Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Salvage - Scratch & Dent

I keep hearing about folks who shop at salvage stores or scratch and dent shops for groceries.  I have always wished that we had a spot close by that provided that service.
The only time I have ever found seconds on groceries was at the little Amish store that I used to drive to in southern Indiana.  They had a scratch and dent section.

I realize that Odd/Big Lots and Ollies sell groceries - but often their prices are higher than the deals I get at grocery stores.
Between my closeouts and clearance at Kroger, Aldi, and Dollar Tree - well it's hard to find much better deals.

I got to checking on-line last week to see if there was anything in our area.  Well lo and behold I found a place that is just 10 minutes North of us.
I ran up there Saturday.  Now many of the items were very outdated - but others were fine.  They had a little of everything.  I will definitely go back and look again.

I asked the girl how long they had been there..........wait for it...........since 1939!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT????? 
I have lived in this city my entire life and had never heard of it.  They have been in the same place and selling the same type stuff since then!  Now for the big clincher - they are going out of business as of July!  Such is my luck!
She did tell me about another place not much further up the road, that I still have to check out.

There are several other stores in other parts of our state, but not much around here.  I would think that this would be a good business venture.  There are so many parts of all major cities that are 'food deserts' - meaning there are no groceries close by.  Many people only have convenience stores to shop at and those sell lots of junk food and for a high dollar price.
Salvage stores would at least put 'decent' food options in front of people for a nice low price.  That just seems like a win-win to me.

If you are interested in finding a shop in your locale - try checking into the attached web site.  It is alphabetical order by state.


I hope I did this right - so you can all access it.
It seems that many of the areas that have a high Amish population seem to have this type of venture.  Seems they know LOTS of things that we should all know and practice!!!!!

Do you have any salvage stores in your area that you go to?  Do you get good deals?


  1. They are fun to go to Cheryl. We have one that's 15 miles away. we don't get there as much as I would like. They have great deals there. I'm still a little leery though on the very old outdated stuff but there are some great deals to be had!

    1. I am so glad that you have one close by. I loved looking around.
      I am a little leery of the VERY old stuff too. It is all an individuals choice.
      Have a good day.

  2. Always love the salvage stores, I don't get there as often as I'd like though. I did check for state of Oregon and it only listed one Amish store and that's south of us about 90 minutes. Someday I'm going to get there. We have Big Lots here and of course Grocery Outlet stores, but they seem to be getting higher in their prices.

    1. LaurieS I thought I saw a couple stores in your city. Of course, they may have been ones you already know about. Not nec. Amish - but salvage.

      I noticed that on some of the items at the one I checked out - the price on some things higher than I would pay normally.

      I sure wish we had more around here.
      Have a good day!

  3. HI Cheryl, we do not have any local salvage stores but I think there may be some up in the Spokane area. I just recently learned that there is a Goodwill Outlet store up there that sells things by the pound. How on earth have I missed out on that for all these years?

  4. Debbie sorry you don't have any. You did check the list - correct?
    We don't have any GW outlets around here that I am aware of - however I have heard of them. I guess those are the ones that you weigh the merchandise? We have regular GW stores.

    Have a good day!

  5. Yes, the Sharp Shopper in PA is fabulous! Wish there was a list for other stuff, at a real discount, like Uncle Joe's Woodshed,,,often the Big Lots etc stores aren't a real discount - best to just wait for a sale at a usual store sometimes, but deals can be found!