Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I don't know about you, but I needed a bit heaping dose of RE-BOOT in my life.
What do I mean?

I have been so sluggish and grumpy lately, thanks to the weather.
I am so tired of seeing and hearing about all the violence all around the world and in my own town.
I am sad reading about all the singers/actors of our time passing away.
I am so missing family and friends (who are in heaven) during our holiday occasions.

I needed to be re-booted or re-charged in the worst way.
I feel so much better now (although still missing people).  WHAT DID I DO?  Well, sometimes life just takes care of what we need!!!!!

The weather changed drastically, and we have had decent temperatures and sunny skies!  I needed the sun so badly.
I have gotten outside and done some REAL work - exercised and worked my body to tiredness, and breathed in lots of fresh air.   It really does make me feel better!
Sometimes you just have to turn off the news - the stuff is still going to happen - I just don't need to hear about it every day.  That doesn't mean I don't care - but we all need a break.
People die - we are at that age that many of our contemporaries are passing on.  YES, it's sad and kind of scary - but we all know that age doesn't always have anything to do with it.

Lastly, it seems that fate, God, coincidence, whatever you want to call it - stepped in.
We are not big movie people, at least I am not.  G watches far more TV than I do.  I happened to be glancing through the FREE channels that we received this past weekend, and recorded many movies for him.  Two of those movies I sat and watched with G, plus a You-Tube movie he pulled up.  Mind you, I hardly ever do that.

They were what I needed.  They made me stop and think, look at the world through new eyes AGAIN, and be more appreciative of EVERYTHING.

We watched The Shack.   Love, love, love this movie.  Bad things happen to good people, We all get sad, we all experience terrible loss, we all get depressed, but we are NEVER alone!

We watched Miracles from Heaven.  It is based on a true story.  At times we all have our faith tested to the max, but again we are NEVER alone.

On You Tube we watched The Heart Christmas, about a child dying (based on true story).  This movie was presented by St. Jude.  Make life the best possible, in every moment you have, then when the time comes, AGAIN we are NEVER alone.

We watched all three of these movies 'by chance'  in 3 days.  Was it 'by chance'?  Some will say yes.  Others will say we were guided.  Me - I think it was SUPPOSED to happen when it did.  I needed to see them - to re-boot my mind, body, and soul.
I needed the reminder of thankfulness, love, faith, and beauty in the most minute things.

We all get so busy at this time of the year.  We all get so overwhelmed at this time of the year.  We all get sad, lonely, and somewhat depressed this time of the year.
DO SOMETHING to rejuvenate yourself.

It takes NO money, just a little time.  Pray/meditate, read your book of worship, watch a movie that has a message, read a touching book, breathe the air and work the work, help others, commune with nature........
Whatever it is - DO IT!  Take some time for you.  We all need that "me" time once in a while to recharge our batteries.
Don't feel selfish about it.  If you need it - do it.

Re-boot, recharge, whatever you want to call it, so you can truly ENJOY ALL the holidays have to offer.
Be blessed my friends and remember you are NEVER alone.


  1. So glad you are feeling better! I'm glad you were able to reboot!
    I have been so grumpy and stressed lately. I'm going to check out the movies that you suggest. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Kathy. They really did have a positive effect on me. Yep, I shed some tears, but that was therapeutic too.
      Hope they help.

  2. I too need rebooting. I've been missing so many of rtf hose gone too. Your post is right on. I'm glad you found something to help. I'll try your movies out.

    1. I think we all go through it this time of the year especially. I am sorry you are down as well.
      Give them a try - they sure renewed faith and love in me.
      It is also a reminder that those we love are all around us.

  3. Oh Cheryl I am so glad that you have found what you need to feel the happiness of your life once more. I had been questioning my faith with all that has been happening. I then decided to face the day that my world seemed to be at its worst. I then remembered that in the morning, when I went to run some errands, I had been passing my church and I thought about popping in for a chat with Himself. I ended up saying to myself that I would pop in on another day. I was being poked to go home and to take care of my own. I am so glad I listened.
    I am very tired and finding rest time hard to come by with the small dictator running our lives. She and her Mummy are having a morning nap and I am in the recliner taking a little time for me. I have decided this is not selfish but necessary. I guess this is when I do my own rebooting.
    Have a wonderful week.

    1. Jane isn't it something that we get those little pokes to do something? I do believe they happen often, but we just ignore them.

      We need to LISTEN more and perhaps we wouldn't be so stressed and frazzled.
      I am so thankful you listened.
      Take care and rest when you can, and enjoy your times together.

  4. (((((((HUGS)))))) Cheryl, I took some time to "Reboot" too over Thanksgiving and the weekend. We had a lovely time with family and friends and it was the first holiday in a very long time where I did not feel stressed out about our extended family situation. Even though I was having a small Fibro Flare on Thanksgiving, my kids, cousin, grandkids and Rachel's sister and mother understood. Everything was low key and relaxing and we just spent time enjoying each other's company. :) It was nice to take a break from the computer and the news. The news tends to stress me out with all that is going on in the world and the ugliness of it. I am making a promise to myself to spend less time looking at news stories and spend more time just enjoying life. Be blessed my friend!

    1. What a wonderful pledge to take!!!!! I love it. We should all follow suit.
      I am so glad you had such a lovely holiday and visit. I do believe that being with the ones we love, can make our worst days better.
      God bless.

  5. I'm sorry you have been down. I suffer some depression when I don't get sun for a length of time. Staying busy helps.

    1. Winter is my worst time. I NEED sun!!!!! Perhaps I should buy one of those lights that emit 'sun' like light.
      We all have our moments in life and for some reason this season has been mine. I am feeling much better, and know I just need to keep busy.
      Take care dear friend. Hugs.

  6. This is a lovely post. I've been taking a break from news for quite some time now. If something I need to know about happens I hear about it, but mostly I don't miss the angst and anxiety. I have been in the need of a reboot as well. I've found for myself, that listening to Christian singers who really speak to my heart has been the best medicine for me. I put the music on first thing in the morning and get a good hour of praise and worship in before hitting the housework. It's made a world of difference!

    1. Terri the Lord speaks to us all in different ways. It so lovely to know that so many LISTEN! I love that each person is finding their way to re-boot.

      The news is just so over whelming with all the wickedness any more.
      So glad you have found your way. Blessings

  7. I listened to the audio book of The Shack in my car each day driving to work. I like audio books so much. I've not seen the movie though, I need to rent it this holiday season. I'm glad you were able to reboot, Cheryl. Sometimes that is what we need. I love St. Jude. If I ever became a millionaire I would give them so much money. I just love what they do for people. I hope you have a great rest of the week! :)

    1. Belinda my sister read the book then saw the movie and said she didn't like the movie. Movies never have all the detail books do. Since I hadn't read it - I LOVED the movie.

      St Jude is such a Godsend to so many.
      Have a good one.