Sunday, March 31, 2019

Frugal Happenings 3/31

Good morning.  Here we are on the last day of March.  Woke to a white world here this morning.  Yesterday we woke to 50's and rain and more rain.  It rained the entire day.  I was watching a fascinating TV show and noticed I didn't hear the rain hitting the window any more.  YAY!  Looked outside and everything was turning white!!!!!
We got close to and inch of snow.  Crazy.

We had a decent weather week.  Ups and downs, but did get to air the house some.  The outdoor kitties sure were loving the warmer weather.  They love laying out on the deck and sunning, and this was the first week they actually had several chances, when it wasn't too cold or raining.

Things are really starting to green up.  I can see buds on the trees, and my daffodils were just starting to open yesterday morning.  Sigh!  I am betting the blooms don't survive the snow, ice and 20's.

Good morning from Lilly and Coogy - our indoor babies.  They have actually started sharing the same areas to sit.  They are just too sweet!

My frugal week:
  • Finished up the kitchen deep clean.  Polished all the cabinets - they look so pretty & fresh
  • I used up ham broth and ham from the freezer this week
  • Did lots of paperwork this week
  • Working on de-clutter more
  • Put up 18 more individual bottles of water.  Neighbors gave me more pop bottles.
  • Got to air the house 2 1/2 days this week
  • Ran to Kroger for one of their 4 day specials.  I got 5 - 4 lb. bags of sugar for .99/bag.  I also found 2 bottles of Hidden Valley cheddar/bacon dressing and 4 bottles of zesty Italian dressing for .69 each on clearance.  I also got 4 big bottles of Hunts catsup on clearance for .79 each.  They are remodeling the store (again - ugh) and getting rid of a lot of goodies.  Those were my only shopping parcels this week.  Oh, I did buy a gallon of milk too.
  • Made tartar sauce
  • Doing all the normal stuff - making tea, eating all leftovers, cold water laundry, etc.
Meals this past week:
Ham and beans and homemade cornbread (from scratch)
Ham & beans with rice and cornbread
Chili/cheese baked potatoes
DINER food (we bad) - it was sooooooo good!
Tuna patties, salsa mac n cheese
Finger foods - spicy summer sausage, cheese slices, crackers, dip & veggies (we were both tired)
Smoked sausage, fried cabbage and buttered noodles

Kind of quiet of the frugal front.  The week has been stressful, as we are being bombarded with a lot of extended family stuff - but that is another story.

My plans are to continue to go through areas I haven't yet and get rid of more stuff.  Hopefully by weeks end, it will be warmer and perhaps dry out a little so I can do some yard work.
HOW WAS YOUR WEEK?  Any great deals or frugal finds?  Are you spring cleaning yet?  
I am sure we are all anxiously waiting for the temperature to change up a bit.

I am adding a lovely prayer from our paper this week:
"Awaken our senses today, O God, to beauty.  Enliven our spirits with hope.  Enrich our lives with virtue.  Season our lives with joy.  Amen"
This just seems fitting for myself - but I imagine for many.

May you all be healthy and safe this week and stay frugal my friends.  
Prayers for those having health issues, that you are touched by the healing hands of God.
Blessings from our humble home to yours.


  1. I love reading about your frugal happenings. :) I got the good deals at Kroger this week too, but forgot to grab sugar :( I got the wright bacon on sale. Family loves it. That gave me extra fuel points. Yay. I got colgate toothpaste for .99 each. We are good on that for a while. Got some of the OJ for 1.49 too. I Love the kroger deals when they have them. Hope you have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks. Glad you got some of the deals as well. They have some pretty good weekend specials. I love the markdowns (WOOHOO) as well.
      I should have gotten OJ too - but didn't. Next time.
      Have a great week!

  2. Snow? Wow, that is unreal. It's been warming up here and raining too. We got in on that Kroger sugar deal too and bought 5 bags. WHat a bargain!

    1. Yeah, it was rather surprising to say the least. I didn't expect snow!
      That was a great deal. I have plenty - but figured with summer coming and canning and hummingbirds - I have extra.
      Glad you got some too.

  3. Seems downsizing is a forever job! I've boxed up a lot of stuff to leave just a little in the house when we put it up for sale. You do such a great job of stocking up on your necessities. I can't wait to get settled again and start getting things squared away.

    1. I seriously can't imagine ever being done with de-cluttering. I have so much stuff.
      My heart goes out to you - I can't even imagine having to pack, downsize and move. Bless your heart!!!!
      Good luck.

  4. The woodpeckers and the bunnies are back so I know it is spring. I used up the rest of a ham from the freezer this week too. I made omelettes twice this week. Hubby and I are working on a secret project(it's a gift) so I will tell you about it next week. Have a wonderful week.

    1. I haven't seen any bunnies yet, they are always so stinking cute. We do have woodpeckers.
      Must have been ham week!
      Look forward to hearing about the 'secret' project!!!!
      You have a great one as well.

  5. You got some greAt deals at Kroger. I think I your cats are so pretty. I know they are spoiled.
    Seems like I'm always finding stuff to declutter. Have a great week.

    1. I only went for sugar - but if I find a great deal, I go for it.
      I think my fur babies are pretty too- and YES they are very spoiled babies!
      No end to our stuff is there? Have a good one!

  6. I was catching up on ready some of your blog posts and saw the one about the Dollar Tree. I buy the Pink Salt when they have it too! What a great deal. I didn't know about using it to rinse your mouth if you have sensitive teeth and for sore throats. Both my husband and I have sensitive teeth so we will sure be trying this. Thanks so much for that tip. My son works at the .99 Cent Only Store which is in Nevada and California.They have such an awesome produce department. That's what he works in and most from California so not out of the country. He brings me stuff they are tossing. Like if a 2 lb. package of strawberries with one bad berry in it. They have to toss it so he gets permission to take these things home. It is amazing the amount of free fruits and veggies we get. I am busy processing and cooking with them all for free! Love it. In exchange if I cook something he likes I make extra and have him pick it up so he doesn't have to cook every day after working. I enjoy your blog so much and got behind on reading it when I was really sick. Take care.

  7. Last week was (insert rude farting noise here). It was one of those weeks that was all kattywampus! It left me just exhausted over the weekend. Nothing bad or major, just *see above sound effect*!! I hoped to get back to normal this morning, but I needed to let a friend vent off some anger and frustration. I did manage a few things and I'm looking forward to a more productive week.

    Meals were nuts. Times like that are when I love having frozen leftovers. We had soup a couple of times, chicken sandwiches, and pork from the freezer. We ate at church once. I recall making Sloppy Joes, Tuna sandwiches, & ground beef & cabbage(cook steamed together). All terribly forgettable!

    I am looking forward to being warm again. You all need to remind me I said this when I'm squawking about the July heat!!