Wednesday, February 15, 2017

NO Money to Prep?

We all like to have a safety net in case the worse case scenario happens.  It can be anything.  Heaven forbid, but it could be a horrible family illness, sudden loss of a job, , unexpected weather events,  economic downturn, you name it.
There are many things that can rock our world.

If you have been fortunate, you have managed to save a little money for the future and you have managed to prep ahead with your food and household items.  If worse came to worse - you could survive, at least for a while.

Many haven't found themselves in that situation, and have no idea how they can prep, as they have NO extra funds.
Is there any way to put back $10 a month?  That would help.  How you ask?

If you eat out, go to a movie now and then, buy new clothes, etc. - STOP!
Lower your thermostat.
Turn off everything that is electric and not being used.
Line dry your laundry and do not use the dryer.
Work and hour over time if possible.
Re-evaluate your phone bill or other utilities.
Sell something.
Offer a service to someone for money - mow, yard work, baking, sewing, house cleaning.........
Save ALL change.

There are a lot of ways to add $10 a month to your income.  Start with $10 a month - then try to come up with $10 a week.  Work at this slowly - it can be done.

I know $10 a month doesn't sound like a lot - but it sure will help with prepping.
FIRST and FOREMOST when you are just starting out - DON'T worry about nutrition!!!!
I know that sounds odd - but think about it.  If SHTF and you are hungry - is food!
Once you have basics put back - then you can start adding more nutritious foods.

Start out buying at the dollar stores.
Buy dried beans and legumes.  Buy rice and or pasta.  These will keep you full.
Consider buying  bags of flour, sugar, a pound of salt, dry milk, oats, and perhaps large cans of tomato products.
Consider growing a garden in the warmer months. (At least something).  You could possibly sell garden surplus to others - you could can or freeze or dehydrate food for later.

Put the items you purchase with these funds back - place them in another place other than your normal pantry (maybe a tote).  These are your emergency supplies!  Now you will want to rotate them out once in a while - but try to replace and keep them for emergencies.  NOTE- try to freeze your flour and dry goods like rice or pasta for a few days.  That will kill any insect eggs (yes our food contains them).

So the moral of the story is to NEVER SAY CAN'T!!!!
You CAN prep - you CAN save - just start out small.  Take baby steps.  It will come together.
No matter your income level, you can prepare for more uncertain times.  You will be able to provide for yourself and your family.
Will you be living the high life?  Probably not - but you sure as heck won't go hungry!

Hard work and persistence will get you there.


  1. Very good points, Cheryl 👍🏻 Start somewhere!
    We keep Ramen type noodles packs for emergencies. They are cheap, taste good and in a pinch, they are easy to prepare and everyone would eat them.

    1. Rhonda - Oooohhhh I forgot about those. We have several boxes of them back in our emergency prep storage. I know they aren't great for you - but they do taste good!

      You can often buy them for .10/pkg.
      Great tip!!!! Thanks

  2. Love these tips! Most people just can't see how they can get ahead. By doing these things you can buy a little each week and get their pantry well stocked.

    1. Thanks Vickie. As the old story goes - slow and steady wins the race!
      Tiny investments could save a family.

  3. A lot of people don't want to give up the little things to get ahead! Nancy

    1. Nancy you are so right - but there are many who really do have low incomes and just need to be reminded that there is a way.
      Have a good day.

    2. Do you read Strangers and Pilgrims blog? So many good ideas today!! Nancy

    3. No I never have. Thank you - I will check it out.

  4. I agree Cheryl!! We are so poor we don't even register on the scale but I don't have a lot of luxuries so my kids will always eat. We are able to have a Pantry because of this priority.

    1. Hi Jaime - so glad to see you come by.
      I have been that way before, and that is what got me into stockpiling any little thing I could.
      I never wanted to be hungry again.

      I think we just have to have a "depression type" mentality. The older generations went through this as life in general - so I think we all need to learn - as we just never know what life holds out for us.

      Thanks for checking in - hope to see you often!
      Have a great day.

  5. Great post! You made me think of what I could buy with the money saved from NOT having stopped to get an iced tea at McDonalds yesterday on my way home. ;)

    1. There ya go! That is what I was aiming for. If folks just stopped and thought for a moment - they would see there are options for extra money!
      have a great one.