Sunday, January 6, 2019

Frugal Happenings 1/6

Finally, here we are getting back to a normal week.  Holidays are over, things put away, aaahhhhh normal!

I want to share a thought on our local news station on New Year's Day.  The evening news was all GOOD!  They told of no problems, murders, thefts, violence, etc.  The stories for 1 1 /2 hours were of local heroes, acts of kindness, kids doing good, cute pet stories, etc.  It was wonderful!  I have always said we need a TV channel or a paper that does just that.  It was so refreshing to see about so much good!  Nice way to start the year.

The weather has still been averaging above normal temps for this time of the year.  It sure is weird.
We finally got sun on Thursday and have had it off and on since.  That always makes things better.

My frugal week:
  • I have a jar candle that was burning uneven (and it is a wonderful smell), so I cut out the non-burned part and chunked it up for my melt pots.  It works wonderfully
  • I got the upstairs pantry all straightened and cleaned up.  I can see everything again!
  • Colored my hair with 1/3 box of color
  • Started a new daily journal (notebook) for 2019.  Last one lasted me 2 full years.  I bought this on clearance a year or so ago
  • Been using all leftovers and recreating some of them into new dishes.  Made a big pot of "trash can" soup - just odds and ends left in bowls and baggies (from frig & freezer)
  • Put 2 "new" smoke detectors up in the basement near furnace and electric panel.  I received both as gifts a year ago - had batteries here
  • De-cluttering and straightening more
  • Cleaned the oven with baking soda and vinegar - it was an after holiday mess!
  • Took trash out the other night for p/u the next morning and someone had been going through cans already out and made a mess.  I was picking up trash across the alley and found a "new" graph sheet notebook that had been thrown out.  Only had 3 pages written on - I brought it in and will use as a notebook (it was totally clean)
  • I was cleaning out wallet of any receipts from last month and noticed 2 coupons wrapped in receipt from Kroger.  One for FREE dozen large eggs (no other purchase nec.) and one was for $5 off ANY purchase.
  • Being a no spend month I debated - but both coupons expired on Saturday and this was Friday.  I run up to Kroger and got FREE eggs and roll sausage was 2/$5 and I got 2 rolls for FREE.  Bought nothing else!!!!!!!  WOOHOO!!    I just could not pass up free.
  • Received another sheet of free address labels from a charity.
  • Refilled canisters  and glass storage jars from stock
  • Spent NO money this week and used NO GC's
Meals this past week:
Sausage gravy and biscuits
Shrimp (with cocktail sauce) and salad
Corned beef & cabbage, black eyed peas
Rueben sandwiches (YUM), chips
"Trash can" soup - chicken/veggies/rice - 2X
Homemade beef/onion sliders (like White Castle) and salad

Leftovers for lunches and munching on cheese, crackers, and beef stick.  Trying to cut back on sweets - but still eating a few (almost gone!)

How was your week?  Did you get any deals or save any money this week?  How are you doing IF you are doing a no spend month?  Is your home back to 'normal'?  Give us a shout out.
I am missing a few of our contributors that haven't posted in a while.  Hope you are all well.

I pray you are all safe and healthy.  Hopes that all are staying frugal, and that we are ALL given the strength and wisdom to not spend in a frivolous way.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. I am not doing a no spend month but I am trying to clean out my freezer and chest freezer so I can clean them and use up everything. This month its also organize time for am going through closets and cupboards and organizing what I have and donating what I dont use or need. This will help with cutting back spending, as I am saving for a new lawn mower that is needed in the Spring. Its nice to find things I forgot I had :).

    1. Great idea on organizing and goings through things. We often find clothes and household stuff we forgot about - this saving money on future purchases or being able to sell or donate.
      Good job. Keep us informed as to the progress.
      Great goal!!!!!!

  2. You had a good deal with the coupons. I made peanut butter fudge and chocolate brownies out of the larder. I got some yellow sticker items - 4 large pots of Greek yoghurt for 30p each so about a quarter of the price and some 1 pint cartons of milk for 15p each. I usually buy 4 pint cartons for £1.09 so a good saving and froze most of it.

    1. Great savings! I love those yellow stickers!!!
      It is always wonderful to get things we normally buy - for a song. Love a good bargain.

  3. What a find with the coupons Cheryl! I would not have passed that one up either! The sun has shown for two or three days now. It makes me so happy too! Have a great week.

    1. Sunshine changes my entire mood!
      Yeah, I had to use those - I mean free is free!
      Have a good week.

  4. You had a great week! I think it's entirely appropriate to break a no-spend challenge in order to take advantage of a coupon that will expire (especially for something you know you'll use). Great find!!!

    I'm working on eating down the garage freezer; it's time to consume what's in there so I can defrost it and fill it back up. Going to make for some interesting meals, but I like a good challenge. ;)

    We're starting to get back to normal after the holiday. My husband went back to work on Wednesday, and my son will go back to school on Monday, so my daughter and I will get back to our usual routine on Monday as well (she won't return to preschool until mid-February). I'm very much looking forward to it! I have quite a few projects lined up, lots of organizational things, so I'm anxious to get a move on with all that.

    1. Considering I used coupons that gave me free products - I am not considering that a break in no spend!
      Sounds like you life is getting back as well. I like that eating down a freezer can give some creative meals. I think that is fun, and actually how some of our favorites came about.
      Enjoy your quiet time with your daughter.

  5. I am doing great so far in using up things from freezers and pantry and also sticking to my $50.00 a week grocery budget. I have an $8 carry over into this coming week and right now no reason to go to the store. Cutting soda out of my diet really helps in not going to the store. However we do need toilet paper so I will look for a sale.

    1. I think when you cut any major expense like that - it makes a big difference.
      Good for you and for following along!
      NEVER run out of TP!
      have a good one

    2. Walgreens has a good deal on Scott tp this week, if you'll use it. My MIL hated it so I used to keep Angel Soft for her visits. We'll use anything.

    3. That's a good deal as long as it isn't one ply Scott. I hate that stuff!

  6. We have everything put away here too and it is very nice to be back to normal. How great that you got free eggs and sausage from Kroger. I love that. I hope you have another great week, Cheryl. :)

    1. Thanks I was tickled with that discovery of coupons. I guess that is a good example of always keeping your wallet cleaned out!
      Glad you life is reasonably back to normal as well.
      Have a good one.

  7. Cheryl, free doesn't count. Free is free!!

    We're doing a mostly no spend deal. Milk, eggs, bananas are a must. I'm also nearly out of oatmeal, which I eat every day. And whatever the doc says when I bite the bullet and go see him. I'm 90% sure I have a peptic ulcer. My whole family went through them in their 50s. We *lovingly* ahem call them 'the family stomach.' It started bothering me about a month ago and I was ignoring the signs I've heard about for decades. I've eaten boring and mush for 3 days now and been symptom free. Hmph. As a Hispanic, taking spicy food and salsa from my diet borders on cruel. And coffee.... I'm very bummed.

    On a cheerful note, I'm thoroughly enjoying my yearly trek through the Tightwad Gazette. I've been reading this stuff for 25 years and it's like visiting with an old friend. I still remember the day I bought my first book. We'd been married for 9 mos. and visiting my mom in her little town. We went into a used bookstore and spotted it. I laughed at the title and leafed through it. I saw that it was $5 so I bought it. I stayed up the entire night reading it all. Then, told my husband about it on the 3 hr. drive home. By the following weekend, we were fully committed and 16 mos. later we couldn't believe we were able to buy our first home. A way nicer home than we thought because the market was in the toilet (95) and we got it for about 1/3 its original cost 2 yrs. earlier when it was brand new. Sorry to go on, but if you have any newbie lurkers, this might help.

  8. I hope you can resolve the tummy issues without giving up everything you like!

    Amy changed me as well. I grew up with frugal parents - but she put it in words I could truly understand. I got my first one at a yard sale - then MIL found one at yard sale and I got the last one at a used store. They are marked up - sticky notes attached and pretty well worn.
    I generally reread them every year. Thanks for that reminder!

    How wonderful that it changed your life in such a large way!
    Testimonies are the best way for people to learn. They can see that IT CAN BE DONE!

  9. Well done on staying on track for no spending. We have only been getting what is on the shopping list. These items are things we are running out of and use all the time. Yesterday I made up 10L of laundry liquid and 3L of Miracle Cleaner. All of these home made and extremely effective cleaners cost me less than $4. Last week I made up salt soap and shampoo sticks. As I use the cold process method in my soap making it will be the end of Feb before we are using these soaps. I have soaps made in November to take us through to the next lot. I made all these cleaning items using what I have here. Nothing was purchased. We are doing pretty well in keeping under budget for this month. Any left over from the budget is going straight into the sadly lacking emergency fund.

    1. Jane that is so neat that you make AL your cleaning and beauty supplies. I love that. I keep my cleaning supplies simple - baking soda and vinegar. I have never tried to make laundry supplies or soap. That is on my bucket list!
      Good job and great that you are limiting spending. Those emergency funds do come in handy!

  10. Good Morning Cheryl,
    Here is a nice website with all Good News stories. Happy New Year to you and your husband. Barb in PA

    1. Thank you Barb. Definitely something to check out.
      Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Cheryl - that's so great that you found those coupons before they expired. Free is the best!
    And thank you for your hopes and prayers for us, your readers. That we are safe and healthy. And that we are given the strength and wisdom to not spend in a frivolous way.
    I wish the same for you.


    1. I was pretty tickled to find the coupons as well.
      You are welcome and thank you. We need to keep each other close in thought and prayer - who doesn't need a few extra prayers?

  12. You've done great! I make similar soup that I call dump stew.
    I found two really nice sweaters for my husband, a pair of shorts for my son, a nice skirt for my daughter, and a couple of nice pairs of shoes at Savers thrift store. It was especially frugal since my friend tricked me and bought it all for me! Sweet friend.

    Happy new year!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. What great finds and how sweet of your friend! That was a wonderful way to start the year.
      Happy New Year o you and yours as well.

  13. I don't know if you are going to survive this no spend month. You are stuck eating shrimp. LOL. That is really nice what your news station did. I don't watch the news. I usually read it because I can skip the depressing or annoying parts.

    1. Yes such a quandary - eating shrimp! It doesn't happen often - trust me.
      I love the mute button on the TV - I can not listen to any bad stuff I choose!