Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful!!!!

 Well, it isn't frightful here yet - but I know many areas are getting bombarded with the nasty storm that is traveling across the U.S.  We all moan and groan about it - but it is the norm for many areas!  But that doesn't make it any better if you are in the path of it!!!!!

It is going to be getting to subzero and there will be lots of wind and snow.  Yes Viginia, there will be a white Christmas!!!
Today we will reach close to 40*, as will the next couple days.  Thursday, rain comes in and then temps drop quickly and there will be snow and winds.  Not looking forward to that at all.  BUT it is winter and December - so this crud is to be expected.  I am sure the young-ins are super excited to hear the word "snow" for Christmas.
Hoping that all are safe in the hands of angels and the Lord over the next few days.  You may not believe, that is OK.  Some of us do - and we just feel the need to pray for heavenly protection for all.

Things to do to prepare:
  • Have the shovel or snow blower at the ready
  • Have a broom handy as well - it works great on porches and removing the dustings of snow
  • Scraper for the car! I keep one in the house as well!!!!  If the car doors are frozen shut - you can clear the windows anyway - hopefully let some sun in the car to heat up the doors.
  • IF the doors freeze shut - I often use rubbing alcohol - pour over the edges - alcohol doesn't freeze
  • Cover any locks that may freeze.  I put a plastic baggy over the garage door handle and lock - so as to keep snow and ice out of the lock.  Baggy and a rubber band - works every time.
  • Have ice melt on hand for those slick walks
  • Wear layers when outside but don't get over heated - sweating is not good - it can cause hypothermia
  • Work slowly and methodically - don't overdo it at any one time
  • Make sure outdoor spickets are off and disconnected - if you can - cover with Styrofoam padding
  • FIRST inclination in cold weather is to turn up that thermostat - DON'T!  The power grid is going to be overloaded anyway - so if everyone turns up the stat - it will work even harder.  Keep the house warm, but not overly hot.  Wear MORE clothes!  Just a reminder for those groaning about the temps - the folks in places of Europe are being VERY limited to the temperature they can keep their homes per the govt.!  We have it good.  
  • Have an alternative for electrical, in case of failure.  Generator, wood stove, pellet stove, something.  I realize it is a bit late to plan for this - something to think about for the future.
  • Bring in pets - or provide really good 'heated' shelter and water for them
Be sure if you need groceries for the holiday or just for your daily life - you go early.  I have heard that the groceries have been packed here already.  You mention SNOW and milk and bread is GONE!!!!  It always cracks me up - no one is usually stuck at home for more than a couple days (unless country).  People act like they are going to be stuck at home for weeks!

I believe I may be delivering gifts to my brother's house tomorrow - just in case.  The gifts are for my nieces and nephews and the kiddos.  I will take them up there, JUST IN CASE I decide to not wander out on Christmas Day.  If the roads are bad, I will not risk it.  It isn't far - but I am not a fan of driving on bad roads.   I will evaluate the situation later.  Young people are more apt to go out and have enjoyment with the snow - this older gal - not so much!!!!!!

I pray you all stay safe and warm.  Many are traveling and I pray for travel mercies for all.  
Best advice - STAY HOME and STAY SAFE!  Don't go out if you don't have to.  Keep off the roads, so that snow removal crews can get around easily as well as emergency vehicles.
If you park on the roadside - hopefully you can move your vehicle elsewhere, so it doesn't get plowed in!
IF you have to work on the day of or after the storm - my best advice is to stay the night at work!!!  I have a neighbor who works for an area nursing home - hoping he just stays at work (he cooks for the residents) overnight.  Safer for him, and people will be fed.
Take a sleeping bag, a blanket, a pillow, a change of clothes, etc.  Sleep on a couch if necessary.  Just don't take any chances with your safety.

Make sure your car has a full tank of gas, and warm articles of clothing and a blanket inside - IF you must get out.  (window washer fluid as well)

STAY SAFE MY FRIENDS.  DON'T do anything crazy!
I'll be back tomorrow!

Christmas bit today:


  1. We have basically the same forecast as you do. 30sF today with some sun (a gift from God for Husband's trip to the oral surgeon), 40sF tomorrow and Wed., then a fair amount of rain starting Wed. night, rapid freeze and 3in. of snow with single-digit temps and high winds into Sunday.
    Thanks for the reminder about baggies over locks. I had to WD-40 my shed lock yesterday because it was frozen locked. I use a twist-tie instead of a rubber band because a frozen rubber band breaks too easily.
    Don't forget to put everything you need for your back-up heat source where you can get to it easily. My portable propane heater is stored in the house, but the fuel (LP) bottles are in the backyard shed (and should not be stored in the house). Since the shed is in a privacy-fenced back yard, I will be leaving the lock open during this storm so I can get to the bottles if necessary. I already told Husband if the power goes out and the electric company has no idea of when it will be restored, we're going to a motel (assuming we can get down off this hill). The heater is good for a few hours, but will not keep the house warm enough for him to avoid hypothermia.
    It was a zoo at Aldi yesterday morning. A trifecta of the weather forecast, a new $5 coupon that came out in some parts of the area (not ours, though), and Christmas food shopping. They were well stocked. Got two turkey breast roasts for future eating.
    We're praying the power stays on for everyone and that everyone stays safe.

    1. I am thankful you will have good weather for the dental visit. Great tips on the alternative heat sources. YES, please do not store fuel in the house.
      I have heard maybe 6+ inches here - my area is on the cusp at the moment. That is bound to change I am sure.
      A motel would be a great idea for you guys. You need to keep that sweety of yours safe.
      I can imagine the store. People go crazy with just the mention of inclement weather - then the other stuff on top of it. Oh my!!!!!!
      Sounds like you did manage to get a good deal!
      Prayers the power stays on for you as to not have to try to travel away from home!

  2. Hope you and your readers stay safe in the snow and ice. Here in the UK we seem to be over our ice and (very little) snow. Now wet and warmer until Christmas. Hope people's travel plans are not effected.
    Best wishes to you all.

    1. Glad to hear you will have decent weather for the holiday! That is wonderful. I could handle wet and warmer!!
      I sure hope people's plans are cancelled either - but better safe than sorry.

  3. It sounds like you're well prepared Cheryl. I agree with doing what you need to do in advance and staying home when things are ugly.
    I convinced my son to take a day off work today (he has a flexible schedule), because of the cold. It's currently -33C (-27F) with a windchill making it feel more like -47C (-53F). It makes no sense to me to go out in this weather when one doesn't have to. I had a list of errands to run this morning, but they can wait until it warms up slightly tomorrow.
    Take care, stay warm!

    1. Oh my goodness - now that is COLD! Guess we shouldn't complain.
      I agree - no reason is good enough, to risk one's life for the weather. Stay warm and safe!!!

  4. Great tips Cheryl! Yesterday hubs was at Aldi checking out and he looked behind him and the line and gone all the way to the opposite wall. : O Yikes. But people must get their supplies sure enough. Also, I am making sure our birdfeeders are filled for God's Creatures. : ) Even our chickens are going to receive special warmth in their coop of some kind at least. Kitties and doglets are in.

    Prayers for safety fore all! Also prayers that the weather will not be as severe as predictions and our power will stay running... Psalms 91.

    God bless you Cheryl! I appreciate you! Hugs! : )

    Take care all,

    1. I can imagine the store was crazy!
      Yes, I will be putting out goodies for nature as well. I can't imagine how they survive - I guess they are acclimated.
      I hope things start dwindling and that it isn't as bad too. Thank you for your prayers for all. Stay safe.

  5. Good morning, Cheryl. GOOD tips. If you don't mind, I'd like to add a few more, learned through personal experience.

    --Keep one indoor water faucet dripping, preferably with warm water, to prevent water pipes freezing. Even if they're well insulated, when temps drop low enough, pipes can freeze and break. As we discovered our 1st Christmas in Texas when there was an ice storm for Christmas.

    --If you don't have ice melt, you can substitute Epsom Salts or clay kitty litter on icy doorsteps and walkways. The latter is best when temps are in single digits or lower, as ice melt products don't prevent ice when temps are under 20F.

    --Keep a shovel and broom by your doors inside if a lot of snow is expected. That way, you can get *out* of the house easier should you need to.

    Above all, be flexible with your holiday plans. I know that's not easy, but sometimes needs must. I love this verse for all those travelling this week... Luke 4:10. "He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you carefully."
    Happy, safe holidays to all! --Elise

    1. Great tips! Thank you. I do have the shovel, right outside the door and a broom outside and inside. I have lots of kitty litter - I keep in the back of the Blazer.
      Yes, be flexible - no present or get together is worth attending a hospital bed or worse a funeral for. Wrecks are never expected - that is why they are called accidents - so everyone PLEASE stay safe.

    2. 2022 has taught me a LOT about being flexible, right up to the end of the year, it seems.

      There's one other winter tip I *just* learned via our son's septic guy... although most septic systems are buried below the frost line, in super cold weather it's preferable to put soured milk down the toilet or a sink drain as the bacteria is natural and goes to work right away. Alternatively, you can use yogurt mixed with warm water. The various septic products (like Rid-X) take time and warmth to work. I didn't know septic pipes could freeze! Our son found that out.

    3. Elise - I have never heard that before. I am sewer - but good to know. Learned something new today, Daddy! LOL

  6. Lots of good ideas! I think the one about keeping an ice scraper in the house one of the best I've heard in a while. Kind of like keeping your umbrella accessible, not in the trunk. We keep our thermostat set at 67*. Layer up, folks! The Little Buddy heaters do a good job in a pinch. We put a woodstove on the screened in porch after we winterized it. Haven't had to use it yet but you never know. I will take the Urban Farmer to Carmel for his eye specialist appointment on Thursday but I think it's only a rain prediction in the morning. This colder weather was bound to happen but that doesn't mean we have to be happy about it. ha!

    1. Yes, a scraper in the house really helps (good tip on umbrella).
      I have a little heater as well - if extra heat is needed, is uses less power than the furnace.
      Safe travels - yes, it should be just rain until after rush hour.
      Yeah, it is to be expected - but I still don't like it!

  7. Excellent advice, Cheryl. We used to bring our car batteries into the house to keep warm during such bitter cold. From the sounds of it, I’ll probably have to turn on the heat. 😂 I think this is the first year we almost made it to Christmas before turning on the heat. Stay safe and warm!

  8. Ice scraper in the house….GENIUS!!! (Versus keeping my extras in the car lol). Great tips, all!

    1. It sure does come in handy!!! Beats using an old credit card or pancake turner! (I have done both).

  9. We've been in the teens in the AM and mid-20s in the afternoons for awhile, and they're predicting the potential "snowmagedon" to start either overnight on Weds. or sometime Thurs. AM. We could get 2" or 22", depending on which weather forecaster's model you prefer. I'm just about ready!

    Took a shipment to FedEx (legal docs) this AM, made a run to Menards for extra ice melt and dog food, then stopped by Aldi and got EVERYTHING on my list, and ran by Kohl's and got one last gift for a last-minute luncheon grab bag that may get postponed (scheduled for Noon on Thurs.). So, I'm done!!!!

    My daughter was here on Sunday for our annual baking day and she commented about my pantry stash. Told her that, aside from perishables like salad fixings, I could stay home for 3 months or more and be just fine. She was kind of impressed. And, with what I added today, I'm all set and could even forego coffee creamer and/or milk, since I've got condensed, evaporated and powdered to use in a pinch.

    Stock up and stay safe, everyone, and have a wonderful Christmas holiday, if I don't get back on here before the 25th!

    1. Thanks for the reminder about evaporated milk, Lori. Have a blessed Christmas! --Elise

    2. Sounds like you are ready as can be. Your daughter should be impressed, you sound like you have it going on! Love being able to be prepared.
      Here's hoping it is closer to 2" (here too) than the other. Oh my! Stay safe and warm.
      Hope you are back on before then - but Happy Christmas anyway!!!!!

  10. Well thankfully our forecasted ice storm didn't happen ( it's funny just how many forecasted extreme weather events DON'T happen here). It was all very odd, the temperature rose by 10C, overnight!
    But we are useless at snow, 2 flakes and the country grinds to a halt, like we've never seen it before.
    My mum always said that if you guys in the US got snow, then we would get it later.
    I hope everyone can stay safe and warm.

    1. No snow! WOW - that would be something. I thought you lived in Europe - NO? For some reason I always thought most European countries got lots of snow.
      Yes, we get snow every year. Some places get a lot others not so much. People do that here as well - seems they forget how to drive in the stuff from year to year! LOL
      This is the year of snow - over much of the country.
      Glad the ice storm missed you and temps went up.

    2. I'm in the UK and we get very little snow these days, so people just don't know how to deal with it.

    3. Well another thing learned today - I sure thought you got snow there. Today is an eye opener for me!

  11. Cheryl, I read all your posts and really like your blog. I have commented before but not very often. Thank you for taking the time to write all your posts. I really appreciate being able to read them. Merry Christmas and I hope you have safe, enjoyable holidays.

    1. Hello Terry. Thank you for being here and taking a moment to say hello. How kind of you. I love doing this and I hope people like it as well.
      You stay safe and Merry Christmas.

  12. Really cold here, not fit to be out and about in. We will definitely be having a white Christmas here. Hopefully we finally finish clearing out the driveway before Kurt and Kris arrive for the holiday.

    God bless.

    1. Sorry - it seems to be making its way across the country. I hope you get things all cleared and that they have a safe trip to your home.
      Stay warm and cozy!

  13. The woman who cleaned, offered to take our foam covers for the spigots and put them on. It would have been hard for us. It will be 20F here on Fri or Sat, forgot which/ That is during the day!

    1. That was very nice of her. I know that is extremely cold in your area. We are used to that here. We have a couple nights coming up over the weekend in the negatives. Brrrrr.
      Please stay in and stay warm and safe.