal year as well.
      Come again. Have a great day!