Thursday, April 4, 2024

Simple and Beautiful

 Happy Thursday to all.  It is a very chilly and wet morning here.  Guess it is a stay indoors kind of day!  Hope you are all doing well today.

Simple and beautiful.  This is the kind of life I love.  But this can describe life, people, things, yards, clothes, recipes, etc.  It is kind of making the easiest and simplest things in your life the best ever.  Attitude is everything.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This picture is a perfect example - beauty can be found in anything and you can grow and flourish, even in extreme conditions.  When there is a will - there is a way.

A simple life doesn't have to fancy or perfect.  It just needs to be you and what you like/want.  It can be small and selective and be wonderful.
I like the idea of a very basic pantry/freezer - filled with all kinds of BASIC INGREDIENTS to make your food. Ingredients - yes.  Things that can make good and basic meals and recipes.  It allows you to make MAGIC!  
Keep the basic tools to do your job of home keeping.  Basics can be used in many ways.  You do NOT need a special piece of equipment for everything.   Sometimes it just takes a little thought.  A good saucepan can boil and cook, it can be a tea kettle, it can be a steamer, etc.  Get creative.

Keep things that are beautiful and purposeful to you.  Things you really love - the rest isn't necessary.  This makes cleaning easier and less stuff is less visual stimulation - so peace of mind.
Declutter and purge things that bring no joy.  Bless another.

Your home is yours - so you do what makes you happy.  Don't listen to other people.  If you like something that "they" say is outdated or out of fashion - then you use it.  You don't have to please everyone or agree with everyone.  You can't walk into your neighbors' homes or your friends' homes and tell them what to do - don't let others do that to you.  
This works the same with your thoughts, your ideas, your words - they are yours.  Don't let people step into YOUR playground and try to judge you or tell you what to say or how to behave.  Don't do that to others either.

Take time to learn new things.  We are never too old to learn.  I learn something new most every day - is it useful?  Maybe not - but it is now in my head!
Have a use it up attitude, not a wasteful attitude.  Use all things - whether in the same old way or new ways.  Create!
Be economical.  Look for the best deals and offers.  You can still find things cheaply if you search.  Whether it be clearance, coupons, thrift, gifted items, sales, barter, gleaning, etc. - be wise.
Buy what you will use and use what you buy!  This is a huge pantry principle.  It isn't a deal unless you will use it - period!

Simple can be beautiful.  Yes, it can.  It can be beautiful for everything and everyone.  Sometimes we just have to adjust the way we look at things.  Our lives change each and every day - for good and bad.  There are things that happen that just suck - no other way to put it - but that doesn't mean you can't adjust and see beauty again and again in the simple things.
Attitude affects absolutely every aspect of life.

It isn't always about having the most or the best or about money - it is about loving what you DO have and making it the best you can.
Grow where you are planted - it IS possible.
That is simple and beautiful.

Make today wonderful!


  1. Great post Cheryl. I don't really think about money very much because I know what I will spend on and what I won't. I do believe in quality on many items but I can do that because there are many things that I just won't spend money on. My freezer and pantry are filled with ingredients not 'convenience' foods. My cleaning cabinet is filled with just a few basic cleaning agents that are multipurpose. I use rags, very little paper towel. ? We all have to figure out what is important to us and what isn't and create the life that we want. We have to all be the star of our own life.

    1. Thanks. I am with you - I have wants and needs and know where my money goes. So buying some quality goods or important things doesn't hurt.
      So important to figure out your own life. Not following the crowd.
      Love that last sentence!!!!!!! We have to be the "star".

  2. The older I get, the more simple I want my life to be. Your comment about learning is key too, as we age. It's so important to keep our mind (and body) active. We saw that when my Dad had his brain bleed and surgery when he was 93 years old. The surgeon told us, that unlike others of his age, his brain showed little signs of the atrophy. Simple things like word puzzles, jigsaws, and reading can make such a difference.

    1. YES. Life just needs to be sweet not complicated.
      Active minds and bodies are so important - your dad is proof. We can surely all find free things that engages both mind and body. Great reminder.

  3. I also use rags, not paper towels - unless it is something truly *gross* which I don't even want in my laundry! ;) Basic foods set aside for emergency rations.

    As for learning, I'm always trying to learn more about my hymns, trying to sing the different lines of music, to read them. Challenge.

    Also, as I've mentioned before, remaining physically active - parking far away from the store entrance, carrying as much as possible to the car without using the buggy. Are you able to get down on the floor and back up again, or down in the garden and get back up? I am astonished by the number of folks I know who cannot do that. Keep on keeping on. :)


    1. I prepare for the gross things too.
      We all have different hobbies and interests and it is wonderful to actively pursue whatever it is you love.
      I rarely park close to a store - the exercise is free. I still garden and take care of the yard and house - free exercise again. I know lots of people that have laundry moved to main floor now - I still do the basement - as long as I can. I just practice safety.
      Do what you love and it keeps you healthy and alert.
      Thanks for that reminder.

  4. There is so much truth in this, Cheryl. Thank you! Like Lori (above), my freezer and pantry are filled with ingredients, and I've learned to shop smart. I watch what goes into my meals (for the most part), though I do like a splurge now and then and a meal out here and there with friends. It's a mindset that many of us have grown up with, that you can make a meal for four for less than what you'd spend for one meal at a fast-food drive thru these days. We value what we have, use it up, and put a smile on our face, knowing we are going to be OK.

    1. Thanks. Yes, ingredients are just smart and so much easier really. With a little imagination those ingredients can become about anything. MAGIC.
      I think many of us grew up this way, and it makes sense to us. It is a learning curve for others.
      Yes "going to be OK" - that is so very important.

  5. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen an article that tells me to throw out my salad spinner because it is not necessary! How do they know what is necessary for me? We eat salads almost daily and hate those expensive yucky tasting bag salads. So my salad spinner stays!

    We love educational TV and we try to learn new things daily. Even trying new recipes is learning. And I love how violets pop up everywhere in the Spring and spread their good cheer! A friend once told me I need to get those out of my lawn. Nope! I love them!

    1. Those salad spinners are gold IMO! Growing your own lettuce and cleaning - then spin - great stuff too.
      I have people tell me to change my cell phone to a modern one that takes pictures and has everything at my fingertips! I like my flip - it is not used much - don't need fancy. I like my good old Cannon camera, and I don't want info at my fingertips. I totally get you!
      There is a world full of info to learn. Yes, recipes included. We need to keep our minds alert and active.
      I love violets - they are just so pretty.

    2. And don't get me started on my handy-dandy salad shooter from the 1980s. If I'm shredding a bunch of zucchini for the freezer, that's what I'm using.

    3. Sometimes the older stuff is just the best!

  6. I've just been catching up and saw that Louise's tomatoes survived the deluge. So glad that worked out for you, Louise.
    Relevant to your thoughts on doing one's own thing...I often see on blogs, women disparaging their husbands about nodding off watching t.v. instead of doing chores, etc. Imagine a man who has worked his career while his wife managed the homefront quite ably. Then he retires and gets a new boss. Ideally, a couple works as a team to take care of a home but if someone can't keep up, it's time to hire help or enlist the kids when they can spare time. It is so important to give positive feedback and kindness, especially as we near the end of the road.
    I love a good discussion but at the end, I can separate others contrary ideas from their fine points that make them continue to be my friend.
    I see a lot of disrespect these days in my country as well as yours. There was a time when a politician was respected for the office if nothing else. People trusted authorities regarding immunizations and the public good. In my country, ignorant belligerents are affecting government policies to our health detriment.
    The older we get, the more comfortable we are with our tools and devices and I personally find it harder to adapt to new technology. Our landline was so unreliable that we finally ditched it and bought an I phone. I understand about 5 % of it's functions but it is pretty sweet. I never hear a phone ring, just a sweep of a harp; I can identify who's calling before I pick up, I can take and send a photo instantly, ditto messaging. This has been around a long time but I'm a newby so I'm impressed. We use our cell phone as an internet hub too. If my landline had been reliable, I would have stuck with it but that was not the case.
    Ah, violets.. they pop up in the most unlikely places and bring delight.

    1. Yes indeed marriages should be cooperate thing. People definitely need to work together and to discuss things. I may be old fashioned (I like it) but whenever I wasn't working and hubs was - I tried to have a lovely home to come home to and a meal done and he could rest. That was me. I know people today don't look at things that way. Kind of sad to me.

      With today's tech - people can stay behind a screen and say awful things to others or cause trouble and never feel guilty. I think that has given so many an entitled attitude.

      I love that you like you new phone. That is neat. I have my little flip phone for emergencies and still have my home phone. Just too much tech for me!! LOL

  7. I've come to see that a lot of stuff in my life steals time from other worthier endeavors---whether it's just too much clutter or more tech.

    My husband has to have a smartphone for work. We were discussing last night about getting rid of it when he retires.

    It's really liberating to get rid of stuff and have the time to use what does add to my life.

    1. Yes mam - things do steal our time. The computer is my biggest downfall.
      I think you are very right about getting rid of stuff. Life just seems happier and calmer.

  8. Very well said Cheryl. As I declutter and make my life a little bit simpler there is more room for joy in what I already have.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. Good for you! What a wonderful attitude. We all need more joy in our lives every day!!!!

  9. Simple and beautiful is best! Why would we want to follow the crowd? When someone mentions trends, my eyes glaze over and I ignore them. Let folks do their own thing and leave me alone to do my own thing. People get into trouble when they covet what someone else has.

    The violets are pretty! Violets are growing at the base of daffodils in the front garden.

    Today was a busy day, out in the cold, wind and intermittent rain. It will warm up in a few days. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I don't follow trends either. Not on my home or my clothes. I do what I like - if others don't like it - don't care!
      Yes, following the Jones's can get people in big trouble.
      Brrrr - can't believe you worked outside - it was icky!
      Hope you warmed up nicely!

  10. Lovely post Cheryl. xo Cindy/WV

  11. "Didn't like the new boss" - oh my goodness! LOL
    Well, I guess it did backfire for you. It is amazing that some chores are just thought to be a womans by many guys. Not all guys - just some. We always tried to split things when we were both working - he would cook sometimes, do his laundry sometimes, etc. It was nice.
    It is very nice and just kind to share the chores.
    I hope he likes his new boss!!! LOL
    We sure do have a lot of distractions in life, don't we?

  12. Outlook is everything, for sure. Today, we've been enjoying the winter spring day off and just loving it. Just loving this day.

    As for simple ... I love it and talk about that often. Simple is good. OMG, there was this food photo in a magazine at Barnes yesterday. So simple and just loved it. Just lovely.

    1. Yes mam, our outlook can change so much in our lives. I wish everyone believed that!
      I love simple food - just plain old simple yummy food.

    2. I know you wish they would get that. But you know what they say about wishing. Wish in one hand and ...

    3. That was my daddies favorite saying! LOL

  13. Good's amazing what we can learn especially now with the internet. I just hope to remember it so a lot of times I print it!
    I had to go to the internet to remember how to change my vacuum cleaner bag and this lady had made a youtube video just so she could remember! Life is complicated sometimes, simple is good.

    1. Your last sentence says it all! Indeed, we need to simplify all we can as life is complicated.
      YouTube is a great way to learn about anything! So helpful - just don't get suck down the rabbit hole!!!