Sunday, January 20, 2019

Frugal Happenings 1/20

Good morning.  Oh what a frosty morn it is in our area!

We are at 9*F this morning.  Yesterday was a nasty, nasty day.  We had rain, then ice, then 40-50 mph winds and white out snow.  Not a lot of accumulation here, but you literally couldn't see the houses across the alley last night for a couple hours.  Our high today will be 15*, and frigid cold for a couple days.
We actually had warm enough temps this week to melt last weekends snow!  Mid to upper 30's can do a lot - plus one day was all day rain.

The sun is shining this morning which is glorious - I have missed my old friend!!!
I pray you are all safe and warm - I know the weather is bad across a big part of the nation.  Those of you in the southern hemisphere stay cool!

I just cant help but think about the homeless population during this nasty weather.  It breaks my heart.
We are each so blessed compared to so many.  Make sure to say thanks today!

It has been a very quiet week.  Not a lot going on at all.
My frugal week:
  • Made a dozen hard boiled eggs
  • First part of the week - more free exercise with shoveling
  • Made a big bowl of bean/pea salad with ingredients I had on hand.  Wanted something different
  • Made cinnamon rolls
  • Used some stale buns for garlic toast
  • G's Aunt & Uncle came for a visit and they brought 2 bags of jerky for us (YUM)
  • I got my gifted copy of  Martha Stewarts Living magazine and it had a 20% off coupon in it for Bed bath & Beyond (good till March)
  • NO grocery shopping again this week.
  • Fried chicken and made extra which will be used in a meal tonight (in a new way)
  • Just doing all the regular things - made up a new bottle of shampoo and one of dish soap, have used Soda Stream with added fruit juice, made iced tea, cooking from scratch, staying home, etc.
Our house is small and there are just the 2 of us - so it never gets messy.  I keep up with dusting and vacuuming (because of cats) - but there isn't a lot to keeping it straightened.  I do need to go in the basement and de-clutter more, just not in the mood!  De-cluttering is a never ending job it seems!

Meals this past week:
Chicken tenders, corn casserole and salad
Pizza pasta casserole
Baked fish, oven fries and slaw
Ham/cream cheese/veggie roll-ups
Small pot of cheesy potato soup and garlic toast
Taco salad
Fried chicken breast and bean salad

Leftovers eaten for lunches or breakfast

How have you all been fairing this past week?  Are you staying on track with your spending or not spending?  Any good deals?

Prayers for health, happiness for you all in this coming week..  Life can change in an instant and I pray you each hug and love as often as possible.  Have no regrets!
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. Having a son who battles addiction, the homeless are often on my mind in this freezing weather. It reminds me I need to do more to help others as we have been so richly blessed. It makes me happy to think others like yourself care as well. People can be so hard-hearted towards the homeless. There but for the grace of God go I.

    1. There are so many reasons for people to be down on their luck or to be homeless - it is not ALWAYS a choice. Yes, there are some folks who choose that lifestyle but many just feel there is no choice.

      I have made so many bags of generic supplies up and handed them out. I have donated food to the soup kitchen (a few blocks from here) and have given dozens of fleece blankets, regular blankets and hats and gloves over the years. No one wants to admit it - but we all have homeless much closer to our neighborhoods than we care to admit.
      No one knows what the future could hold.

      That is one of my favorite sayings!!!!! So true. Prayers for your son and your family.
      God bless

  2. I thought I'd make sure you know that Bed, Bath and Beyond will accept expired coupons! They really don't care if they are long past the expiration date. I keep them in my car and when I go by BB&B for something, I take a few extra with me and hand them out to anyone who needs one (call me crazy, I just hate to waste them). It seems I get them all the time in the mail and on magazines so I always have more than enough.

    1. WHAT? I had no idea! Thank you very much for that info. I am sure others were in the dark as well. Oh my, I have thrown them away!
      Thanks again.

    2. So do I! The funniest ever was at JoAnn's. It was a quick trip for one item and it was on sale. My coupon was 50% off and I didn't need it. There was a 20 something guy in front of me. A very unlikely customer. Cool hair, tattoos, big diamond ear stud. He was holding a big piece of something leather looking and 2 $100 bills. In that moment, I imagined him reupholstering car seats. Get the picture? So, I lean forward and say"excuse me. Would you like my coupon?" He's a little confused and I say, "it's good for a single piece of fabric. 50% off." I could see the wheels turning and his eyes get wide. He said, "That's like $70 dollars off! Are you kidding me?!" He nearly jumped, but tried to hug me over the cart!! He must've thanked me 20 times before he checked out! It kept a smile on my face all day.

    3. You were that guys angel that day. You sure can't tell about the book from the cover, huh?

  3. I have a dear friend whose husband passed away this week after not waking up fro cancer surgery. I have prayed for her because I know she will be lonesome without him. It's very sombering. Sounds like you all are very cold. It's cold here too, no snow though, just rain as usual. But I'm grateful we have a warm place to live.

    1. Sorry for your friends loss. We just never know.
      Stay warm and cozy.

  4. Cheryl it seem like I go crazy with organizing then I can't stand it anymore. I really need now to go a little crazy again since we are having this wild weathet. No place to go any way with the roads bad. You did really well this week.

    1. Thank you - glad someone else is like that!!!!
      I need to get back at it too. Nothing better to do!
      Have a good week

  5. Just fyi - Bed and Bath takes those 20% coupons even after they expire! I used one yesterday that had a 2017 expiration date!

    1. Thanks - someone else mentioned that too. I had no idea - but I do now!!!!!!!

    2. yes, I have a huge stack of them. Honestly hardly ever go there, but it is nice to have an automatic 20% off for each item when I do go. :)

    3. I sure will be keeping them. Don't get there very often.

  6. Cheryl, you're such a sweetheart. I love visiting this blog; it's like a coffee chat with a neighbor. In addition to money saving tips and thrifty living, you inspire me to do better and be better. I am indeed blessed and have it very easy indeed compared to many, and try to always be mindful of that.

    1. Aahhh thank you for your sweet words.
      We are so blessed for sure. I could have half what I have and I would still be blessed.

      If we are mindful and just try to be good stewards - then we are doing what we should.
      I love chatting with all you sweet ladies!

  7. Stay safe and warm!
    We will be getting the below 0 windchills tonight. That wind is so cold. Letting a couple of the stray cats stay in the garage tonight. Poor kitties.
    Don't forget to check out the moon tonight. I'm looking forward to the eclipse although I think I will be looking out the window and not standing outside. ;)
    Have a good week.

    1. I added extra blankies to the outdoor kitties bed today and there is a heat mat under the blankies. Also a heater in there and a heated water bowl. It stays pretty comfy for them.
      Thank you for giving the strays a place to stay!

      It sure seems every time you turn around there is some kind of 'special' moon now days. I never heard of all this before. If I see it, it will be from inside!!!!
      Stay warm.

    2. Sounds like your outdoor kitties are nice and cozy!
      The lunar eclipse was so cool. Usually it is rainy or cloudy, but I was able to see the red moon last night. It's the little things that thrill me. ;)
      Hope it warms up soon. I bought a $3 hyacinth at Aldi, and I am enjoying the smell and sight of spring.
      Have a great week.

    3. Yeah they are pretty cozy.
      I saw a huge white full moon, many times over the night and this morning - never caught the red.
      I love the smell of hyacinths!
      Have a good one!

  8. We ended up getting no snow. They kept saying we were getting at least a foot and then it just rained. Now it is supposed to be single digits. I also worry about the homeless. I know in the past churches have allowed them to sleep indoors when it gets this cold.
    Just so you know Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons are accepted after they expire. At least in NY they are. I always use expired ones.

    1. I would hope the shelters would go over capacity and churches would let people sleep inside. Hopefully no one has to stay out
      Below zero here tonight.
      Seems everyone but me knew about using outdated coupons!!!!
      Thanks. Stay warm

  9. So very cold in your area - stay warm and cozy as best you can.

    1. Thank you Carrie, we are sure trying. We are prepared for winter - so hopefully we will be fine

  10. We're with you in the icebox! Great days for indoor projects cuz 60 days or so from now, I'll be watching the yard come to life and my extra time indoors will be over. I always end up wishing I'd done more. It's just so hard to get motivated when I would rather curl up with some hot chocolate and a book!

    1. Hindsight is 20/20! Yes, we always have projects that don't get done.
      Seeing the world come back to life - sigh!!!!!! That will be lovely.

  11. I always enjoy reading about your frugal activities. For us, we packed food for all of our food when we were (supposed to go) skiing. We also waited to book lift tickets, because the weather was a little questionable. Sure enough, the lifts were closed & we saved quite a bit by not pre booking in advance.

    1. Thank you - glad you coming along for the journey.
      Sounds like you are really planning and being cautious. No need to waste your money!

  12. I like your complain photo. It was super cold here too. Today was supposed to be warmer but the winds were blowing 40MPH. I saw many of our homeless carrying their belongings around in it. You feel so bad. I always try or want to help, even if it is just a smile. I don't have an extravagant life and get the side eye for that constantly. I am so grateful for the simple things like my simple home and blankets to cuddle under and a book to read. I hate complainers. I always say about my utility bill that least I was safe. I have been there living in a home, with an abusive parent and no utilities and being kicked out of home because abusive parent would not pay the rent so she could party.

    Normal last week too. I got two great frugal tips though. One was to use sugar free gelatin in your water or tea. Just add 1/4tsp to your glass. I am loving it. I am using it in my water. I might add less because it is a little strong for me. I am use to my drinks being on the weaker side.

    My other frugal tip I learned was another way to say no. The frugal tip is the person your telling no to would not feel guilty telling you no. That is some really wise advice and very easy to think about especially handling those in sales.

    One of my grocery stores closed. I am completely out now. WalMart only for me. :( I did shop at my Neighborhood Market tonight and got some good deals. Least I am good at playing the WalMart grocery game. Good thing too because WalMart keeps closing all their stores. I heard Amazon is making WalMart close their stores. I told my husband it's karma, ROFL!

    1. It is so very sad for the homeless. I agree, often just a smile can make a day - for anyone!

      My brother has been using unflavored gelatin in his breakfast drink each day. It is supposed to really help your joints. He has noticed less pain!

      why is it that we feel guilty about saying no? We shouldn't. I hate being put in that position. I also hate being put in the position to have to ask for a loan to be repaid! I shouldn't have to ask.

      The Walmart I go to from time to time is a Neighborhood Market. I will not go to the big store - as you can hardly maneuver the parking lot. The person who designed it must have been drunk!!!!
      I hate that grocery stores are closing in large numbers. Progress is NOT always good.
      Have a good day!

  13. Cheryl, what was that salad? pea and bean? do you mean like a white bean and green pea salad with bacon dressing? Really curious here! (I didn't get to read all the posts lately so please ignore this request if it is already posted elsewhere!