Thursday, February 2, 2017

Decorating on a Dime

Does anyone else remember the HGTV show Decorating Cents with Joan Steffend?  I absolutely LOVED that show.  I got so many ideas from her.  I found out today that you can actually watch ALL those old shows on-line!!!!!  I may have to go back and watch again, as it has been years.

I also love all the ideas I get watching the tiny house shows.  They have so many creative storage and decorating ideas.

I can't imagine hiring a designer to decorate my house.  First, it  is their ideas - not yours.  Second, it costs a fortune.  Third, what fun would it be?
There are so many ways to change out your décor for little or no money.  I know in the spring, lot's of us get antsy and want to change things up a bit.
Here are a few inexpensive ideas.

  • Paint - just painting a room can change the whole feeling of the atmosphere
  • Sheets - can be turned into curtains, pillows, valances, and furniture coverings.  Think outside the box
  • Quilts - repurpose into throws, window coverings, pillows, etc.  (I would use quilts that have worn spots)
  • Towels, cotton hankies - great for cute valances
  • Make your own art work.  Use and frame things kids have made.  Use old vintage jewelry in new ways.  Frame newspapers from special occasions.  Frame the fronts of pretty holiday cards for holiday décor.
  • Sweaters/shirts - they make cute pillows.  Can be yours or bought for pennies at thrift stores
  • Frames - love the look of frames in frames.  They can be painted the same color - or use a variety.
  • Flowers and leaves can be turned into art
  • Baskets, crates, ladders, benches, etc. can be turned into neat décor ideas and great storage.
  • Vintage linens are wonderful repurposed
  • Family pictures - an inexpensive way to decorate (color, black & white, sepia)
  • Antiques - items from family.  Having your heirlooms out to see is great
Family pics old and new in our hallway

More old family pics, old books, and family heirlooms

As spring comes in, think about changing things up in your home.  Use what you have, and also check out yard sales and thrift stores.  There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest.
Doing a bit of re-decorating is a good way to work on de-cluttering as well!  Get rid of what you don't LOVE any more!

You guys might want to check out reader, Nancy's new home, on her blog Cozy Thyme Cottage.  There is a link on the right of my page.  She has some really cute ideas she has implemented in her new home, using vintage items she had.
Her blog posts of January 22 and 29 show some of her decorating.

What neat things have you repurposed for your decorating?  Any neat ideas we should try?
REDUCE, RE-USE AND RECYCLE are great words and ideas for decorating as well.


  1. I do remember Decorating Cents. It was so good. We don't have cable now but when I've had the opportunity to watch current HGTV shows, they are nothing like Joan's show. They are all about buying lots of new stuff.

    I will check out the blog you suggested.

    1. Rhonda you don't need cable. You can find those shows on the computer. Just type in the name. There are all kinds of neat shows from yesteryear!

      I have been enjoying You Tubs - lots of those old shows are there too.

      I like the ones like Rehab Addict. She likes to re-use stuff and keep the charm. It drives me crazy when I see them tear out a kitchen or bath and throw everything in the dumpster!!!!! Someone would be thrilled with that stuff.

      Have a great day.

  2. Thank you Cheryl for mentioning my blog. I have been thinking about you as wanted to share a tip or maybe you already know this one. I am the only one to eat yogurt here. I love the smaller flavored but the big unflavored one is healthier and costs less in the long run. I have found that you turn it upside down in a bowl in the refrigerator it lasts longer. Nancy

    1. Nancy, you are very welcome. I think you are doing such a lovely job decorating your new home.
      I look forward to seeing more pictures.

      You can also do that with cottage cheese to keep it longer. Thank you for the tip!
      Have a great weekend.

  3. I use baskets to corral things. I currently am using a huge basket as a laundry basket. :)

    1. I love baskets - so many uses! I try to up-cycle every one I get.