Sunday, November 19, 2017

Frugal Happenings 11/19

Good morning everyone!
Are you all ready for the events of the coming week?  Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?  Just a few more weeks and Christmas and the year will be over.  WOW

We have had an eventful weather week for sure.  We had ONE really nice sunny day (busy day for me), but mostly it was gloomy and gray.  Yesterday was an epic weather day - basically 3 seasons in one day!  It started out in the mid 60's and rainy.  We had 20-30 mph winds and gusts of 40-50 mph.  Torrential rain at times and the temps started dropping.  My late evening it was in the low 30's.  Crazy!  There were libs down all over the yard, and pretty much the rest of the leaves are now off the trees.

My frugal week:
  • I colored my hair with supplies on hand (it was much needed - it had been 2 1/2 months!)
  • I did laundry in cold water and 'line' dried most of the items in the basement
  • I did get to do a bit of 'teenage' shopping this week - what a challenge that is!
  • On the one great day we had - I got to mow and mulch and rake leaves.  ALL leaves and mulch went out on the garden. However, now you can't tell I raked - I need to do it all again.
  • Emptied the rain barrels and got them put away for the winter.  I did save many gallons of rain water for house plants and hair care.
  • I received 2 more coupons for FREE items at Bath & Body Works.  I LOVE my postman - he leaves me coupons that would go to the empty houses!
  • I received a coupon for $5/$25 at Sav-A-Lot.  Good till the end of the month.
  • Turkey is out for thawing
  • Pulled together all my pantry items for Thanksgiving day and they are all out an waiting to be used.
  • Totally cleaned out and condensed items in frig.
  • G had his home doctor visit - good for another 3 months!
  • Been cleaning and de-cluttering
  • Made pudding with some milk that is in need of being used
  • Have FREE Cinemax and HBO this weekend, so we have been DVRing many movies for later viewing.
Meals this week:
Ground pork burgers and spicy mac n cheese
Taco soup
Reversed Shepherd Pie (mashed on bottom)
Homemade pizza
Tuna noodle casserole and salad
Pork chops and dirty rice
Chinese (not frugal - but have enough for dinner tonight as well)

I am ready for all the Thanksgiving festivities.  I have everything I need - most just came from the pantry.  I am not sure how many we will have for dinner - but a couple either way won't matter a bit.  There will be plenty of food to go around.  I do know we have a couple friends coming that day.  They really have no family to speak of, so that is what we are!  Family isn't always blood.

I do believe that I may go to Kroger this week and get another turkey for the future.  They now have them advertised in our paper for .38/lb. with $20 purchase (that isn't hard to do).  I may get supplies with that $20 for one of the friends that is coming.  She is in a real tight spot - so anything I get her would be appreciated.  I think I'll get a lot of basics - she is alone, so doesn't do a lot of cooking.

I sincerely doubt that I will go shopping on Black Friday - too many people.  (I will probably do yard work).  I may do some on-line shopping, and I will be scouring the adds that came in todays paper.  For those outside the U.S., Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is considered one of the biggest and best (price wise) shopping days of the year.  Supposedly it is the turning point for retailers to start making a profit!
I  try to make most of my gifts and to shop smaller mom and pop shops.  I hate making those giant retailers richer!

How was your week?  Are you ready for turkey day?  Did you add to your pantry or gift collection this week?
I will post again before Thanksgiving, but in case you don't visit before then, please know that G and I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

May the Lord bless you and your families.  Be kind, be thoughtful, and bless someone less fortunate this week.
Blessings from our home to yours!


  1. Sounds like a great week you've had, Cheryl. I also got one of those free BBW item coupons. I love those. Sounds like bad weather you had yesterday, we had some of that here as well. High winds and a bad storm came thru. I've not been out yet to see if the driveway is clear all the way to the road, but I hope it is. I've gotten the majority of my Christmas shopping done, but not all of it, but no black Friday for me. I don't enjoy the crowds. I have most of what I've bought wrapped too, so that is a bonus. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week, Cheryl. :)

    1. Belinda - I hope your drive is open and no damage. Those were some scary storms.
      Good for you on being so up on the shopping and WRAPPED to boot!!!!! WOW

      I used to go every year to a place or two, but I just don't feel comfortable or safe anymore. I agree too many people - you just never know.
      I hope you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving as well.

  2. You’re always so positive! It’s such a pleasure to read about your week!
    We’re ready for Thanksgiving. I need to buy some whipped cream, otherwise we’re golden. I bought a whole meal for us this year so I can take the day off. Our son will be here for a few days so he can help his Dad eat the leftovers. (Vegetarian, here.) This is the first time i’ve Spent this kind of money on Turkey, so we’ll see how it goes.
    Gifts are bought and wrapped. I have a project i’m Working on for the Grands so that needs some attention. No Black Friday shopping for me. I think i’d Like a new kindle but the frugal me doesn’t want to spend the money. I have an iPad but it’s not the same. (My son put books to read on it, in the cloud, but computer illiterate me can’t find them.)
    Have a fabulous holiday!

    1. Debbie, my husband mentioned those pre-made dinners this year. It really is great for those who don't want to cook or those who can't! They start at around 49.99 here and go up. Glad your son gets to spend some time at home with you.

      WOW another one who is totally organized - bought and wrapped! That is great.
      I here you - there are a couple things I have talked about getting for the past couple years - just don't want to spend the money. And you know if I have gotten by without thus far......maybe I really don't NEED them!! LOL

      Thank you for the nice compliment.
      Have a lovely week.

  3. You had a wonderful week. That wind caught us too-we had just raked also! Now though it's snow and cold so we can't rake till the weather breaks again. You are not going to Menards for Black Friday? I usually will find something there -we go late though to avoid the crowds. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Cheryl!

    1. Vickie that is the ONE place I have gone for years and years. Love all the bargains they usually have. We'll see... now you have me thinking! LOL

      I am so glad we have no snow here. YUK!
      Stay warm and have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving my friend. I will get another turkey after the holidays when they go on sale!

    1. Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful one as well.
      I can't imagine ours going any lower than .38/lb. Cheapest we have seen in years.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Cheryl. I love that you are going to be able to gift your friend with pantry items. Here in Aus our big shopping day is Boxing Day. I cant stand crowds of people so have never been out on this day.
    I banked all the $1 and $2 coins I have been saving since last Christmas. I was very surprised by how much money I had saved. This will take care of all the costs associated with Christmas. I started saving the coins for Christmas two years ago and have always been surprised by the amount this adds up to in a year.
    Bluey got a good report from his GP this morning. He has to have another lot of bloods done this week and then hopefully he will get the all clear. Remember that life can change in an instant, so hold those you love close to you heart. Tell them you love them. Hug them and kiss them.
    May your week of celebrations be full of blessings.

    1. Thank you Jane.
      I generally save my change, and it does add up. $1 and $2 denominations would add up quite nicely.

      I am so happy the Bluey is doing so well. Praying for an all clear and many, many years of good health.
      Life can change in an instant, you are so correct. We all need to be more aware and loving.
      Have a great week.

  6. Cheryl, Happy Thanksgiving to you and G, and the rest of your family that is coming for the feast.

    1. Thank you Norma. I hope you enjoy your first Thanksgiving down south!