Sunday, February 23, 2020

Weekly Wrap-Up 2/23

Happy Sunday everyone.  Hope all are well, safe and healthy.
My goodness, here we are on the last leg of February.  I wonder if March will come in like a lion or a lamb? (it looks like maybe  lamb here).

We have had such cold - some nights getting in single digits.  We had a lovely spring like day yesterday - lots of sunshine.  Today will be warmer as well.
It looks like the upcoming week will contain a bit of everything - warm, rain, colder, snow, sun and clouds.  But it won't be long till Spring is here.

There are lots of birds at the feeders - some I haven't seen at all over the winter, so that is a good sign.  The squirrels are all "frisky" if you know what I mean!!!  LOL.  Think there will be many babies sometime in the near future.  Daylight hours are getting longer and we are getting more sunshine.

It has been quiet this week.
  • I cleaned out the garage a bit on a slightly warmer day - and got a lot of trash to the container
  • Went to the library - first time in ages.  I did get 3 books
  • Been cooking with things I have on hand and from scratch
  • I ran to Kroger one day.  I got 2 - 1/2 gallons of OJ ($1 ea.) and 2 - 1/2 gallons of chocolate milk ($1 ea.).  Both just sounded good.  I have been craving juice and oranges - must need Vit. C!  I also bought a bag with 6 Roma tomatoes (1.99).  UGH - faux tomatoes - not sure they were worth it.  Oh well, I will use them.
  • I ran into an old friend from grade school at the store.  Stood and talked for quite a while.  My goodness, where have the years gone?  How did we get this old?  LOL
  • Still working on over all clean.  I did fall cleaning before the holidays - but you have to start over when you get done!  Never done.  Trying to dust shelves and knick-knacks on shelves (I hate doing that).  Washing all shelves down as well. House doesn't get messy with just me - but it sure gets dusty!
  • Took care of the neighbors dog for 2 days.  Fed and watered and let him out several times a day.  After 3 visits - he got used to me and was super playful.  Cute little fellow.
  • Had some of Glen's family come by for a visit.  That was nice
  • I made a homemade baked dip and also used all leftovers in new ways
  • Been cleaning out more paperwork
  • Drinking lots of water and fruit juices
Meals this past week:
Ground beef patty w/fried onion & pepper - French fries
Dirty rice w/ shredded chicken and beans
Leftover rice and chicken with slaw
Baked jalapeno popper cheese dip and crackers
Baked fish (topped with leftover cheese dip) and slaw
Spaghetti and home canned sauce - garlic toast
Leftover pasta, sauce - turned into goulash with grd. beef and cheese - and salad

Jalapeno Popper Cheese Dip
1 - 8 oz. pack of cream cheese (softened).  Add  about 1/4 C sour cream or mayo.  About 1/4 C Parmesan cheese.  Chopped jalapeno's (how ever much you want).  Some garlic powder.  Top with more Parmesan cheese and some cheddar (or whatever you have).  Can add crunchy dried onions if desired.  Bake at 350*  for about 20 minutes.  (I used an 8" pan).  This was just soooooo good and filling.

How was your week?  Did you get any deals?  Save any money?
I am getting anxious for warm weather.  I bet most who live here in the U.S. are.  I am just tired of being cooped up in the house.  I may air the house a bit today!

Check this out.  My Coogy makes it his mission every morning to get Mommy up - early.  I always thought it was because he wanted breakfast.  I think there is an alternative motive.
After breakfast he goes in and stretches out across the bed.  I think he just wants the bed to himself!  That is a queen size bed - he is one long boy!!!  Such contentment!!!  Love my big boy.

On that sweet moment I will end.  I hope you all have a wonderful, safe, healthy and frugal week.
Blessings from my humble little home to yours.


  1. I have started my spring cleaning. I'm giving myself until the end of March as I go through each cabinet, closet, drawer, etc.
    All kitchen cabinets have been emptied, washed and new liner placed. The freezer and fridge are done. My food rotation has been working very well and I was very happy to only find one thing that has expired.

    1. Sounds like you are on track to being able to get outside and enjoy when the weather breaks. Good job.
      Kitchen cabinets drawers are on my list for this week.
      Have a good week.

  2. He did his job of getting you up and now he can relax. lol. That's such a cute picture. Take care. Crystal Hankey

    1. Yes indeed. He looks like "my work is done".
      He's my handsome boy.

  3. Charlie gets me out of bed in the morning so she can have the warm spot. They do have us well trained! When Charlie lays on her back like that, she wants tummy rubs.
    I went 6 for 7 on exercising this week for a total of 19 days so far. This is going to be a very busy week, but I'm sure I will get my 20 days in this month.
    Your column on water outages was timely. We were informed on Tuesday evening that our water would be shut off on Wednesday for as much as nine hours. Out came the stash of kitty litter jugs and buckets for flushing water and the igloo jug for kitchen water. We do keep some containers filled all the time, but can't store very many in the house, and they will freeze this time of year on the mud porch or in the shed. Fortunately the water was off only three hours, and we had to flush only once.
    Aren't libraries wonderful?! I remember being so happy on my sixth birthday because that was bookmobile day and I could finally get my very own library card. I'm sure my mother was glad to get me off of her card, too. LOL! I am very fortunate to live in a county with a robust library system and good library loan service. I'm at the library almost weekly.
    I need to do some spring cleaning. My living room hasn't been dusted in ages, but I just can't seem to muster any enthusiasm. Getting manure worked into the garden beds is more on my mind this time of year.
    No real shopping deals here, but our local grocery store had vitamins BOGO, so I stocked up. Since the raw ingredients are from China, the price has gone sky high in the past month.
    Hope everyone has a good week.

    1. Yes indeed they have us trained well. He loves his belly rubbed too.
      You are doing so well with your exercise. Glad you were prepared for the water outage.
      I used to go to the library a lot, just haven't done much this past few months.
      I try to steer away from anything from China, but that isn't always easy to do.
      Have a good week.

  4. What a sweet boy! We can learn so much from animals; they know exactly what is important in life and face each day with a happy heart. A little food, water, warmth, kindness and love; everything else is just frills.

    1. I do believe you are right. I wish I was as calm and laid back.

  5. Thanks for the Jalapeno cheese dip, looks good. I love the picture of your sweet Coogy. Happy Sunday!

    1. You are welcome. It sure was tasty.
      He is my baby!!
      Have a good one.

  6. My daughter makes that Jalapeno Popper Cheese Dip and it is good. Your Coogy is a sweet boy. I love our cats. We just bought them 90 pounds of cat food this week. I hope it lasts a long time.

    1. The dip is so yummy.
      Cats are such sweet babies. Hopefully that will last for a good while.

  7. We are watching my sister's dog while she is away. He makes himself at home. I find him sleeping on my youngest's bed while she is at college. I booked a restaurant for my oldest's bridal shower. Started working on invites. I got invited to a Harry Potter themed baby shower so that will be fun. So many things are going on. Started pulling out my seeds. I will start planting some this week(indoors). Have a great week.

    1. How cute - animals know who loves them!
      That has to be fun getting things arranged for the upcoming wedding. The shower sounds fun. I have a wedding to go to on 2/29. That should be nice.
      I need to look through my seeds - thanks for the reminder.

  8. Smart cat! I notice you make sure the bed is made for him too. :)

    It does appear that spring isn't far off...a little longer for us than you but it's definitely on its way.

    1. Yes smart cat indeed. I make my bed first thing every morning!
      Seeing signs here and there - but we are expecting snow again this week - so a while yet.
      I guess it gets here when it gets here!

  9. Oh, you sound so you feel like you are slower than you used to be. I don't think you are or even feel that way, but I think I take almost twice as long to do some things.

    I bet Cougie does want the bed to himself....or else after he sees you and gets his morning loves....he is ready to relax till next time.

    1. Not as busy as I could be. Sure I have slowed down. Nothing goes as quickly as it used too!
      He does love the bed. He curls up with me at night when I watch TV - right at my belly. He is such a sweet boy.
      He does like his loving and breakfast - then stretches out for the morning! It is too cute.

  10. Your cat is very handsome! They sure know how to get their way! lol We had a lovely, quiet week with a bit more sunshine than previously although it was still cold. I spent most of the time in the house adding to the wood stove, although I did get out a bit to go to church, the library, and to get groceries.
    *Got another load of books through the inter-library loan system. I got some fiction ones this time to change up the nonfiction and also got a set of the old Murder, She Wrote movies on DVD. So fun and relaxing to watch those! My 14yo daughter also started using this service for her fictional reading. I’m excited this will save us $25 per year by not purchasing a membership at the larger library in the next town :)
    *My frugal fail for the week was going over in the grocery budget. I’m hopeful gardening season will help me with this.
    *I got some small rebates back from Ibotta and spent a few minutes getting Swagbucks points in hopes of getting a gift card in the near future.
    *More on my blog!

    1. Thank you - I think he is a handsome boy and yes spoiled.
      Got to love the library. Our libraries are all free and no fee at all. I love that. It sure can be a savings to not renting movies or buying books. So much to offer.

      I am sure you get back into budget once the garden comes in. It is easy to over spend. So many choices and temptations!
      Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. What a cute funny cat, he has you pegged I am afraid.

    1. I am totally wrapped around his little paw!!!!!!!

  12. You seem to have had a very contented week with the month of February coming to an end and Spring season incoming. I am sure march will give us a guide of what is in store soon. Thank you Cheryl for sharing with us this long and detailed weekly update on your end of month and that did inspire me to get up and start my spring cleaning of my house. Love your darling Coogy. He is so adorable. Please visit us at

  13. That’s a well trained cat and it looks do cosy on bed. It’s good t wake up that way than jumping up after an alarm. Thanks for the Jalapeno cheese dip recipe. I will try. And, that was a frugal meal through out the week. You are surely following the word frugal to the T.Please visit us at

  14. Aww. Your kitty is so cute! I just love the way cats stretch out and sleep.

  15. Nurse here LOL. Poison ivy is not bacterial unless you get a secondary infection called impetigo from scratching it. In that case a topical antibiotic cream should clear it up. Deb from NY .