Sunday, November 5, 2017

Frugal Happenings 11/5

Good morning my frugal friends.  May this find you well and happy.
First, I'd like to ask for prayers for our friend JANE and her BLUEY.  She found Bluey unconscious  a couple days ago, and he is in a induced coma in the hospital at this point.  They are trying to find a cause.  Hopefully they will allow him to wake tomorrow.  Please pray.

This has been a lazy week for me.  I feel like I have been moving like a sloth all week!  It started cold, wet, and dreary and ended warm, wet, and dreary.  UGH.  I have gotten to turn off heat for a couple days - nice.  We had ONLY one day with sun this week.
I have had to get out REGULAR shoes!  ACK!!!!  I hate shoes, but had to break down and get them out.  Still haven't put away the flip-flops.  LOL
I desperately need to mow, but it is so stinking muddy - so that hasn't happened.
We have a great possibility of some nasty storms today.  Hot air meeting cool air - so enhanced risk of bad stuff.  I sure hope most of it misses us.

Halloween had few trick or treaters for us.  We used to have tons of kids come by (like 400+).  This was the least we ever had with just about 60.  I have lots of candy left which will be used in baking and Christmas baskets.  I had purchased it all on clearance a couple months ago.

My frugal week:
  • Dried FREE bread for dressing for the holidays/winter
  • Tallied receipts for the month
  • Made some sausage/egg muffins with FREE English muffins I received last week
  • Did go to the orchard and bought apples, Asian pears and cider for healthy snacks
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Received a FREE 2018 wall calendar from NRA - beautiful pictures of 'hunting' dogs
  • Working on my Christmas list and going through purchases - seeing what I need to get yet
  • Bought 6 small pumpkins for 3/.25 on clearance for the squirrels!  We don't eat pumpkin, but the squirrels will enjoy the seeds.  I cut off the top and they stick their heads in!  CUTE
  • Couldn't line dry laundry this week - but did hang some laundry in the basement and only used the dryer for a minimal amount of time.
  • Meals from home and scratch
This is the geranium that says "I think I can - I think I can".  Still hanging in there and looking pretty despite frost and freeze.  It's up against the house - it's saving grace! 

We have also been enjoying watching the many, many cardinals in the yard, and this week we have had an abundance of blue jays in the yard.  They are huge and so majestic looking.  We always have small woodpeckers, however this week the huge pileated woodpecker made an appearance for most of a day.   Such a beauty!   The squirrels are a hoot, playing and running and chasing each other.  FREE entertainment right outside the window!

Meals this week:
Hamburger/veggie soup 2X
Loaded baked potatoes
Sausage gravy/toast and scrambled eggs
Leftover pasta with added cheese/broccoli & cheeseburgers with sautéed onions
Fried split brussel sprouts/onion (in bacon grease), grilled beef fillets and salad.
**Boy were the brussel sprouts yummy cooked that way - added just a splash on soy sauce too.

As you can see, not a lot going on here.  I really need to motivate myself this coming week and get something accomplished.

I did notice this morning an ad in the paper - 4 day sale at Kroger - turkey .49/lb. with additional $20 purchase.  Cheapest I have seen in several years.  I do believe that I have now made enough space to store one until needed for Thanksgiving!
We truly haven't had good turkey sales in our area in ages.  The best prices have been about .69 or .79 over the past few years.  How I long for .29/lb. days!!!!!!!  LOL

I am not happy about this time change thing!  Extra hour sleep last night?  Not here.  My kitties have no idea how to tell "clock" time and still wanted to eat at the same time!  I also wake when my internal clock says 'wake up' - not the clock.  Heck it will dark at 6PM tonight - I so hate that!  The days just seem so short this time of year - I know this most definitely affects my mood!  A friend suggested I buy one of those lights for that - maybe I should.
Oh well, if that is my only problem in life - I am doing great!!!!!!!!  Sorry for complaining!

What was your week like?  Any frugal finds or special deals?

I pray for health and happiness for each of you and your families in the coming week.  Please stay frugal my friends.
God bless you all!


  1. I haven't looked at my Kroger ad because the sale starts Wednesday here but I can't wait for that 49 cent Turkey! Thanks for the heads up.

    1. This was a special ad that came in the Sunday paper. Our normal ads usually start on Thursday here - so this one is special!
      Good luck - you might call and check!

  2. Replies
    1. Back at ya Miss Laurie!!!
      Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. I really have to clean one if not both of my freezers so I can buy a couple of turkeys. I will use all my fruits in jam and try to really use up some meats. I know of one large bag of garbanzos and two large bags of frozen potatoes that will be used and also some dehydrated onions. I am so tired. Just had to complain to someone.

    1. You can complain anytime!
      I need to use fruit for jelly too. I have been working on using meats - have one hole! LOL
      I need to get the frig cleaned out too - there will be lots of leftovers in a couple weeks!

      get some rest.

  4. You are in sloth mode and I am in slug wonder we get along so well. ;) I'm not a fan of shoes either but my poor feet were freezing so I am back to wearing house slippers in the house all the time now and actual shoes when I venture outside. I even dug out all my fuzzy socks!

    1. LOL Debbie - that must be it!
      I had to get out the fuzzy socks too. My tootsies just seem happiest being bare. Have I mentioned how much I dislike cold weather?!

  5. So! hamburger rolls, in the freezer for a year, a couple months ago had to put a paper towel in to soak up the moisture from all the frost that accumulated inside the bag, dragged it out in desperation to make a pineapple bread pudding. Wow! It was light and airy and everyone loved it! Don't give up on old dried up bread!

    1. NEVER give up on old frozen bread! AGREE!!
      Once baked into something - it is just fine. I will shake out as many ice crystals as possible and then either leave pack open or add a towel like you said.

      Pineapple bread pudding sounds good.
      Nothing wasted!!