Sunday, March 24, 2019

Frugal Happenings 3/24

Good morning.  Happy Spring to all in U.S..  It hasn't felt a lot like spring in our area, but it has been O.K.  Yesterday got warm enough (and the sun was shining), that I got to air the house out.
I am not going to complain - last year on this date we got 10" of snow!!!!!  So a few clouds and some rain today will be fine!

Things are really starting to pop through the ground and more and more birdies are serenading us every morning.  Daylight hours are getting longer and longer.  We are to get close to 70 by weeks end.  I'll take it and be happy!!!!!

Continued prayers for all those folks dealing with the flooding and snow in the midsection of our country.  It is just so terribly sad.  So many have lost crops, farm animals, feed supplies, homes, and many instances  - entire towns.  Many farmers may not be able to come back from this - it is horrible.

My frugal week:
  • Received a free magazine in the mail
  • Cut G's and my hair
  • Colored my hair again (I cut off all the color!)
  • Cooked chicken in the crockpot this week (then baked to crisp skin), but ended up with 2 lovely golden pints of chicken stock for the freezer
  • Put the spring d├ęcor on the doors
  • G has been without an ID for a few years as there is no way he can get to and get in the license branch.  They finally have a way for him to get one - but he needed a letter from doc and a POA (power of attorney) for me to sign for him.  We found a lawyer (someone he knew when working), that drew up the POA and came to the house for G to sign.  Very reasonable and he will do our wills as well.  So there you go - a lawyer house call!  We have been fortunate to find so many wonderful people to help us professionally.
  • I ran to feed store (squirrels were almost out of groceries again).  I made the rounds while driving down there.
  • Hit the Kroger that is down that way.  Got cabbage at .39 lb. before the sale ended.  Got about 9 1/2 pounds (3 heads).  I got 5 packs of thick cut bologna for $1 each.  Nice to have around for a quick meals or treat (the date is way in future).  I also found 3 packs of ground beef marked down to approx. 1.27 per pound.  Worked out to about 9 pounds.  I ALWAYS buy hamburger when I find a deal - I use a lot and it can be transformed into all kinds of things.
  •  Then ran by Big Lots on the way home to see if they ever got in any comforters worth bringing home.  The material these days is so ugly in my opinion.  I need a new one - but I am not even considering one till I find something pretty.  Well as I was walking out, I looked and saw a clearance shelf.  There were 8 packages of Archway molasses cookies marked .25 each!  I grabbed them all.  There are only 10 (big) cookies per package - but I couldn't make 80 cookies for $2.  They taste like the ones Mom used to make!  Wonderful treat!!!      Funny side note:  A clerk walked by and said  "can I get you a cart?"  (I had 8 boxes in my arms!)  Nope heading straight for the register.  That is all I got - a cart would just entice me to shop more!
  • Got to air the house a bit - love the fresh air
  • Spent yesterday deep cleaning the kitchen!  Surfaces, under, behind, on top of, inside of...…. you name it.  Not complete yet, but really got a ton done.  I have no stove vent - so things get tacky and dusty over time.  Love deep cleaning!
  • Doing all the normal stuff - meals from home, making tea, laundry in cold, etc.
Our meals last week:
Egg salad sandwiches and chips
Pizza casserole
Chef salad
Chicken thighs and dumplings
Dirty rice with ground sausage and salad
Taco pie (2X)

Not a lot of exciting stuff, but every little thing helps.  We all do what we can to save a little and be good stewards of what we have. 
What was your week like?  Any deals or money saving projects?

I am totally anticipating warmer weather and being able to work in the dirt again.  Trying to get the house in order and just enjoying every day the Lord gives me.

May your week be one of health and happiness.  Stay frugal my friends.  Try to improve your lives each day and to help make the world better one little decision at a time.
Blessings to you and yours from our humble home to yours.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week, Cheryl. What a deal on the Archway cookies. I would have bought them all too. I hope you have another great week and get to dig in your garden soon.

    1. Thanks. I hope to be digging or at least working out there soon!

  2. Good morning, Sounds like you had a pretty decent week.
    We had our taxes done, receiving a small refund, better than paying for sure.
    We had a realtor come and tell us what things we might do to our home to make it more appealing to a buyer and surprisingly the only big thing to do would be to refinish our hardwood floors everything else is just cosmetic type things to do.
    We haven't given ourselves any sort of deadline so as not to get stressed about it. I have lots of things to pack up for storage.
    We have been eating from the pantry and the freezer all but fresh items which I shopped this week for.
    And I finally got my chicken broth canned up and all jars sealed!!!!
    Today we are paint shopping, yipee; not.

    1. Glad you are getting a refund! We have to pay a little but that has to do with the Obamacare discount. I will be glad to get on Medicare this fall and not have to worry about that any more.

      The house must be lovely that didn't recommend any changes. Floors just need refinishing over time. Good to just be able to do things in your own time.

      I love homemade broth - mine went in the freezer. Great job canning it. YAY -,love that "ping" sound!!!

      Have fun painting shopping - I like stuff like that.
      Have a great day!!

  3. It pays to know people from all walks of life that's for sure. I'm loving this nice weather too.

    1. Yes it does. I love having a few connections!
      Looking forward to warmer temps at the end of the week.

  4. I'm not ignoring you, but something about pop ups on this phone erases my posts! I lost 2 last week and it gets discouraging.

    Great finds as usual. I'm trying the market tomorrow to see if I learn anything new about their markdowns.

    1. Glad you are OK. I don't have one of those phones - so I can't offer any help.
      Good luck!!

  5. Okay, meals last week were
    Pulled pork with pita chips and hummus
    Beef barley soup
    Bean burritos
    Fish sandwiches from Arby's. Oops!
    Tuna Melts (dh' fave so we have these a lot)
    And I can't remember another thing! Time to write it down!

    1. It all sounds yummy. We all have an oops now and then.

  6. Not such a great week here. I broke the TV. I contacted my daughter and she bought her partner over. He checked it out and then looked online and found me a good deal on a new TV. I counted all my gold coins and I had enough to pay for it. The emergency savings has helped me out so many times. I still have a bit left but will start to build it up again.
    Bluey found a 5kg ham for $13. He cut it all up and then vacuum sealed the ham before freezing. We had just run out of all the left over ham from Christmas. He also bought home a bag of large capsicums. I raided the garden for chilli fruit and have a pot of sweet chilli jam bubbling away on the stove. I was gifted a bag of rosella fruit which I made up into jam for the pantry. I was having a good week until I broke the TV. Darn it.

    1. Do sorry about the TV. Glad you had the emergency fund to take care of it. That is why we are frugal! All your goodies sound so yummy. I am so anxious for fresh home grown anything.

      That chili jam sounds amazing.

  7. Oh Cheryl. Your post today was so inspirational for me. I needed to hear just what you said. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Please know I pray for your husband daily. Take care and blessings sent.

  8. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder so I didn't get everything I wanted done. Meals were cooked and the house was kept up but that was it. Only 2 trays of seeds planted. Now I will have to do it all this week.

    1. Oh so sorry. Hope you heal quickly.
      You have time, no need to rush and get yourself down.
      Take care.