Sunday, December 11, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 12/11

 Happy Sunday all!  I hope this finds you all well and safe.
Whew - what a week it has been.  I am surely hoping the remainder of the month is quiet and calm.  I shouldn't complain, as there are so many that have had a much worse week or month or year.  Life gives us a lot of ups and downs - good and bad - yet we continue on!  That is what we do!!!!

We have had fairly mild temps again this week, along with gray skies, foggy days and some rain.  It looks as if the coming week will be much of the same.  The squirrels have been munching away and the birdies are all eating whatever they find.  I have had a Downey woodpecker around all this week.  I just love seeing woodpeckers - they are so majestic to me.

Remember these?  I have some in a jar on my table right now and I bought a container of filled hard candies for my brother's gift bag.  A bit of nostalgia!

My week:
  • Finished up all the jar recipes for gift bags
  • I used Old English on my natural wood chest of drawers.  It was so faded and blah looking (from sun) - it really perked up the look!
  • Made a batch of jelly - to gift.  (2 berry - grape and blueberry combo)
  • Got my Blazer back.  Well, it turned out the place that had it lied - there was damage to my door, both body and paint!  Hmmmm.  (Not a huge area - but damage non the less).  They only fessed up, right before I was to receive it back.  Needless to say this girl blew a gasket!  They lied about it for 2 days!  I don't think the guy was used to a woman standing up for herself, nor was he used to someone calling out his business ethics!  I got the Blazer back and he marked the invoice PAID IN FULL!!  Yep, I paid $0 (it was orig. $395).  He also gave me his insurance company name, so I can turn in the damage to be repaired.  I guess it does pay to speak up!
  • I had to get a new computer as my old one died a complete and total death in an instant!  I am really getting used to the new one and like it.  It was marked on sale with a decent price, and it rang up $80 less than that sale price!  WOOP - WOOP!  
  • I did a gas fill-up and received a .60 per gallon discount.  (Paid 2.79/gal.)  That was thanks to buying GC's last month and buying on a day with dbl. points!
  • I got my new progressive bifocals.  This is taking some getting used to!  I wear them only when reading or computing.
  • I ran to Kroger, Aldi and WM (where I got glasses) and finished up the Christmas shopping!!!!!  I do believe I am DONE!  I just need to wrap (bag most) and bake.
  • I mainly was looking for items for gift bags & kiddos while shopping.  I did get a couple items for me - milk, ice cream and a couple of markdowns on clearance.  I also bought a spiral sliced ham for when the kids come up for Christmas - it was .89/lb.
Bags of Brussel Sprouts were 1 1/2 lbs. each.  I had planned on buying Brussels on the sale for 1.99/lb.  I got a much better deal.  The nuts are each jar just over 2 lbs. each.  
  • Got the cards all addressed and ready to go in the mailbox on Monday
  • Cooking from scratch and at home
  • Doing all the normal stuff we all do
Seems, I did a lot better this week than I thought.  With no charge on vehicle, extra discount on sale price for computer and finishing up gifts - kind of a win-win.  The savings paid for those gifts!
I have had better weeks - but I have had much worse!  Que sera - sera!

Meals this week:
Beef & bean tostadas
Breakfast - sausage, eggs, and a waffle
Big cheeseburger on toast (no buns) and chips
Fish sandwich and salad
Cheesy broccoli soup (freezer) and cheesy bread sticks (freezer)
Chef salad and leftover bread sticks
Dirty rice and chopped pan seared Brussel sprouts

I am getting with my siblings today for our holiday luncheon.  Looking forward to sitting and chatting and catching up!
How was your week?  Have you gotten any good deals at the stores?  There seems to be many deals out there - holiday specials. Food deals - for your pantries & freezers?
Are you doing any special baking?  Any thrift store shopping?
I sure hope you are all well and safe and happy.  Have a wonderful week.

Sending blessings from my humble little home to you and yours!

The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.
Isaiah 32:17

Lord, Help us have faith that You have control, when we cannot see the path that lies ahead of us.  Point us each in the right direction, to live a loving and giving life.  We pray for guidance for us and we pray for peace among all on this earth.  Thank You for Your blessings.  Amen


  1. Good Sunday Morning! My "score" for the week...Publix had standing rib roast, boned and tied for easy carving for $5.99 a pound! A savings of over $9 a pound!! I bought 3! One for family gathering at Christmas, one for another family in March, and a smaller one for DH and I for a "special occasion". I haven't seen them this low for about 3 years or more.

    Sounds like you have your Christmas list pretty well crossed off. Me, too! Got the meals planned out for the 2 weeks I will have company staying here. Prepping ahead/freezing what I can.

    1. That is some deal you got. I am sure it will be much enjoyed by whomever gets to taste!!!!!
      Glad you are ready as well. Kind a load off the mind!
      Good to be all prepared for company!
      Have a great week!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a week you had! I’m glad you have your new glasses and wow on the blazer costing zero! I hope you can easily and quickly get the damage fixed by their insurance company. Nice deal on those Brussel sprouts, I love them. I hope you have a wonderful time with your siblings today. Merry Christmas!

    1. Well, I would have not complained to pay - but considering the crud they pulled - he was wise to say "no charge".
      I love Brussel's as well. I will be enjoying those much thos week!
      Thank you - looking forward to a little family time.
      Have a wonderful week.

  3. Well done on dealing with the vehicle repair business! Perhaps he'll have learned a lesson to not withhold information from a customer. Admitting fault for the damage is important.

    I love those candies and haven't seen them anywhere forever. We used to get them in our Santa bags at the Christmas concert. There were a couple flavors I didn't care for, but I'll be darned if I can remember what those were.
    Have a great week ahead!

    1. I hope he has learned something too. Maybe future women customers will be treated better!
      I love the candies too. I find them at Ollies, Big Lots and the CVS here. Just a fun treat from back in the day.
      Have a lovely week!

  4. Good Morning, Wow on the Blazer is all I can say. Maybe his work ethics will change for the better.
    Good job on being done with your Christmas preparations. I'm just getting started shopping; the kids never tell me till the last minute what they want or need. Mostly I'm shopping for the granddaughter so it will be pretty easy. But I need to get it done and gone before the end of the week.
    Enjoy your lunch!

    1. WOW was not my first words!!!!! I had a few more colorful words! LOL. I sure hope he has learned something. He was such a jerk.
      It is so much fun to buy for the little ones. I had a ball looking at toys and stuff. You have fun with it! She will love whatever grammie sends her!
      Thank you - I look forward to our luncheons.
      Have a fantabulous week!!!!

  5. Definitely put on the tinfoil hat, Cheryl! Hang some holly on it to keep festive! I miss the days of honesty, when someone would just fess up to their mistakes. I'm glad your car is back, but it shouldn't have been with drama!

    Oh, that old Christmas candy! I didn't like the filled ones, but I always loved the little pillow type. And the ribbons! My aunt always had those in her candy dishes and I'd change seats to make sure I got both!! Didn't they come in a little tin?

    My brother is in a small trailer, thank God, and got a p.o. box so his is the only gift I need to send. He is desperate for socks so I picked up a 10 pack at Sam's. I'm also sending him some fudge, candy, and a few cans of food. The store isn't too far. But he's disabled so it's tricky. What a relief to have him roofed for the winter.

    Tried an Amy D. trick and used duct tape to fix a torn shower liner! We still have the thermostat at 62° during the day and 55° at night.
    I planned menus to use up ingredients from the fridge before they went bad. I had 2 containers of ricotta dated mid November. They were fine, but I made 3 zitis. We had one for dinner and 2 went into the freezer. Future fast food!

    Menu included
    Chicken elbow soup. I ran out of egg noodles!!
    Meatloaf and baked potatoes.
    Baked ziti.
    GB patties and sweet potato fries.
    Aldi's pizza.
    Kielbasa and spinach/carrot polenta.

    Gas was $2.84 , milk was $3.22 gal., and eggs were a whopping $4.46 at Aldi. We passed on the eggs!

    Lastly, I'm reading:
    On my nightstand - The Christmas Bakery - 4 short stories by different authors. Think predictable Hallmark Christmas romance! Not loving it, but I try and stay off my murder mystery norm in December.
    Nothing in my craft room CD player.
    With my Bible study - a daily Advent book.
    By my reading chair - something by Rick Mofina!
    We're just finishing up another BBC mystery series called Sister Boniface.
    Silly, but enjoyable.

    1. So happy to hear that your brother now has a roof over his head! You are a good sis!
      Duct tape is a remedy to so much! That is a bit chilly for me - I don't keep it hot - but a little warmer than that!
      Our Aldi had eggs about 1.50 cheaper than yours. Milk is cheaper here as well. Gosh, I hate seeing the prices others are paying.
      Ziti sounds tasty. Good job on using what you have.
      Have a great week!

  6. You sure did have a wild week, Cheryl. Wowza! At least there was some good with it (no charge on your repair) and you'll end the weekend with a fun family gathering. Yesterday's devotional verse was fitting for me, and I think for you, too... "He gives power to the faint, and strengthens the powerless."

    Debby, I'm so glad your brother has a roof over his head for winter. That has to be a comfort. Hub's brother will arrive midweek for the 1st of many treks out here as he empties the folks' house by the end of the year. He'll then stay with us and/or our son while he looks for a place of his own.

    We're expecting a snowstorm for a few days, beginning tonight. Freezing temps through the week ahead. It might wind up being our 1st white Christmas since the late 1990s, when we lived in OH. I'm so grateful for the pellet stove we bought, as it means we're only using about 22 gallons of propane per month. I'm also very grateful we're well stocked with pellets, food, etc.

    Have a great week ahead, everyone! May you all have lots of blessings! --Elise

    1. Oops... that verse is Isaiah 40:29.

    2. That verse would be very fitting. I needed strength. I did lose it a bit - but prayed and regained my composure.
      Glad your BIL will be visiting off and on and then staying in the area. I have heard there was BIG weather in the west and upper mid country coming in. Stay safe and warm. Sounds like you have it covered.
      Have a wonderful week!

    3. Cheryl and Elise,
      I heaved an audible sigh of relief when my brother called and told me he bought a small travel trailer. The kind woman he bought it from got it towed to a small trailer court for him where he can afford the rent. Now, if he just pays for it, it's all good. He said it's in very good condition. So I remain cautiously optimistic and pray a lot!!

    4. I am very happy to hear that. Sounds like he maybe had an angel watching out for him. Nice lady. Will continue to keep him in prayer.

  7. Sure do remember those candies. And how about the ribbon candy….remember that?
    Oh my goodness with the Blazer!!! You MUST be honest with your customers and clients…otherwise what ARE you????
    Glad you got your glasses and still so pleased about your eyesight!!! Have a wonderful day with family! - Carol

    1. I liked the heavier ribbon candy not the super thin. I always cut my tongue on the thin!!! I do see that at stores now and then. I like all the old fashioned candy. The filled raspberries were always a favorite.
      Exactly - he really hurt his self. No good recommendations coming his way at all.
      Seeing long distance is just so neat and a huge blessing.
      Have a great week!

  8. Two of my daughters and I spent all day yesterday baking Christmas cookies! So fun! We'd never done that before. I think we ended up with 13 different kinds. And they're all good! Lol. It's interesting that the cookies we each chose to make really reflect our personalities and preferences. We decided we want make this a tradition. I don't spend as much time decorating as I used to and I must say I'd rather spend my time with my girls baking all day. I've learned it's ok to change things up and quit doing some things and start doing new things.

    1. Oh how fun that must have been. What a great tradition to start. Memories in the making I love it.
      I would have loved being a little 'mouse' at your place to get a taste of this and that!
      Spending time with family is always great.
      Have a fantastic week!

  9. Glad you stood up for yourself and that it paid off. It beggars belief that they would not only lie to you but not fix the damage. Very shoddy service indeed.
    My week has not gone that well, 2 days of migraine, a gift ordered on the 9th of November is a no show and I can't get anything else like it and the weather is COLD. I hate the winter, I really do.
    The only good spot in the week was finding out that a pension plan that I took out years ago and had forgotten about is worth a reasonable sum! It will help nicely in my plan to retire in November 2023.
    Keep warm and safe everyone and have a good week.

    1. So sorry for the migraine. Those are just awful. Sorry too, that you can't get the gift you ordered. Maybe it will still show up.
      I am with you - I dislike winter very much!!
      YAY on the pension plan!!!! Any extra money is a huge win in todays' market. That is great. 11 months and counting! It will be here before you know it.
      Have a warm and great week.

  10. You go girl! Us old ladies have what it takes! It is this kind of thing that kills small businesses but quick and then they wonder why.

    One of our salvage stores had a big sale for their 5th anniversary and I was really sad that we did not have room in our freezer but we got some crazy deals like 4/$1 bags of potato chips and $1 a box for KIND bars which will be great with the teenage grandsons are here for Christmas. Then we stopped to check out a new store in town, US Chef, which is a restaurant supply food store. I didn't think the prices were great overall and we cannot use the quantity they sell but there were treasures to remember for later when we have need of them. Their breads were restaurant breads like the most beautiful burger buns like you only get in a restaurant were 16 in a pack for 299 and other nice bread products that are not available anywhere in town and such great prices. Flour tortilla were premium brand for Aldi prices, huge cans of non stick spray were 3.29, five pounds of restaurant FF were $8 and other like deals and we only looked at half the store because it is huge. It was a fun outing and we get to do it again one day when we want to do something out of the house.

    Enjoy your family today!

    1. Yep, never underestimate us older folks - we have seen and heard it all before and don't need to take it any longer. He has just recently started with or bought the company, and he will ruin it. I have used it before under different people and it was wonderful. Too bad - but hopefully he learned something. Don't screw with older chicks - we got spunk!!!!

      Sounds like a great place you found. It will be nice to have that kind of place around on various holidays - when grilling out or something. You got some good deals at the salvage place.
      Have a great week.

  11. I love your Christmas ribbon candy! Thank you for bringing back memories of Christmas from the 1950's and 1960's!! I also appreciate your letting us know where to buy them now. I am also going to follow your example of speaking up as soon as you realize there is shoddy work or bills in error! Several times I have noticed there are small charges (under $5) added to my grocery receipts for items I didn't buy, but I only discover this once I am home and not able to go back to the store. Has anyone else seen this?

    1. Yes, it's common here in the UK too, another 'trick' is charging full price for reduced goods. During the summer I watched a woman using those awful self service checkouts, she scanned a loaf of bread and it came up as a joint of beef and she paid!!!

    2. Thos older candies all bring back memories of childhood for me. Oranges in stockings and nuts and hard candies. Little toys - OK now I am going down the rabbit hole!!!! LOL

      I have noticed extra charges when I have gotten home as well. I try to watch the register closely, but they start ringing before I am done unloading. I try to look before I leave - but it isn't always possible. I hate getting cheated - it just aggravates the dickens out of me. I am getting so much better about voicing my disappointments and grievances. We have to stand up for ourselves - nobody else is going to. Stuff costs enough and we shouldn't get cheated.
      Have a wonderful week.

  12. Linda, after several errors on my receipts, I now pull my cart over and check the receipt carefully. That way I can get my refund immediately if there's an error. The other thing I started doing was keeping any raincheck I get stapled to the ad so there's no questions! I got so tired of hassles that I wasn't responsible for!

    I also heard from a friend who eats out a lot that she was charged a 20% service charge and then also had a tip line! When she asked, she was told it was because so many people paid low tips that it guaranteed the server a proper one. We both wondered how many people paid both and never noticed.

    It's a curious world we live in......

  13. Hi Cheryl, Oh my goodness, I don't blame you for blowing a gasket. What is wrong with people? My husband is a semi retired real estate broker (think George Bailey type of guy) and this other millenial realtor my daughter's age, (I know her parents!) But her buyer terminated the contract with my poor daughter on the sale of her townhouse with no explanation and now won't call back...You can't even make this stuff up. I so get how you felt at the auto mechanic's! What is wrong with people's ethics? It makes me a little depressed sometimes at what has become of our society. At least now we can leave a review if needed although we hate to do that.

    The hard candy! Yes! : D My mom had a lidded brass candy dish on our little coffee table with a glass liner. It was filled with pretty hard candy like that and lol...It ended up melding together where you would have to pry a piece off to eat one! lol...Yep, I think it stayed like that for a long time! lol lol lol I think that stuff is so pretty though and just fascinating to look at. Loved seeing all of your meals, I made a big pot of Tuscana (Italian) soup with almond milk and tofurky Italian sausage with greens in it, served with brown rice pasta one night and it was sooo good and comforting. That lasted three nights and I just added a side of crispy falafal the third night to change it up. I got the frozen falafal at Trader Joe's and it is so good I found out! Last night we did pizza and broccoli on the side. That was good and I froze half of mine for next Saturday. Usually for lunches I have an egg sandwich or something like that.

    Love your scripture, prayer and meme too. Wonderful!

    I appreciate you! Thinking of you on these grey days. I have my Christmas lights on on my tree too. : )

    1. Gray days for sure. Tomorrow we are supposed to see a little sun MAYBE! Love the holidays lights - they cheer me.

      We always had a lidded glass candy dish with the above in it. You are right they just kind of melded together! Still do! I keep mine in a mason jar with a lid - but still have to rap it once in a while to get the candy loosened up!!!!

      Your meals sound good. I love comforting food. I shouldn't have to cook much this week. I have leftovers, my neighbor sent me over a big plate of very mild Indian food she made (not a fan of spicey Indian food) and my sis sent me home with leftovers from today!!!! Yippee!
      Hope you have a great week!

  14. Happy Sunday to you Cheryl. Cool, overcast and actually very windy here. You got a lot done this week. Way to go.

    God bless.

    1. I really did accomplish a lot IN SPITE of everything! Thanks.
      Many blessings to you!

  15. (Little Penpen) I missed the damaged blazer story, but went back and found it. What a mess but I’m glad they did the right thing and didn’t charge you. I bought some of that old fashioned candy last year. It was a nice nostalgic treat!

    1. Yep - a real mess. Hopefully they learned something.
      I love it too! I like those old timey things! They make me smile
      Have a wonderful week.

  16. Things will work out with your vehicle. And you have celebration & gatherings to look forward to. More holiday preparations were completed here with only a few odds & ends remaining for gift giving. Soup mix jars, limoncello, cranberry orange cornmeal, chocolate chip & sugar cookies were made awa one batch of caramel popcorn twists for the caregivers at the lodge where my mom lives. I ran out of syrup for the caramel corn; not good planning on my part but I'll pick up some more tomorrow. The grocery runs every 2-3 wks have devolved to weekly or more often in this holiday prep time. My family is getting a rental property ready and b/c I'm the one who lives the closest, I get to do a lot of the busy work. I'll be glad to have that responsibility off my plate. I attended 4 craft shows this season & scored a gnome for my DIL at the last one. It's been nice to see community members that I haven't seen for years, something I missed during the pandemic restrictions. Meals this week: rice bowl with beef & vegetables; more rice with stir fry vegetables & Italian sausage; black bean soup; roast chicken & a very sorry boxed pizza last night.

    1. Yum. I want to be on your Christmas list - gosh, that all sounds so good!
      I will probably check out grocery deals until the end of the month - the do my no spend January again. I usually do that each year.
      That sounds like quite a job on the rental property. I bet you will be glad to be done with that.
      I did not make it to even one craft show - I planned to go out, but didn't. I really do miss them.
      Sounds like you are a rice lover as am I. Your meals sound good.
      Don't work too hard. Have a great week.

  17. Did the garage think that you would ignore the damage? You prevailed in the the end. Woohoo!

    Used to love that hard candy. The shop in Speedway has all sorts of old style candy.

    1. I think that maybe they thought I would pay before seeing, then I couldn't say it was them! I said no on paying before getting the vehicle, and within 15 minutes they called back and said - "Oh by the way....". Such bad business.
      I just love the older candies.
      Have a great week.