Sunday, January 13, 2019

Frugal Happenings 1/13

Good morning!  Well it is finally winter in our neighborhood!!!  Out first significant snow of the winter hit yesterday.  We hit about 7".
Funny what a difference a few days make.  Monday we were at almost 60* - Tuesday we had 40 mph winds and rain and by Wednesday winter temps were back, 

It has been another very quiet week here.  It seems that there isn't a lot of news or activity in mid winter at my house!  I have many things I need to accomplish - the gray of winter just seems to always win.

My frugal week:
  • After all the wind (right at trash collection day) - I walked the alley and did another big clean-up of other peoples trash - UGH!
  • Did some yard work and picked up what seemed to be a gazillion sticks and limbs
  • I received a bunch of "me" specific coupons from Meijer.  I do NOT have an M-perk card - so they obviously track my buying by my credit card use - that is really creepy. (I use credit card to get points and pay-off each month)
  • I did spend some money!  I ran to the orchard as they are closing in a couple weeks, and they have B1G1 of any size container of apples.  I got 20lbs. of apples for the price of 10 lbs.  They will last us for a couple months.  $14.75 spent.  (Pink Lady and Granny Smith)
  • While out, I ran to gas station and filled tank.  I haven't purchased gas since the end of Nov.  I got a .20/gal. discount - $1.95/gal.
  • I used what older apples were in the crisper and made a gallette (simple apple pie)
  • Filled all the squirrel/bird bins and feeders before the snow hit
  • Made tea and cooled outside, laundry in cold, cooking from scratch and using what we have, used all leftovers
  • Got lots of FREE exercise this week.  Hauling feed bags to bins, walking alley and picking up trash and sticks, shoveling and shoveling snow!  I went out several times yesterday to shovel - it was a very wet snow (would have clogged up blower).

Meals this past week:
Mexican chicken over rice
Mex. chicken/pasta/cheese bake
Deconstructed egg rolls and fried rice
Poor mans Swiss steak and mashed potatoes
"Homemade or knock-off" KFC chicken bowls - YUM
Sloppy fries (leftover/frozen sloppy Joe over fries topped with shredded cheese)
Smoked sausage, corn casserole and salad

I will be going back outside in a few minutes to shovel yet again.  Probably another inch or two since it was cleared yesterday.
Momma and Fluffy sure don't like the snow!  They walk out of greenhouse and look around as if saying "what the....."  They shake paws as they walk.  Human Mommy has made many paths to areas for them to go potty - I mean who wants to "sit" in a snow pile!  LOL

I really need to get my bum in gear and really accomplish some things.  The dismal skies just do me in!  I do believe I am definitely affected by S.A.D.
What have you been doing to stay frugal this week?  How are you doing on spending?  De-cluttering or crafts?

I pray you are all safe and warm.  I thank you all for visiting and that we can all be friends and confidants.  May you be blessed in many ways in this coming week.

Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Oh, how neat that you have snow! I'm jealous. LOL

    Great deal on the apples! I'm sitting here needing to get busy too. I hope you have a great week, Cheryl.

    1. I'd be happy to send you a little snow!!! We were definitely due.
      Hope you have a great week.

  2. I was just saying we need some sun around here and then today it's here. It has been days Cheryl. We have no snow. Kind of sad but yet kind of happy. I know our luck will run out soon.

    Good deal on the apples. Take it easy while you can!

    1. Sub sure can make a difference. Oh your time will come for the snow!
      Have a good one.

  3. Cheryl that Apple pie looks so good! That's exactly how I make them too - a pile of chopped apples, a little sugar & cinnamon & a few dots of butter and BAM! It's ready for the oven before you know it.
    No snow here in Rhode Island yet this year. The long range forecast shows some for next weekend though.
    I hope your shoveling is manageable and doesn't get too overwhelming.
    I hope you are warm and toasty in your home this weekend.


    1. Debra that is so wild that you have had no snow I always thought of that area as cold and snowy. Guess I was wrong.
      I got all the shoveling done and it looks good. Tad bit sore - but that will be gone tomorrow!
      It is enjoyable sitting in the warm looking at the snow!

    2. It usually is snowy here - it's cold but zero snow so far. Very odd

    3. That is odd. This year has been strange. Until this past weekend we hadn't had a full inch of snow. Strange for us as well What is on the ground now - won't be leaving any time soon - as it is staying cold.

  4. I would love some snow now I am retired and don't have to drive through it.

    1. I don't mind it as much as I used too. When G worked, he worked for the street dept. and if it snowed a lot, I didn't see him for days. I hated driving in it too. Gladly I can just stay home too now!

  5. Taking a day off from lurking to comment. We are threatened snow (possibly as far down as us in Wales) in the next week or so - a return of the dreaded Beast from the East which was not welcome last year, let alone a return visit! Do you get snow most of the winter?

    Your apple pie looks gorgeous. You had me looking up a recipe for Mexican Chicken so I hope to try that this week.

    Today I began a long-overdue tidy up in our stable yard (but the stables are full of mostly junk as we no longer have horses, sadly). When I got tired from that I began cutting out the pieces for a patchwork and applique wall hanging, and this evening I tacked the layers together for what will be a hand-quilted wallhanging (with preprinted cats design) for my eldest daughter for next Christmas.

    I hope you get some sunshine soon to cheer you up.

    1. Hello. So glad you decided to comment! I love hearing from folks in different countries.
      Oh I hope you do not get hit too hard with snow.
      We used to have snow all winter long. I remember being younger and thinking we would never see green again! This year has been odd to say the least.

      The Mexican chicken dish is really yummy. I have used the meat/combo over rice, in enchiladas, on sandwiches, in casseroles, etc. So many ways to change it up (which is good, because we always have leftovers.)

      The wall hanging sounds like it will make a lovely gift. I would love the cat design. I need to get started on making things for next Christmas, because once it warms, I will have other excuses!

      Please come again and visit!

  6. Hi Cheryl, I am in Washington state we just had high winds with power outage this past week... we were without power for 4 days ugh and now the cleanup ! We have monster tRees and have lots of branches around the yard. For now we have sunshine so I have been spending time each day raking and cleaning up the yard. Also been de junking and have taken 4 loads to the thrift store to donate. Great start to the new year so far ! Thank you for your inspiring posts love your blog!!

    1. Gaila that sounds like a pretty nasty week. I hope you had a heat source and could keep freezer food.
      Wind can sure do a lot of damage.
      It sounds like you are getting your home and yard in order - a good thing!
      Thank you for your compliment. I love seeing new folks on board.
      Have a good week!

  7. You inspire me to get cooking! I've been decluttering since binge watching Marie Kondo's (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) new Netflix show based on her book. It's a real inspiration.

    1. I need to check that out.
      We just enjoy food, so I experiment a lot!

  8. I am sorry you are suffering from SADS. That just sucks. I hope you feel better soon. I took a holiday break because of the blah's. Holidays are hard on me. I am usually the positive person in the bunch but holidays come around and I am a mess, lol.

    My area got 20 inches of snow!!!!! My town only got rain. It was ironic the county over from us had a major ice storm. The county next to us had a major snow storm. We were in the middle of rain. Life in the Ozarks.

    Normal frugal things. Getting our investment portfolio ready. DH & I are frugal investor's. We look forward to this every year. I am also doing the adage that you also need to invest in groceries as part of your investments. I have been doing that too. Normal decluttering while I clean. I hate clutter with a passion. I keep up on it. It's better to get rid of it when you don't need it instead of being thirty years down the road with a nightmare that is overwhelming. You all know us frugalista's have our frugal pet peeve. Mine is clutter. Biggest drain of money ever!

    Crafting- I am journaling using loose leaf notebook paper I got thrifting and a beautiful 3 ring notebook from Dollar Tree. My journal is so pretty. I am making my own laminated inserts out of pretty pattern paper I got on sale at Hobby Lobby and using my laminator, of course. Pennies to make but still elegant. Inserts can be really pricey. They can cost around $4-$6 for three inserts.

    Adult Coloring Books- Coloring a beautiful mandala picture with Dollar Tree glitter pens. It looks professional.

    Creating my own ephemera, sticker's, layouts and collages for my journals.

    1. Hello dear - I have been worried about you. I even looked to see if you had an email listed on your profile. I kind of figured you might be staying away the computer during the holidays. Too many posts on the subject - and I wondered if that would be upsetting to you. I am glad you are back - blessings.

      The weather sure is strange. That is weird how different areas that are so close in proximity can be so different.

      I agree that our pantries and stocks can be frugal finances. I have always said that if you get things on discount or free it is like money in the bank. There is doubt that prices will go up - so investing now is a good move.

      Tell me about that 30 years of clutter being over whelming!!!!! Oh my. I work on it regularly - but have accumulated so much. All that stuff was money at some point - that is what is disturbing.
      Good for you to stay on top of it.

      Journaling is good for the soul! Sounds like you have been very creative.
      Glad you are back and look forward to your visits.

  9. This past weekend I have had baking on my mind. I baked pizza and made 6 extra for the freezer. Then over the weekend baked banana nut bread, zucchini bread, and focaccia bread. I used prior frozen zucchini and bananas. Also made tomato and rice soup for lunches this week. If I have stuff already made, its easier to say no to fast food while I am out running errands. My organization campaign continues also. After cleaning the bathroom storage closet, I realized yet again that I need to be using what I have instead of buying more :). I did get cheap plastic bins from the dollar store and they are working out well. Found out I have 2 years worth of shampoo. This week I hope to conquer and reorganize the craft closet.

    1. WOW - is all I can say on your weekend baking! That is fantastic to be so prepared.
      That is why I am trying to stay away from stores - I truly need to use what I have. Some stuff is getting old enough that it DOES need to be used.

      Good job to you!!!!!!! Kudos

  10. Snow here as well, probably about 5 inches with more possibly on the way this weekend. I wasn't expecting much of anything, so this was a nice surprise. :)

    I had a really nice week as far as frugality goes. I made bread quite a few times, made a lot of big pots of soup (it's been ferociously cold here!), I baked brownies using melted old Halloween and Christmas candy, made cookies using sour cream that needed to be used up, took my daughter to play at the library, hung the laundry to dry, and I organized a bunch of things so I can FIND stuff and not have to buy new. I'm quite happy with all I've been getting done lately.

    I hope your SAD lets up soon. I get into slumps like that from time to time and it's just so hard to get going. Best wishes that it's short lived and you're back on the go soon!

    1. I think we may get more snow this coming weekend as well.

      You have been a busy gal! Wow, good for you on getting so much done. All your homemade goodies sound so yummy.
      Being organized is such a huge help.

      Oh, I will be fine - I just get out of sorts with all the clouds. A good kick in the bum (by me) always gets me back in gear. The sun is shining today and it is pretty out!

  11. Hi Cheryl, I was very happy yesterday when I went shopping and one place I stopped at was Walgreens. I rarely buy anything there except vitamins/supplements BOGO but this time I checked the food aisle. Lo and behold they have the dark roast coffee I use for $4.99 per tub! They only had three left so, of course, I got all of them. Usual price is $11.99 each and I NEVER pay that. Lowest I've ever found it is $6.99. A definite win! Now I'm making Hamburger Stew today in the crockpot. Happy New Year! Shirley

    1. WOOHOO! What a great deal! I would have gotten them all as well - huge savings!
      I love hamburger stew. It's about time to make a pot here as well.
      Happy new year to you too!

  12. Isn't it weird how things are tracked on our internet and shopping sites. We have had no snow and that is fine with me. But we have had really sunny days which is nice as we usually have the gloom and doom all winter and I have two artificial sun lights to counter act SAD one above my computer and the other by my sewing machine. I think they help.

    1. Yes, all I have to do is look something up and I am bombarded with adds about it for ages. Creepy!

      I have thought about getting one of those lights. I usually do OK - but this year is hitting me hard.

  13. Do hope you feel better! I think this season has been rough for a lot of people.
    We had an ice storm over the weekend, but it should melt tomorrow.
    Your apple pie and meals look and sound delicious.

    1. I am doing better - just get in my slumps. I think we all have our times.
      Be safe out there - hope it melts soon.
      Thank you!

  14. We got a little snow, as well. I hear that Cali is expected to get a full week of rain. We'll get that system later in the week so I imagine we're gonna be cold and icy.

    My newly painted master bed and bath are almost completely put back together. I just need to get to the laundromat to wash the comforter and find some decor in the house to move around. No new stuff!!

    I have a pile of ironing to get to.... Don't feel like doing it. Alas, it won't iron itself!!

    Add me to the SADD list. As soon as the weather goes grey, I want to curl up in a blanket and sit like a vegetable!

    1. Stay safe - and don't go out in t if you don't have to.
      YAY I bet the rooms look so pretty all painted and fresh. Good for you on finding 'new' d├ęcor from what you have.
      Good luck with the ironing - I don't iron! Hate it.

      Hope you get to feeling better as well. We need sun!!!!

  15. Good morning. Those SADD lights, really helped my boss, I got one for him way back when I worked for the attorney. This has been a month of blessings for me. First, and most importantly to me, my brother Mark is going to church again.Been praying for that to happen for a long time now. My other brother has begun gifting me with oranges, and both red and white grapefruit from their small orchard. I have gone years and years with "fresh from the grocery store", but right off the tree is best. And, they decided to declutter their pantry when he made new doors for the cabinets, and sent me 4 bags of goodies home. I kept 3 bags of Knoor Red Beans and Rice, 2 bags of pizza crust mixes, 1 small jar of pickles, 2 pint jars of Amish Red Raspberry Jam, a jar of Amish Apple Cranberry Jelly. She also gifted me with a jar of peach jam straight from her freezer. There are 2 bags of stuff in the car to go to the food pantry at church too. They asked me to dinner Sunday night, and sent me home with 2 more grocery bags (the plastic ones) full of more grapefruit and another bag of oranges I picked myself right off the tree. One bag of grapefruit was for my boss. He was thrilled to take it home last night. I also came home with leftovers, and a container of banana pudding. I don't make banana pudding anymore because it is just me.

    I went to the apt. complex to sign the new lease and they are doing a free carpet cleaning for me next month. Also they will be doing pressure washing because of the dirty ducks. And I mentioned that the kitchen faucet was leaking, and they put in a new one within 45 minutes of me saying anything.

    Work is going well too.

    I feel badly for all those who got caught in that snowstorm this past weekend. I have friends in NJ who got 7" who were not supposed to get any, and it was also wet and heavy. That you have to keep on top of or you will really hurt yourself when you finally do go out to shovel. But yes, it is very pretty.

    We are in our "cool" period here. I am leaving the windows open all day, and then closing them when I get home. Lets the house breathe, but not get too cold. It was 70* inside when I got home last night and just 55* outside at 5pm. I have not had the heat on since I moved here. And it has gotten down to freezing or a little below a few nights, even in a row.

    Better go.

    1. It does sound like a wonderful month for you. So happy. Oh fresh citrus would be heavenly - there is nothing like right off the tree!
      I just can't fathom why people would get rid of such good food items. Those things would never leave my pantry unless it was to fill my belly!

      Great that the apartment complex is so nice and working with it's tenants. You don' hear about that much any more

      Yes indeed, one has to stay on top of that heavy snow. I went out many times to work on it. It was so incredibly heavy and wet. More coming this coming weekend!!

      How fortunate that you have not turned on the heat. Guess that is Fla. perk!!! Big money saver for sure.

      Glad you are happy with your job and your life. You deserve happiness!