Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Health and Beauty Frugality

We all talk at the beginning of the year (every year) about how we need to get healthier, exercise and eat better.  WE ALL KNOW WE NEED TO DO THESE THINGS!
We eat pretty healthy for the most part (except at the holidays), and considering G's physical ailment, we are both pretty darn healthy. 
I DO NOT like to exercise at all!!!!!!!  I consider doing housework a form of exercise - I do go up and down the basement stairs a lot.  I love working in the garden and yard when the weather permits.  That is great exercise - lot's of bending, lifting, digging, tugging, pulling, squatting, etc.
I spend at least an hour every day in the fresh air - regardless of how hot or cold it is.  Then there is snow shoveling!
I drink lots of water and watered down fruit juices (they have lot's of calories too).

There are lot's of ways to get into shape without paying the expense of gym.
WORK OUT AT HOME!  You can do all the things I mentioned above, or you can increase your exercise with things that you have around the house.

*If you have any stairs at all - you have the same thing as a stair master.  You just use two or three of the stairs and briskly go up and back down (backwards) in many repetitions.  Great cardio and works on your legs.
*Use canned food for weights if you have no weights.  Start with 15 oz. can and do lifts and such, and then gradually work your way up to larger juice cans.
*Get a big heavy plastic kids ball - there are so many exercises you can do with it.  Leg lifts, arm exercises, belly exercises, etc.
*A heavy kitchen chair works well for working on squats, and doing half push-ups.
*Use the handle of the broom when doing toe touches.  Hold the broom in both hands - bend to touch broom handle to floor - rise.  Repeat.

There is no limit to the number of exercise you can do at home with what you have.  NO need what so ever to spend the money on a gym. 

*Do all your manicures and pedicures at home yourself.
*Take care of your own eyebrows
*Do you own facials.  There are all kinds of "recipes" on the computer to make homemade facial scrubs.  My favorite is a little brown sugar and honey mixed together.  I scrub my face with it - let it sit for 5 minutes - and wash off with warm water.  I do this 2X a month.  It makes your skin feel so soft. 
*I use coconut oil as skin lotion. (We also use it to cook with and in baking recipes) 
*Aloe Vera gel (99% pure) is wonderful.  It is wonderful for any skins abrasions.
*Tooth whitening - mix into a paste peroxide and baking and brush.  I use this once a week.  Use salt water as a mouth rinse - it's very healing.
*Shampoo - should always be watered down.  Hair experts will tell you that there is no way that we need so much chemical on our hair.
*Rain water or vinegar is great for conditioner.  It's natural and makes your hair soft. 
Mayonnaise is a great conditioner too.  Put a little on wet hair, wrap in plastic, and let it set for several minutes - rinse out well.
*Highlight your hair with lemon juice and sun
*Soften feet by soaking in a nice warm foot bath with Listerine added.  It totally "melts" the hard callus skin.  Soak, use a pumice stone lightly, and dry dead skin is gone.
*Lip gloss - first you can use just plain old coconut oil.  You can also melt a little oil and add the 'crumbs' from deep down in a lipstick tube - stir - and you have colored lip gloss.  I have made my own for years.

When your lipstick gets so low in a tube that you can't use it - use a lipstick brush or Q-tip to get all the color, before throwing it away.

Compacts or blush get low, and there is just a ring of powder or blush around the edges.  I have 2 separate small containers that I use to scrape all the powder (or blush) into.  Use it as loose powder.  There is no sense in wasting the product that you pay so much for.

WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR FRUGAL TIPS for your health and beauty regime?
We are all always wanting to learn new things that we can do with the items we have at home.



  1. I came to visit your blog from Vickie's... that's a good tip about the lipstick, though on the farm it's more likely chapstick for me.

    I hope you will help spread the word about Kaydance, who was kidnapped May 8, 2016 It would only take a moment to share the story of her kidnapping on social media, such as facebook, but that minute could mean the rest of a lifetime for Kaydance & her family. Please, won't you help?

    1. Mrs. Shoes - more often than not I am a chapstick person too.
      Have fun on the farm!
      Have a great day.

  2. I was able to get a gross (okay a hundred) of those emery boards on Amazon prime for a pence, very helpful as my nails are constantly in arrears. Good motivation for keeping a manicure.

    I shop online to save money in gas and it keeps me out of stores, I usually only buy what I need and use.

    1. Ellen, the last time I bought emery boards I got a deal some where. I am still using them several years later.

      I have never been an on-line shopper, but it is something to consider. Books are the only thing I have bought on line.
      Good job for you!
      Have a good day

  3. WOW, you briskly go up and back down (backwards)?
    My internet friend John introduced walk down backwards to me more than a decade ago. I have never met anyone in person though.

    1. DDD - I have done that for a long time also. I don't do many steps backwards - but IT IS a different experience for the muscles.

      Thanks for stopping by.
      Have a great day

  4. I love your homemade lip glass recipe. I'm going to remember that. I don't wear lip stick but my daughters do. Lots of great tips!

  5. Thanks Vickie. it makes a nice gloss with just a tad bit of color.