Sunday, December 4, 2022

Weekly Wrap Up 12/4

 Happy first Sunday of December to all.  Just think in 4 weeks it will be 2023!  Eeeekkkk!
I hope this finds you all well and safe and happy.  The days go by so fast - it is hard just to keep up with all the holiday goodies.

This week, we had some warmer days, some rain, some cold, and lots of wind.  It appears we will be seasonal this coming week with days in the 40's (F).  It will also be rainy and cloudy - I say it beats snow!!  December seems to be one of our cloudiest months of the year - so when sunshine is seen - it is a wonderful gift.

I 'SHOULD' get my Blazer back tomorrow!!  Here's hoping.  The fuel line is specific to the dealer (the connectors) and had to be special ordered.  A little more than I figured in price - but hey, that is OK.  I will have me vehicle back and that is great.  It is amazing, I can stay hope for a couple and not have a problem - but when I "can't" go - I want to!!!!  LOL.  Human nature!
I have had neighbors and family call and ask several times if I needed anything or needed to go somewhere - and I did not.  All is good.

My little holiday decorations!  Not a lot - just enough for me.  They are setting on the library table that my momma always got her tree set on (it came from Santa) when she was a child - over 100 years ago!

My week:
  • Went to eye specialist and regular eye doctor this week.  Glad the exams are all done - should get my new bifocals this week
  • I used my LAST garden tomato on Monday - yes I did!  
  • Ordered the jerky and summer sausage for gifts this Monday.  That is a part of gifts that is highly anticipated!!!!
  • Managed the bank for funds and feed store before being without a vehicle
  • Blazer towed to car shop - $0 charge - thanks to AAA
  • Froze leftover turkey and stock
  • Did a tiny bit of decorating (seen above)
  • Cut my hair
  • Been working on soup jar recipes and spice mixes for gift bags
  • Got my gifts all sorted and bags started with what I have on hand
  • Making my list and checking it twice!!!!!
  • NO grocery shopping at all
  • Made tea
  • Eating from pantry and freezer and cooking all meals here
My menu this past week:
Turkey and veggie roll-up
Homemade pizza - 2X
Tamales over rice
Cheesy/veg rice and chicken and fish bites
Smoked sausage/Kraut and smashed fried potatoes
Pork fritter sandwich, tator tots and carrot sticks
SNACKS - PB/honey on crackers, cheese/crackers, cereal

My turkey and veggie roll-up (before rolled) with my last garden tomato!!!!!!!
Smoked sausage, kraut and smashed fried potatoes!  Those are so yummy!

How has your week been?  Are you working on gifts or crafts?  Baking or making any fun and yummy goodies?  Any big grocery deals?
I hope you are all well and have kept busy this week.  The daylight hours are sure short anymore - it will only be a couple weeks or so, and the daylight hours will start getting longer again!!!!  We just need to get past that shortest day of the year!!!!!!  
How is your weather doing?  So far so good here!  Not going to complain.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you all stay safe and healthy.
Blessings from my humble little home to you and yours.

He will keep you strong to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 1:8

Dear Lord, we know that You are with us daily, and not just for a season.  When we lose faith in ourselves and our fellow man, it is You that gives us faith that all will be OK.  Through You all is possible.  Only You can restore our hope, our energy, and our determination to start again and succeed.  Thank You for Your everlasting strength and love.

A Christmas Bit

"I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men,
Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
God is not dead, nor doth He sleep;
The wrong shall fail, and right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men."    
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. Isn't human nature something, Cheryl? I feel like I've been on the go too much and want to stay home for more than a day.

  2. I know you’ll be glad to get your blazer back, Cheryl. Your Christmas tree is the perfect size for one person. How sweet to have it sitting on a table from your mother’s childhood! I know you are happy to have your eye exams all done. I know I was! Your dinners sound so good, especially the tamales, We love those. I hope you have another good week and stay warm! 😊

    1. I will be very happy - I need to get busy finishing up shopping!!!
      So happy to have all the eye stuff done - huge sigh of relief.
      Thanks - you have a great week as well!

  3. I obviously hit the wrong button before I was finished my thoughts. As much as I dislike the word busy, there is lots to do with holiday preparation & socializing, the very thing that gets me through the darkest month of the year. I'm counting the days to the winter solstice & anticipate the coming of the light. Thanks to my snow angel, snow removal is not as time & energy consuming as usual. Antipasto is made & jars decorated for gift giving. 6 doz cranberry/wht choc cookies are made & 90% of the gifts are gathered & waiting to be wrapped. Wrapping is something that I procrastinate about; not sure why. A concert sets the tone for the season & we took in a Christmas show by Terri Clark > 1 hr away. The weather was iffy, road conditions questionable as we set out, 1:4 tickets went unused as people cancelled - in the end I was glad we didn't cancel but travel worries dampens the experience for me. I'm losing my jam when it comes to being a road warrior. Some seasonal decorations were put out. I get a real tree so that won't go up until the week before Christmas. Meals this week - shipwreck (layered vegetables with wieners vs hamburger covered in tomato soup), cheesy curry cauliflower & chicken, carrot/zucchini soup, liver & onions w/ mashed potatoes. If you get a chance, listen to Tom Jackson sing I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day. He's an inspiration in more ways than one.

    1. Yes, all the activities and business helps with the gloomy days. I so look forward to being on the other side of 'shortest day'!!!!!
      I hear you, I am bad about wrapping - thus the use of all those pretty gift bags!!!!!!
      Your concert sounds lovely. I do not like driving on snow and ice - especially ice. I have 4 wheel drive which can help with snow - but useless on ice. I just stay home!
      Shipwreck sounds very interesting. I need some chicken livers one of these days - I just love them.
      I will check that out. I love Christmas music.
      Have a good one!

  4. Yay for great reports from the eye doctor! I’m so glad that is all behind you and things are looking good! Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy. Things are ramping up here as well. I need to get started on Christmas cards. And gift shopping! I don’t know why the procrastination is kicking in this year.

    1. Thanks - it is nice to breathe a sigh of relief with all the eye stuff.
      I have my cards out - does that count? I have been bad this year as well - I will blame it all on the surgery stuff! No good reason really - just one of those years.
      Hope you get it all done in a timely manner!
      Have a great week.

  5. Awwwww! I loved seeing your tree Cheryl! You must have gotten my memo, because I was going to ask if you would post a picture of your tree! It's so sweet and everything there is so homie, a precious vignette of items : ) ...Love the story of the table, those things are very precious and dear to our hearts.

    The scripture and prayer and Longfellow verse from that loved song is beautiful. All of it! Sometimes when I'm feeling tired or on the weak side I'll whisper to myself silently..."You are strong". I say a little prayer and the Lord helps me.

    Love your homie blog...It brings comfort. I'm so glad you'll get your blazer back soon, and that chapter will be behind you! I was just thinking yesterday of how you much have felt with the fire truck! lol It's funny but not funny right? Glad you are clear on your eyes too. PTL.

    Have a sweet day!

    1. Thank you - simple and small is perfect for me. I just love looking at the lights at night.
      That table is precious to me. I remember going to my Aunts (she lived in grandma's house as an adult) and I would play office at that table. When asked if there was anything I wanted - that was the only thing I could think of.
      I pray so many times a day - He just gives us strength!

      Yeah, it is funny now - but I was mortified at the time. They were so kind - I can just imagine the laugh they got!!!!!
      Have a wonderful day.

  6. Happy Sunday! I love your little tree, Cheryl, and the decorations around it. Good that your week ended a little calmer than it started. Thank you, too, for the verse and prayer (as always).

    Our week was... different. My MIL passed quietly early in the week. There've been phone calls with my BIL, who took care of her, and before that, my FIL. It's a big house on a few acres. The house sold quickly, but he's got 1 month to empty it out. He said he counted 7 sofas!! He'll move here afterwards to look for a place.

    This week's grocery deals tie in with that. New York strip steaks were $4.67 lb. in family packs. Hubs and I had one steak and potato meal and I froze the rest, making beef broth from the bones/scraps of our dinner. Bacon was $3.99 lb. with digital coupon, limit of 4, which joined 3 other pkgs. in the freezer. I stocked up on frozen veggies at $1 pkg. Also bought more vegetable oil (lg. size, $2.50) and other pantry staples (all on sale). We're about full to bursting and I'll soon go to under bed and closet pantry storage, as many of you do. Meals were the steak and potato dinner, a small beef roast with sides, and then vegetable beef soup with potato rolls. Taco Bell's $5.49 boxes one night.

    Mailed the 1st batch of Christmas cards. Family. Still have more to get ready. I've also procrastinated with gift wrapping. Not sure why, but the gifts are ready for wrapping when I can get my butt in gear. Speaking of gifts, this is a good thought for the coming weeks:
    "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift." 2 Cor. 9:15

    Have a GOOD week. --Elise

    1. Elise, my sympathies with the passing of your dear MIL! Praying God wrap you in His arms with comfort and peace.

    2. I am glad your BIL will be moving out where you guys are. It is important to be close to family. They house sure sold quickly - I imagine it was for sale before her passing. 7 sofas! Oh my - poor guy has a job on his hands.
      What great deals you got. That is a wonderful price on steak. Yep, stuff is stored here and there and every where!!! Join the club!
      Lovely verse.
      Again, my best to you and your husband and hoping you all find peace and comfort that your MIL is now in Heaven.
      Prayers for a good week.

    3. Elise, my sympathies on your mother-in-law's passing. I had prayed for her and your mom and for family members.

    4. Thank you Linda, Donna and Cheryl. I appreciate all the prayers more than you know. Grief hit today. Had some tears and a nap.

      Yes, Cheryl, there was an offer on her house before she passed. My BIL has his sisters and their families in the area, but CA costs are too high for him to make it, and with Phoenix relatives, there's more family in AZ now. I think my MIL wanted him to move here. He never married. Is self employed. We're retired. He won't be lonely, at least. --Elise

    5. Sometimes grief comes later! So sorry you are having a bad day.
      I hope he comes there and lives - it would be nice for him. Better cost of living - self employed - can probably work any where. Thinking of you all.

  7. Happy to hear the Blazer will soon be home, even with the extra cost to repair. It's obviously been a solid vehicle for you.
    I'm hoping to finish the Christmas preparations by mid-month. I wrote up my list yesterday of those little things that I still need or need to do. I'm getting close.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks, it will be nice to have it back. It has been a very good vehicle, with just general maintenance. Still looks pretty darn good too.
      Good for you - I sure hope to get done soon as well.
      Have a wonderful week.

  8. Foggy here, which is unusual for our area. The humid weather has made the skunk smell on Chez the dog arise. He was sprayed at the end of October at the campground. The dog groomer who, bless her, agreed to bath him, warned us that the oil in skunk spray has a LONG staying power. And indeed, it's here again despite repeated washings.
    Are smashed fried potatoes the leftovers from mashed potatoes?
    I went to Safeway and bought some turkey slices, made mashed potatoes and gravy for hubs. He missed the traditional dinner. Everyone else was happy with Taco buffet.

    God is not dead, nor doth he sleep
    The wrong shall fail and right prevail
    Written back about 1860 and timely for today.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Off to take the chickadees to church
    Central Az

    1. Oh noooooo - how awful. I have heard it is really hard to get rid of that smell. Ick.
      No, fried smashed - are just potatoes that are basically cooked (think baked) - then placed in a pan with a little grease and you just smash them down - fry on each side until browned. Kind of like fried and potato cakes all in one. I keep the skin on them - as I always eat the skin on baked. They are easy and good way to use extra baked potatoes. I do like potato cakes from mashed potatoes too.
      Glad he got his 'turkey' dinner!

      Some things never go out of style or fashion or moral value. Yes, many need to be reminded in this day and age!
      Have a great week.

  9. Glad your Blazer was able to be repaired and the situation wasn't worse. That sausage, kraut and mashed fried potatoes sounds great. I love kraut, but it is much too salty for Husband. Pleased your peepers got a clean bill of health. I'd love to get mine done, but am waiting for Medicare in three years.

    We're having a sunny albeit cold day. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. Chances of snow and ice and very cold temps later in the week.
    I finished my Project Linus quilts yesterday. The JA Fabrics across from the mammography lab is a drop off point for blankets, so I will take them when I go for the ritual crushing of the mammaries tomorrow.

    Used my last coupon at Aldi on Wed. Saved a total of $30 there during November. I'd received one coupon in the mail, then found five more in the trash at the mail boxes. Guess many of my neighbors don't know what they're missing and don't shop there. Bought gas at Costco. It was $3.57/gal w/membership card. Best price I've seen here in months.

    Every winter I fall down a genealogical research rabbit hole, and this year is no different. I tell my husband that it keeps my brains from turning to guacamole over the long, cold winter! I am working on my Carlin/Carland family from Co. Donegal, Ireland, doing an every name study of all with that name who had their children baptized at the same church as my family did. My ancestors came to America in 1885 after the mother was widowed. She brought her eight children (aged 15 down to 3 years old) and her sister-in-law. They spent their first winter in southern Wisconsin before deciding SE Kansas might be better. Gotta admire their courage.

    I'm reading "Hell or Connaught" by Peter Ellis Beresford about the horrible relocation of the Irish Catholics in the 1600s. It amazes me the cruelty some people are capable of in the name of religion.
    In the crockpot is a slumgullion of hamburger, onion, green pepper, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato sauce and Campbell's golden mushroom soup. Cranberry applesauce bread for dessert.

  10. Happy Sunday Cheryl. Fingers crossed you get your Blazer back tomorrow. We put our Christmas tree up this morning as our youngest son, DIL and three year old granddaughter are visiting tomorrow. I have finished our present buying, just need to get cracking with the wrapping.
    Our other son works in the travel industry and was in Turkey for 4 days on a conference last week. We stayed in a hotel near their home to support DIL. She is a teacher so we had early starts to be there at 7 15 so my husband could later walk the 2 boys to school and the little one to nursery. She only does a half day, the child minder usually picks her up but we did so we could spend time with her.
    Father in law took five of his six children and partners for an early Christmas lunch today. Unfortunately my husband's twin sister is ill so did not come. One sister in law and her daughter visited New York for four days over Thanksgiving and they had a wonderful time. It was good to catch up with them all for a chat.
    Happy for you that your eye operation was a success. Have a good week. Heather from the UK

    1. Thanks - my fingers crossed as well!
      Oh how neat that your son & his family are coming. That will be so neat.
      How lovely that you helped your DIL with the kids. I bet she sure appreciated that, and I bet they did too!!!!!!
      What a wonderful family dinner that must have been. SO much catching up and stories to tell. Sorry your hubs sis couldn't make it.
      Have a wonderful week with family!

  11. Hiya Cheryl, I do feel for you as I had no car from the Monday to Friday. How I missed it. The good thing to come out of it is I now do online grocery shopping. It’s great. I don’t go over budget and I have even got my daughter doing in now. She does weekly and I do two weekly. My son and daughter in law come here on Wednesday until Sunday. I will enjoy the company but will miss them when they go. The funny thing is that I can leave them easier than they leave me. I’m a big softie.

    1. Funny how we can miss those things we get used to.
      I know a lot of people do online shopping with delivery - I just can't wrap my head around it yet. I want to see what I get before buying, and I would miss all the clearance stuff!

      So happy your family is coming to visit. It is always so hard to say good-bye when people leave. Of course you will miss them and I am sure they hate leaving momma behind!!!
      Have a wonderful visit and week.

  12. I was so happy to stay tucked up at home and working on various projects for a few days. I did manage to get out for a short walk today as the temperature was not too bad. I even got the downstairs tree up (nothing done upstairs as of yet).

    You had a great week.

    God bless.

    1. Some weeks it pays to stay home - no money spent (well except my jerky order), and getting things done.
      Glad you had days to walk and enjoy nature. I bet your tree is pretty.
      Have a blessed week!

  13. It sure has been windy here. I will take the mid-40's temperatures this time of year.

    So glad your car can be repaired. Much better than having to shop for a used or new car.

    Didn't tell you about our parsnip harvest. We used some in a vegetable soup and the rest we peeled and sliced to freeze. Had two gallon size bags to stick in the freezer. I honestly don't think we will have to plant them next year. Already planning what we'd like.

    1. Yes, I will gladly take the 40's as well!! No complaints here.
      I knew they could repair the Blazer - just taking time.
      Great job on the parsnips. Not sure I have ever had them. I like turnips - raw. Not sure about parsnips. I bet it was tasty in veggie soup. We are always planning, aren't we?
      Have a great week.

  14. Fingers crossed that you get the blazer back tomorrow! I think it's sweet that you have your Mom's table that received her tree each Christmas. Do you have a special place where you buy jerky ?

    1. I hope so too. If not Monday - then Tuesday for sure.
      I love that table!
      I purchase from Walnut Creek out of Ohio. They sell the bigger bags of jerky and they have the summer sausage we all like (cannot find elsewhere). Been buying it each year, for years.
      Have a wonderful week.

  15. I love your little tree. We go with smaller trees now too. They are easier and just as pretty. I still have a few cherry tomatoes ripening on my kitchen table. My husband has been using the last of my beefsteaks on his breakfast sandwiches. We still have some greens and root crops in the garden. It's so fun picking veggies in December!
    Have you ever tried chard and rice soup? I found a recipe on line and made it to use up some of my harvest. It was really good. We had homemade chicken broth in the fridge so it was quick too.
    I think it is great that your neighbors and friends and family are so thoughtful. Good luck with your truck. Enjoy this season!

    1. Hi Dee. Yes, smaller trees are so easy and they are also still pretty. Gives just enough cheer for me.
      Oh I wish I still had more tomatoes. Nothing like fresh tomatoes. Your lucky husband! Nice to still be picking, it must be warmer in your area.
      That sounds like a tasty soup. I haven't had that. I like anything with rice. Mmmmm
      I do have a good group surrounding me. Thanks.
      Have a good week!

  16. Merry Christmas! May you be blessed. You are such a blessing to me, don't ever forget that!

    1. Thank you. Have a wonderful trip. Merry Christmass

  17. HUGE COMPUTER problems. Using tablet for this. NEED NEW COMPUTER!!!! MAY BE A COUPLE DAYS! HANG IN THERE. When it rains it pours!!!! Be back ASAP