Sunday, April 7, 2024

Weekly Wrap Up 4/7

 Happy Sunday to all.  What a glorious morning it is here.  Yesterday was so beautiful.  There was not a single cloud in the sky all day - just beautiful blue.  No wind, lots of sun and in the 60's.  The coming week looks to be near normal temps, but a bit soggy. 
Looking out over the horizon it is so neat to see all the colors of the budding trees.  They are just all starting to bud - so lots of greens, gold, bronze, red, purple, etc.  Just lovely.  I have Vinca vine up out front and it is starting to bloom with purple little flowers.
The grass is vivid green and everything seems to have just burst alive this week.

Tomorrow is the eclipse.  I am in totality area - and could NOT care less!  So over all the talk of this.  I saw an appropriate sign on FB - "this is an eclipse, not the apocalypse".  I can't believe the conspiracy garbage I keep hearing.  Hotels and B & B's are booked solid here, there will be fireworks, festivals, parties, schools closed, businesses closing early, etc.  You would think people have never seen darkness before!  There have been many eclipses in my life (maybe not total) - so I am not impressed.  LOL
I do realize it is a learning thing for kiddos and better they be home than school - kind of hard for teachers to keep a bunch of kids from not looking w/o protection, plus the roads will be crowded, and they may spend too long on buses.

Not a basketball fan - but bigger news in my opinion is Purdue (IN school) is in the NCAA playoffs!  (it's been 55 years).  Go Boilers.

My week:
  • Paid the couple bills that came in
  • Got the taxes completed & sent. Good news from Feds - nice refund.  The state had the audacity to want $29!!  LOL  - MAILED
  • Made a batch of biscuit mix to have on hand in the pantry
  • Made 12 drop biscuits
  • Picked tulips
  • Froze one of the sides of the turkey breast I cooked last weekend
  • Got to air the house on Sunday, Monday and again Saturday
  • Cut hair
  • Sliced up a pound of ground sausage, fried some and froze the remainder of slices for another time
  • Froze cake that was left from last weekend - (have had NO sugar this week)!!
  • Mowed the entire yard and trimmed
  • Saved 2 grocery store jars and a bottle from spices
  • Lots of laundry
  • Meals from what I have on hand and from scratch
  • Did get gas while out - only a 1/4 tank and saved .50/gal.  I did not get gas in March at all.
  • Did run in to get milk - and also got 3 lbs. of ground beef (not the roll) marked down to 1.99 lb.!!  Repackaged and in the freezer
  • Just continuing on cleaning and declutter of spring
Meals this past week:
Turkey breast, cheesy potatoes (freezer), gravy and carrot sticks
Turkey and gravy over biscuits & strawberry milkshake (no sugar added)
Broccoli/cheese rice and cube steak, biscuit
Patty sausage, eggs and biscuit
Leftover broc./cheese rice and smoked sausage, carrots sticks and sliced radish
Chili w/crackers
Chili topped with cheese, sour cream and chopped jalapenos
(Homemade chili - was just in the mood!)
SNACKS - ate fruit, cheese & crackers, veggies

So, there you have it.  Nothing exciting.  I am trying to lose a little winter weight - so I have cut sugar from my diet.  I splurged too much over the winter!
Oh the one exciting and nice thing was my sis had her 93rd birthday this week!  She has a lot of aches and pains, but otherwise is in pretty good health.  She is pretty darn special.

How was your week?  Anything exciting or any special deals? 
Always look forward to hearing from you all.

Wishing you all a lovely and joyful week.  Prayers for safety and health this week for you and your families.
Blessings to you and yours from me and my humble little home.

Make me know thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths.  Lead me in thy truth, and teach me, for thou art the God of my salvation; for thee I wait all the day long.
Psalms 25:4-5

Dear Lord, help us to each one stay on the straight and narrow road, and not be swayed by all the naysayers and those spreading ill and vice around the world.  Guide us all to know right from wrong, and to hold tight to Your goodness and love.  Amen


  1. I agree with you about the eclipse. I've seen them before and am not about to travel to see another. Can't imagine this one will be very different unless it *is* the End Times! :D Plan instead to be on my front deck at the proper time to see what the light changes are like in my garden... at 85% and partly cloudy I don't expect much.

    I made up another batch of self-rising flour - part white, part whole wheat. I like to make a stovetop biscuit with my supper, it's such a treat. :) Also purchased some ground round on special and froze it in serving sizes. That was a tasty thing as I eat meat quite seldom, and then usually more as a garnish than main part of the meal.

    Today should be warmer, which will be a nice change. The last couple days have been quite chill and I'm tired of it. Of course, come July I'll be wishing for a cool spell. No pleasing some people. ;)

    Love your Bible quote today, just what I need.

    1. I saw on the news yesterday a lady that had traveled the WORLD like 17 times to see a total eclipse. I don't want see anything that bad!
      It sure is nice to have those supplies made up ahead of time, isn't it? Good deal on the ground round and meat should be a side or garnish - more people need to do that!
      Yep, come July we will all be complaining!! LOL
      Thank you.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. Excellent devotional! We definitely need to learn and adhere to what the Father teaches us.

    I'm with you re: the eclipse. The Farmer bought the glasses to see it but I don't really care. Now the Messiah arriving is a totally different story!

    You were busy this week! We dropped off our taxes in Greenwood and they should be ready sometime the first of the week. They tore down the old Joe's Crab Shack by the tax man, which had been sitting empty for years. Looks like maybe Walmart is using that spot of ground.

    The flowers are all pretty and the daffodils don't seem to be hurt by the cooler night temperatures. In the front flower bed, the yellow daffies stand on a bed of violets.

    It sounds silly, but I enjoy saving jars for other uses. They do come in handy.

    Enjoy this beautiful day! I'm off to cook chicken breasts for dog food and put some other things in the freezer.

    1. Thanks.
      I agree - if it was something bigger, I wouldn't want to miss it!!
      Joes, was a good place - shame it didn't last. That sat empty for years it seems.
      My flowers didn't seem to suffer either, even with a really hard frost and freezing temps. Guess we were lucky! Enjoy those flowers.
      I like jars too - just so many uses.
      Going out for a bit here shortly - piddling around.
      Have a lovely week.

    2. P.S. A splendid birthday to your big sis!

  3. I think people just like a bit of out of the ordinary experiences, so I am not bothered by others excitement over the eclipse. We're pretty far from the path, so likely gray sky maybe. I do like college basketball so looking forward to watching both games. Frugal entertainment and we have gray skys and rain this a.m. so a little cheer.

    1. I guess you are right. But gosh it has become crazy with the eclipse stuff. I mean they happen every 7 years or so, somewhere!
      Enjoy the games. I don't watch - but know lots do (most of my family). It sure is frugal entertainment - I have a few things I like to watch - much cheaper than being out on the town. We have some rain coming in later.
      Have a super week.

  4. I too am in the path of totality. I plan on using the time in meditation and possibly dancing. I am very interested in seeing and hearing the reactions of animals. I want to see the different colors as it happens.
    I did not go to the grocery store at all this past week. I needed absolutely nothing and have been trying to eat down the freezers and pantry.
    I did go to the Family Dollar for a bale of TP. stocking up again and it was in my errands path.
    My daffodils have put on a show this year, and they are lasting so long.
    It is sunny and nice today, I really want to get out and enjoy it.

    1. Good uses of time. There is some phone app for here that records and monitors bird songs during that time. Guess science is interested too!
      Nice job. It feels good to not HAVE to go to thee store. It helps us use up and get creative.
      Yay on the flowers. I love spring flowers.
      Enjoy your sunny day!
      Have a splendid week.

  5. Wow, 93 years old is amazing! Happy Birthday to your sister. I'm not interested as much as I was in the last eclipse since it was just a few years ago. Your meals sound delicious, I love cube steak. yum! I hope you have another good week, sounds like beautiful weather you're having. :)

    1. Yes, she is really something. Such a strong little lady (5'). She has been through a lot and still going strong. Thanks.
      If I find cube steak on sale I put in separate packs in freezer. I make them stretch!
      Thanks. You have a wonderful week.

  6. You had a fabulous week from the sound of it. Can't get too much turkey but froze a lot in portions along with gravy too.
    I spent yesterday in my garden, mostly hacking out oregano that is taking over a corner. We've put bits of oregano in our lawn as it tends to be dry and sparse in summer and the oregano is sturdy enough to survive and spread and is just as easy to mow as the grass. Oregano is a prolific thing and I'm pulling little plants that self sowed throughout the growing season.
    Crocus bloom so I planted some radishes and lettuce; garlic is poking up. The lake is opening up along the shore and a pair of Canada geese flew over the island where they nest; just checking it out, I guess.
    Weather here is sunny too. Today I mean to edge one flower bed and cut up some limbs for firewood. Thankfully, I can still get up off the ground but I'm thinking of getting a stout stick to help with that. I love to weed; it's my favorite part of gardening next to harvesting.
    Regarding the eclipse, any opportunity to make a buck. Hence the hype.
    I want to remind younger readers to wear sunscreen and a hat when outdoors. That gorgeous tan that you seek suddenly turns to spots and wrinkles when you age.
    Wishing continued sunshine and an awesome week.

    1. I do love turkey - but in small quantities. Freezing it helps us to enjoy over time!
      Smart idea with oregano - it has to smell good too when mowing.
      Gosh, already planting! Lucky you. Maybe in the next week or two I will get cool weather stuff out.
      Seems weeds have no problem growing regardless of the weather.
      I agree about eclipse. HUGE money maker.
      Good tip - it will catch up to you eventually!
      Thanks. You have a wonderful week.

  7. And the first week of April is in the books. NE Alberta is far away from the total eclipse and like you, Cheryl, I'm just not that excited about it. I'm having a lie-in today. I realize that I've been out & about every day for the past 2 wks. I need this day in my nest for R&R. I would say that mom's gastric bleed has resolved. She's taking small amts of food but she's much weaker, no longer helping with transfers. I remind myself to be gracious about where she is; I couldn't manage her care without the help provided in LTC. The car brakes have been replaced & now it's time to purchase summer tires. There's always something. My frugality allows for these purchases without any hardship. No longer do I rob Peter to pay Paul. It's a good position to be in. It's not all bedsitting & tending to sundries. I had 2 playdates - one for cross crib; the other for scrabble. I'm still reveling in the fact that I beat the scrabble gurus. In the kitchen: lime cottage cheese salad; pork loin; roasted root veg; tortellini soup; potato pancakes. Have a good week.

    1. If you mean that lime jello with cottage cheese and pineapple, that's so yummy! One of my favorites - almost a dessert. :)

      My car goes for inspection on Tuesday, and I wonder what they'll find this time. Last year it was tires.

      R&R is a wonderful thing. Some days I want a nap in the morning and another in the afternooon. ;)


    2. Glad you are taking a day of rest for yourself. Burning the candle at both ends can get you down quicker than anything. Rest and rest some more.
      I am glad to hear your mom has started eating some now and that the bleed has stopped. Poor thing, she must be so exasperated herself. You have to wonder what frustrations they must feel. HUGS!
      You have been busy, glad you had a couple fun days too. Oh gosh Scrabble - my dad was the bomb at that! He loved that game, and whenever grandma would come to visit - he, mom and she would have play-offs! Good going on winning!!!
      Thanks for the reminder, I have potato cakes in freezer too.
      Have a wonderful week.

  8. Looks like you had a good and productive week, Cheryl. We had torrential rains here that started last Sunday and didn't move out until Friday. We even had golfball size hail on one day. Seems like Mother Nature was on a rampage.
    During this time I baked a recipe for yeast free, gluten free, millet bread, got caught up on a few household things, ordered a book called "The Regrowers Handbook". Love regrowing groceries and have had excellent luck regrowing onions, scallions, and celery. Learned a few new things and I wasn't aware that broccoli could be rotted and regrown. Hubs and I caught up on some reading and watched a few good old movies. Meals this week were:
    London broil, baked potato, asparagus, cesar salad and apple pecan pie.
    Chicken, broccoli and sweet potato
    Homemade hot and sour soup with noodles
    Turkey, salad and homemade cranberry sauce
    Sandwichs if left over London broil with lettuce and onion
    Pork roast, caulimash and green beans
    Chicken sheet pan dinner (onions, carrots, celery and potato)
    Wishing all a good week. Cookie

    1. That is some big hail. Goodness, I hope you had no damage from it. Rain, rain, go away - huh? It has been an odd year so far.
      Regrowing things is fun. Thanks for the name of the book. Hope you have great success. Glad at least you had a week to catch up on some quiet time things.
      Your meals sound wonderful.
      Have a fantastic week.

  9. We don't live in town however they are having a block party. Fun for those who want to party, eat food and get together. Frankly, it's nice to see people getting together for something fun. That said, we're not going. It's our last day of staycation and we'll be gearing up to get back from work.

    Yes, on the good deal. Yesterday we went to get hubby a new writing chair. We were there for one price (also onsale), however the store ran a limited sale and we landed an EVEN better office chair for an EVEN better sale. Hot dog. Life is good.

    PS: Hopefully I don't end up in spam. Blogger really hasn't liked me lately. Cheers and boogie boogie. Ivy.

    1. I see you - not Spammed!!!!
      A party would be fun - but I guess anything can be a reason for party! Staycations can be lovely. Sorry you can't stay home a little longer.
      What a deal on the chair. You have to love it when things like that happen. Right time - right place!!
      Have a good week.

    2. That is all that matters!!! Love what you do and it really isn't work!!

  10. It sounds like you really kept yourself busy. It is always such a good feeling to get things done. Your meals sound delicious, those few cold rainy days made me make chili too. Have a great week.

    1. I didn't really think I got much done - but sometimes we accomplish the most just piddling around!
      Yes, chili, was just right for a cool day! It really tasted good.
      Have a lovely week.

  11. Happy Birthday to your Sis!

  12. Good afternoon from the soggy Chicago 'burbs. It's been raining since about 8:30, with some heavy downpours. I was hoping to get out into the garden for a bit today, but that will be too wet and muddy. Maybe later in the week. I'm in an area that's about 94% for the eclipse, with fingers crossed for clear skies. For me, I don't ever remember seeing one. The last one that I've heard about occured during the work day and I had an interior office and missed the entire thing. So, now that I'm retired, it's a little exciting for me. A dear friend is hosting a little party for another couple and me. Her partner is grilling burgers and Italian sausage, I'm bringing a pasta salad, and another friend is bringing dessert. We'll all go out and watch it to gether and enjoy a meal either before or after (or both). If you do go out, remember the eye protection!

    1. Bummer on the all day rain. Some days the best laid plans go awry! Hopefully another day.
      I remember seeing eclipses back to grade school and the last one was 2017. Amazing that you have never seen one. I hope you enjoy it.
      That will be nice to get together for a dinner and fellowship. Have fun.
      have a great week.

  13. We are not going to see the eclipse at all. Like you I can see why schools are closing early in those areas that will experience totality.

    Weather is improving, day by day. Just wish I could say the same about my troublesome oven. I think when we bought this one 6 years ago we got a dud.

    God bless.

    1. Yes, it makes since for kids to be home for tomorrow. The eclipse time here is about time for school to be out for the afternoon.
      Glad your weather is improving. It will be warm soon! Bummer on the oven - hope you can find a fix.
      Have a blessed week.

  14. Happy Birthday wishes to your sister !!
    Have a great week. Louise

    1. Thank you - I will let her know!
      Have a wonderful week.

  15. Debby in Kansas USAApril 7, 2024 at 7:52 PM


    We had a great view of the eclipse back in 17, I think. I was much more fascinated by it being darker, etc. than the actual eclipse lol. I did take a peek with my glasses, but that was it. I got much more excited when I saw my first Oriole in my yard! Not a Baltimore, but one that was just nearly neon orange. I was WOWed!

    I saw something really cute on the news this morning. Rhode Island is building these gigantic wood trolls that are so darned cute! If I heard right, they're gonna be in various places, but you should go take an online peek. They're very clever!!

    No open windows here. The ranchers are range burning in the Flint Hills and it's awful. Not as bad as Los Angeles smog in the 1970s, but not good for my asthma. I coughed all night Friday.

    1. LOL - I would be more excited to see an Oriole too! That is one I have never had.
      That sounds cute - may have to look that up.
      Bummer on the bad air quality. Hopefully that won't last long and you can get the windows open.
      Have a good week.

  16. We're in I think 96%ish totality, about the same as we were the last one. Most counties around here have called off school, ours is releasing early (earliest possible time to still be counted as a whole day so it doesn't have to be made up) and sending all the kids home with glasses. The last one was pretty cool, not just the darkness, but it was eerily silent - no animals making noise at all. My oldest is excited since he was too young to remember the last one.

    I've seen the end of times ridiculousness posted on Facebook too. Same things happened last time.

    My husband was needing some work boots and we found some waterproof hiking boots that will work just fine for him on clearance for $11. Also found the same ones in my oldest size so he's excited about matching with him. Found a new area rug for the living room on clearance for $25 down from $90. Easter clearance was 75% off and I picked up boxes of cake mix for .47 each and toys put up for next year.

    1. I remember going outside last time - not to look at the sun, but it was dark and seemed strange! I imagine kids are looking forward to it. It will be a good science lesson - even though they won't think of it that way!
      What a deal on boots. WOW. Nice on the new rug. Those are some great prices. Nice to be stocked for next year.
      Have a great week.

  17. Cheryl, I'm with you on the eclipse. Haven't we had these in years past? Looks like you've had a very productive week :) Hope this next one is a great one! Happy Sunday :)

    1. 2017 was the last one I remember, but yes, they happen around fairly often.
      Thanks. You have a great week.

  18. Hi Cheryl. Our last eclipse was in 1999. We were on a day trip with our teenage sons and very young grandaughter. The boys were fascinated, no weird conspiracy here at the time.
    Hope your sister enjoyed her birthday. Bet she is special to you, 93 is a grand age.
    Over the Easter period, the main supermarkets sell certain veg at very cheap prices, so I made several soups for the freezer and we have had veggies with most meals. I defrosted a whole (small) turkey, cooked and froze some, made a rather tasty curry and yesterday we had a roast dinner and there is some meat left for today.
    Our dog was not well over the weekend,would not eat, seemed off colour. I was all ready to make a vet appointment this morning but he scoffed a plate of chicken so will have to monitor the situation. Hate it when a pet is ill as the can't tell us what is wrong. He has been the most fussy dog we have ever had, strange for a rescue but think it's just the breed.
    Both sons and families are away on holiday. For youngest grandaughter, almost five it's her first holiday abroad. Son Facetimed me and she had to show me around their apartment. The other family are enjoying Florida, hopefully without mishap this time, last visit Ruben fractured his wrist.
    This week I potted up the tomatoes I had sown. They were not new seed but I think I must have been a bit heavy handed! 32 sturdy plants, still in our house at the moment. Won't grow so many this year we said, ha ha. Sure someone else at the allotment can make use of any spare ones, there is a sharing table for plants and produce.
    Wishing you a happy and productive week.

    1. I know, this is the first time I remember all the conspiracy or end of times talk. I guess it has happened before, but I don't remember that part.
      Oh gosh, I hope your doggy is OK. Wonder if he ate something that upset his tummy. Hope it is nothing serious.
      Seems maybe, turkey was on a few tables this Easter. I am not a big ham person, so I wanted something different.
      How nice to be able to get a lot of fresh veggies at a good price.
      I hope you sons and their families thoroughly enjoy their vacations. How thrilling for the youngest one!
      Good job on growing the tomatoes! Hopefully they will help someone else too.
      Have a wonderful week.